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It looks personal finance books are boring to all the young people. Apart from friction and Novels you should also take interest in personal finance books.

Managing your personal finance will be difficult it you don’t know how to manage your hard earned money. You may have done hard work to get job and earning nicely but if you don’t manage your money properly, you will be always running behind money and end up with less saving.

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Learn from the people who have spent years writing and gathering information about money, passive income and personal finance. These great writers have put their experience and efforts to write great bestseller books which help everyone in all aspects of personal finance.

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Read and learn all about personal finance and apply in your life.

Pick some of the best personal finance books and start reading today you will come to know that you know very about money.

Here’s the list of personal finance books: (Also please note that these books are not in any ranking or order it’s a just random list. All the books are one of the best.)

Rich Data Poor Dad

Rich Data Poor DadThis is one of the Bestseller book ever. By reading this book you will learn what rich people teach their kids. Things which poor and middle class doesn’t teach to their kids. Students can read this book and learn about money, financial goals and lot of different things which they are not going to learn anywhere.

Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki


Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow RichThis book will teach you to start thinking in right direction. The author if this book Napoleon Hill had interviewed 500 rich and influential people before writing this book and consolidate together all the things which make them rich. Explained rules which are common in all those rich people. By reading this book you will also learn these rules and apply in your life.

Author: Napoleon Hill

Get a Financial Life: Personal Finance In Your Twenties and Thirties

Get a Financial LifeThis is a New York Times bestseller book. For those who are in their 20s and 30s this book is recommended to learn all about personal finance. If you don’t know much about money and want to learn how to manage your finance, then read this book.

You will learn tips and tricks to finance related stuff which are not taught in schools. This book provides great financial advice for lifetime.

Author: Beth Kobliner

The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition: A Proven Plan for Financial

The Total Money MakeoverThis book will help you to plan your finance and help you to plan your investment for your future and create a huge passive income stream for your as well as your family future. Students and learn lot things and apply in their life from their early stage which will help then to get great future.

Author: Dave Ramsey


The Millionaire FastLane

The Millionaire FastLaneThis book will help you to learn fast way to become rich. Most of the get rich quick methods and books are scams but this is far different from those. Students can read this book and start applying in their life. You will learn different financial paths and a lot other things which will help you in your finance.

Author: MJ DeMarco


Thinking, Fast and Slow

Thinking, Fast and SlowThis book is written from Nobel prize winner Daniel Kahneman in Economic Sciences for his seminal work in psychology challenging the rational model of judgment and decision making. He explained fast and slow way of thinking and decision making. You can learn these ways of thinking and use of for proper decision making for success.

Author: Daniel Kahneman


Smart Money Smart Kids: Raising the Next Generation to Win with Money

Smart Money Smart KidsThis book will help to teach kids all about money. All the basic stuffs such as saving, spending, how to be debt free etc. Basically you will learn all the financial related stuffs which every kid or student should know or learn.


Author: Dave Ramsey & Rachel Cruze


The Science of Getting Rich

The Science of Getting RichThis book is for those who want to become rich and they don’t know what to do? You will learn the actual science behind getting rich. What are the steps needs to be taken to become rich etc.


Author: Wallace D. Wattles


The Automatic Millionaire

The Automatic MillionaireTitle of books says one step plan to live and finish rich. This book will teach simple way to become millionaire. This book will teach realistic method, you can follow the steps provided in book and reach your success.

Author: David Bach



I Will Teach You To Be Rich

I Will Teach You To Be RichThis book will teach you all about money. You will learn how to manage your money and invest at right place. Teach you to earn extra money. You can learn how to manage credit cards, about banks, investments, spending, managing financial accounts and a lot more about money.

Author: Ramit Sethi


The Complete Guide to Personal Finance: For Teenagers

The Complete Guide to Personal Finance: For TeenagersThis book is for teenagers and young adults who are willing to learn about money and personal finance. You will learn teach your personal finance in such a way that it will become very easy to understand all the concepts. Recommended to all teenagers to read this book.

Author: Tamsen Butler


More Personal Finance Books:

There are so many best personal finance books available. You can pick any of the book and apply and learn.

Which book you have read? Which book would recommend to everyone?

Please suggest other personal finance books which you have enjoyed reading.

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guideAre you trying to earn money on internet?

Are you looking for new way to earn money?

Are you trying to increase your income?

Are you looking for passive money?

Are you looking for some extra income?

If your answer is yes then this article is for you…

Most of us are looking for some way to make money online using internet, but failed most of the time. I came across lot of websites, online programs, get rich quick schemes but most of them were scams.

I have been search on internet from long time for the ways to earn money online and I came across various programs and websites which help up to earn online the real money.

I came to know that there are hundreds of ways to earn using internet. No need to spend full day on internet and work. I am sharing few simple and easy but powerful ways to earn money online.

Sell Things online

Image by Moyan Brenn

Have you heard about online shopping? eBay shop and Amazon stores are the most popular and large online shopping websites. You can become a online seller and earn money. You can sell your old collectables items such as old coins, stamps, old jewellery, musical instrument, arts, painting, vintage clock, antiques etc.

Become a Blogger

Image by mkhmarketing

You can become a blogger on internet and earn lot of money. Blogger doesn’t mean that you need to be a great writer; the only thing you have to do is to select a topic of your interest, write articles around that topic and publish it online. You can post on sites which pay for writing article or create your own free blog using goggles blogger or wardress. I have created blogs earlier.

Read this article to learn How to Start a Blog – Step by Step Guide

Join Pay per click sites


You will be getting paid for clicking the viewing ads. Yes you can earn money by viewing the ads for 5-30 seconds. There are lots of websites which will pay you for viewing Ads. On daily basis you will be getting some ads, you need to click those ads and you will be paid for those ads. You can refer your friends and increase your earning. (Neobux, clicsense, Probux)

Also you can see top PTC sites 2014.

Affiliate marketing

Lot of sites will provide affiliate program. Websites will reward you for bringing customers to their site. It is based on revenue sharing concept. You refer someone and you will get commission.

You become affiliate of any site and start promoting it. . For example, you are affiliated with a site eBay, Amazon, Clickbank etc.

Online survey

You can also get paid for doing online survey. There are lots of sites which will pay you on doing different kinds of survey on the basis of your eligibility based on your country or region. Survey companies will pay you for providing your valid data. Survey duration will be from 5-1- min.


Google Adsense

You can get paid for displaying targeted Google ads on your site or blog. Customized ads will be displayed on your site which matches your site content. Google adsense is free to register. Submit your site or blog for approval from adsense team. Once it is approved, Google ads will be displayed on your site or blog. You can get paid once some click the ad form your site or blog. As you move further in this you will get to know more.

Micro jobs

Earn money on internet by completing small/micro tasks. Join any Micro jobs site and can select jobs according to your interest, complete the job and at the end you need to submit the proof for approval, once your job is approved you will be get paid. There are different jobs available in Microworkers such as Vote for your photo, Rate your Video, like on Facebook, add as friend, follow on twitter, Bookmark website etc. Few other sites also provide the same service such as Minute workers.

Network marketing

You can earn money on internet using MLM, there are lots of network marketing companies available you can join anyone and start building your network and earn. You can grow your network and increase your earning as much as possible.

Online share market

You can earn lot of money in stock market. Open any demat account online, transfer some money to your demat account and start trading, but before buying any share you need to do a complete market research whether it is profitable or not, are you buying it for long term or short term.

As a beginner you need to take guidance from someone who is having good experience of stock market.


There are hundreds of ways to make money online but you have to learn it and apply in proper way.Please provide your valuable feedback and comments.

Thank you for reading. Please share if u like it.

In previous post I have shared top books on personal finance. In addition to that I thought of sharing some of my favorite books related to make money online.

Read This: A beginner’s guide to Make money online

It you planning to buy some book related to make money online then you can go through this list of books. Lot of online resources are available but we will not get detailed explanation and process to start working online and step by step process to start and grow online process.

There are lots of great books available in market but you are confused which book to read. It will become more difficult if you see huge shelf of books. Selecting best book from thousands of books of same topic is very difficult until and unless you know about the author or already read review of the book.

Read This: How to track monthly expenses using smartphone

It will be good idea if someone will tell you which book to read. It will save lot of your time on selecting and reading book.

Pick any book from the below list to learn tips and tricks to make money online.

1# 1001 Ways to Make Money If You Dare

If you are looking for different ways to make money then read this book. As the name suggested it will provide 1001 ways to make money. You can pick some of them according to your interest and start making money.

Author: Trent Hamm



2# Internet Riches: The Simple Money-Making Secrets of  Online Millionaires

This book will teach you simple ways and methods to make money. Those methods are already used by lot of other people successfully and they are already become rich. Read this book and follow rich people path to become rich.

Author: Scott Fox


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3# "I Can't Believe I Get Paid To Do This!" : Remarkable People Reveal 26 Proven Strategies for Making Your Dreams A Reality

Read this book to fulfill all your dreams. Either you want to start your own business or want to generate passive income or any other wish. Learn proven ways to get paid. Read the thoughts and ideas of the people who have already achieved their dreams. Follow them and get success.

Author: Stacey Mayo

4# Starting an Online Business For Dummies


You already know about Dummies books in lot of other topics. This book will teach you how to start your business online. Lot of people start working online to make money and setup business but they really don’t know how to start and follow right path to get success. This book will teach all about online business.

Author: Greg Holden

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5# Make Money While You Sleep!: 21st Century Money-Making Ideas; Build Your Business Online With Affiliates and Joint Ventures

Now a days doing online business best option to earn. Once business gets setup you can start generating passive income. There are lots of ways to build an online business. Affiliate marketing is one of them. Learn all the latest online business ideas.

Author: Greg Gitter


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6# Secrets Exposed - 10 Ways to Make $100 Per Day Online

Learn the secret to make 100$ per day as name suggested. Learn some secret from this book and manage to get at least 30$-40$ per day online. Keep on following the secret several times and get success.

Author: Marcus Robinson


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7# Making Money in Cyberspace

You will talk about online business opportunities. This book will not about get rich quick instead this will show you best way to start your business online. If you are already doing business then you will learn how to grow your business by spreading it online. This book tells about different internet services and tips which you can use to start and grow your online business.

Author: Paul Edwards, Sarah A. Edwards, Linda Rohrbough


8# Making It: Women Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Secrets of Success

This book is about Women Entrepreneurs. Women and Housewives who want to become Entrepreneurs and start their business can read this book and learn. Read about the Women Entrepreneurs and their story how they have reached success. Learn ways to balance home and work balance and achieve your dream.

Author: Lou Gimson, Allison Mitchell


9# The Unofficial Guide to Starting a Business Online

Learn how to start and setup your business online. You will learn how to setup online shop and grow your business online. Online shipping is a great business and starting an online shop is a great way to earn money online. Create your own shopping website and selling products. You will learn all the tips and tricks relates to setup online business.


Author: Jason R. Rich, Jason Rich


10# How to Use the Internet to Advertise, Promote and Market Your Business or Web Site: With Little or No Money

This book is for those who want to use internet to build business. You will learn different way which you can utilize to setup your business online. There are lots of unexplored ways to make money online which are mentioned in this book. As the title says you will learn different way to promote your business online without or little investment.

Author: Rene V Richards


Read This: 7 Awesome passive income ideas in India

Select any of the book from above list and start reading.

Question for everyone: Have you ever been read any book related to online earning? We know that there are thousands of books to read out there. Do you recommend any great book to read?

Feel free to write your thoughts and comments.

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Have you ever scammed in internet? I guess your answer will be Yes.

Thousands of are available in internet claiming to provide online jobs to earn money online. But most of them are scam sites.

It really hurts when we got scammed. Several times I got disappointed after spend lot of time and money to generate money online.

I have been exploring internet from long time and extracting legit ways to earn money. I have been scammed several times. Internet is full of scam sites, lot of people join just by seeing the attractive offers and payouts but they really don’t pay.

I thought of sharing my experience with you all about some of the most legit programs which really pays.

Today I will share my experience about Swagbucks.

imagesSwagbucks provide great way to earn rewards and convert it to amazon gift cards or cash through PayPal.

Join Swagbucks

Initially when I came to know about this site I was doubtful whether Swagbucks really give rewards to search on web?

But after using it and reading several reviews I was surprised that we can really get rewarded for searching anything on internet.

Have you ever thought to earn money searching online? Yes it’s true and you will get paid for whatever you are already doing.

The best part is that Swagbucks is totally free and anyone can join and start earning.

 What is Swagbucks?4

As mentioned by Swagbucks: It’s a virtual currency which can be exchanged for real rewards.

What I have to do?

You have to use Swagbucks to search anything on web. Just same as whatever you are searching using your Google and Bing you can search in Swagbucks. You need to install Swagbucks toolbar in your browser.

How can I join Swagbucks?

It’s easy to join. Just follow simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Click here to Sign up at Swagbucks.
  2. Click on I have a sign up code and enter Swagbucks Promo code. [Register using Swagbucks Code: Bunty404 and get 70 SB Free Swagbucks.]See below screenshot.

InviteSwagbucks Code: Bunty404

3. Confirm your account.

4. Click on search from main menu and make Swagbucks search as your homepage.

Swagbucks5. Now search everything using Swagbucks and earn Swagbucks. See below proof.

cp-claim-prize - Mozilla Firefox_2014-08-30_23-21-47What can I search in Swagbucks?

Daily searched whatever you are searching using any search engine can also be searched using Swagbucks. Every day we used to search internet around 40-50 times. Now earn money searching online anything.

Suppose today I want to search for “how to install windows 8” so I searched on Swagbucks and got the result as well as eligible to earn reward.

searchSo, if you use Swagbucks to search you can get lot of rewards.

What I can earn?

Go to reward section and check all the rewards. There is a reward store which has list of all the rewards. You can choose based on your SB points. Rewards such as Facebook e-Gift card of 5$ can be redeem using 500SB.

Some popular redeems options are PayPal cash, Flipkart gift Voucher etc.

 RewardsWhat are other earning options in Swagbucks?

Apart from search there are lot of other options to get reward such as participate in daily poll, play games, online shopping, online survey etc.

Daily Polls

pollParticipate in daily poll and earn 1 SB. Daily you will get a new poll and you can provide your answer based on your choice. Questions in poll are really interesting and you will come to know interest of other participates by seeing the response percentage.

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Get Paid To Take SurveyYou can earn 60 SB for completing any survey. You will get survey based on your details and location provided during survey registration.


TasksYou will also get paid for completing tasks. There are lots of tasks available to do for example create keywords for an image, Help us validate Authors and Articles etc.

Complete task and get Swagbucks.

Refer your friends

FriendsRefer your friends and earn 10% of your friends earning for lifetime. So start inviting all your Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, Google+, Hike friends and increase you’re earning.

Join Swagbucks Today!!!

imagesfFinal word:

Swagbucks is one of the great way make money online. You can earn money searching online anything. Its free to join and you can start earning from now onwards. So, Start earning today and give your friends opportunity to earn money and e-Gifts and rewards.



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Managing monthly expenses is one of the most tedious and difficult task. You are earning nicely but you may not be good in money management.

You may already read previous post about online earning apps.

You will use your salary to buy household items, luxury products; restaurant bills, daily expanse, investments etc. but you never record the spending. This is the mistake most of the people usually do. You will not be having proper track of your expanses. This will lead you to end up with unwanted expanses and bills.

You will never come to never know where you have spent your hard earned money.

Tracking day today expanse at one place is one of the best practices everyone should follow. There is lot of smartphone apps available in Google play store which can help you to manage your monthly expanse.

You can add each and every expanse in App and at the end of month you can analyses the reports. Based on analysis you will come to know, what are the unwanted expanses and where you can save some money.

graphYou can see in above graph that there is certain amount which doesn't have any record. At the end of month if we note down all the expanses and income and on subtracting income with expanses, there will be some difference and we don't remember where we have spend that money.

Tracking all expanses on daily basis the the best practice.

How to use smartphone expanse manager apps?

Expanse manager apps are user friendly and easy to use. You can add your expanses on the go and you will not forget any expense.

  1. Download and Install android app from Google play store in your smartphone.
  2. Open app and set the initial configuration such as currency, Income, limit etc.
  3. Click on Add expanse and enter amount and select category. For example. You went for lunch and spent 20$, immediately you open app and record spending as 20$ and category as food.
  4. Keep on adding all the expenses whenever you spend any money.
  5. At the end of month open the report section. You can see that expanse details of entire month. You can analyses report based on category or any other parameter.

How expanse manager will help you to save money?

On seeing reports you will come to know that where all you have spent your money last month. Suppose last month 15 times you went out for lunch your bill is high it food category.

You can to know after reading the report. So next month you 3-5 outside lunch and again analyze report at the end of current month. Definitely you will see the difference in expanse and expanse graph will go down this month.

You have saved some money this month. This is just an example you can analyst the same in all the categories.

If you save some money every month, it will become huge over a period of time.

I have been using these smartphone apps from 1 year and I have cut down my unnecessary spending. Earlier I was using Buxfer a web-based application but as I got smartphone I installed in my phone.

I am recommending some of the great smartphone expanse manager apps. Just install these and keep the one which works best for you.

Here is the list of Expanse manager apps:

Expanse Manager

500000+ downloads and 4.3 star ratingunnamed

Daily expanse can be tracked in simple and easy way using expanse manager app. Developed by markushintersteiner It allows you the categorize your expanse such as food and drinks, Health, Leisure, Transportation etc.

You can set monthly limit and create a budget. Statistics such as monthly performance graph can be viewed here. The graph will show you how much you have spent monthly.

You can come to know that which month you have spent more. Some of the features are locked and you have to pay to use those. But you can start with basic feature and once you are familiar you can spend some money in this app as it is helping you to save some money.


Expanse IQ

50000+ downloads and 4.4 star ratingIQ

This app helps to manage monthly expanse. You can store daily expanse in different category and add customized category also. Other features such as bill reminder, checkbook register, and budget planner are also available. You can take photo of your bills and attach in app. You can see the graph based on category and analyze your spending. You can synchronize your data to dropbox using cloud sync. Other features such as Yearly cash flow, Income and expense reports, additional security for data, export report. You have the upgrade to Expanse IQ Gold Edition to use additional features.


Daily Expense Manager PRO

100000+ downloads and 4.1 star rating.daily

This is one of the Simple and easy to use app. You can add daily expanses on different categories. You can add reminder for your bill payment dates. This app has password protection feature to secure date and auto save to avoid losing data. Mailing option for data retrial. It has lot of other features you can checkout in Google store.


Expanse Manager Pro

100000+ downloads and 4.3 star rating.expanse_manager_pro

This is one more expanse manager which has great feature. I was using this application earlier for long time. This has all the features common features such as add expanse on different category. One thing I like most is that this app is easy to use and you done have to spent much time adding any expense on the go.


Expanse Manager

500000+ downloads and 4.3 star ratingpro

Name is same but different application. It has all the basic features. You can manage your credit cards, cash flow using this app. You can create more than 100 categories. Back restore facility is available to transfer data. Lot of other features are also available you can download this app and explore and use other great features.


Try one of the expanse manager app from above list and add your expanses on daily basis.

Google app store is loaded with Expanse manager apps which help to manage monthly expenses. Apps which I have shared are just few from huge list.

If you are not using smartphone than you can use desktop or web based application for tracking your monthly expanses. Various sites are providing online personal money management software.

Buxfer is one of the best online money management tool. You can plan your complete finance and view reports.

Join Buxfer for Free today.

BuxferJoin Buxfer for Free today.

Are you using any expanse manager app in your smartphone to track your monthly expanse? From how long you are using and is it helped you to manage your money smartly and saved some unwanted expanse?

If you are using any cool android app with great features to manage your expanse please share your experience using that.

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stockvaul1How can I use technical skills to make money online?

You are looking for online jobs. You want to use your technical skills to make some money online. You are not the only one who is looking for this. There are lots of people out there who are also looking for online workplace. You can check 8 hot IT skills for 2014.

Lots of skilled professionals are already working online and making money hourly.

No matter whatever technical skill you are having jobs are available for all. Either you are a java developer, .Net developer, web designer, tester, Network engineer; all kind of jobs are available online.

Job profile such as writer with language skills, marketing professional skills, engineering job guys can also use their skills to work online.

Join any freelance workplace and start working online based on your technical skills.

A great proposal helps to win a project. Delivering a project with good problem solving skills can help to get positive feedback from client which open’s doors for new projects also.

What kind of job I will get?

Work will be similar to the work which you are doing at your full day job.

I cannot spend 8 hrs. Working online?

You don’t have to work for full-time. You have to spend 15-20 hrs. weekly. So, daily you can spend 2-3 hrs. after or before your full day job.

How much I can earn?

Based on your technical skills and communication skills you can get paid. Pay will be done hourly and it varies from 10$ to 50$. Basically it depends on various parameters such as employer and the kind of job which you are going to do and also depends on your professional skills and negotiation skills.

SO, how can I get online job?

It’s simple, Join any online freelancing workplace, create your profile and apply for job once you get job, start working with your client.

Actually above step is in very high level, you have to follow some process and steps to join any freelance site and you can start working.

Follow below steps for joining freelance platform.

  1. Select a freelance site.
  2. Create new account.
  3. Upload you resume and create your attractive profile with your skill-sets and experience. (It will help employer to select candidate easily).
  4. Set your hourly price. Keep it low as you are new.
  5. Now browse the jobs according to your skill set.
  6. Create a proposal according to the job and send it to employer with your hourly rate.
  7. Wait for approval, like you other people have also applied for job so employer will select appropriate candidate whose profile matches with current job opening.
  8. Apply for several jobs which are related to your skill-set.
  9. Once you win the proposal you start working with employer/client.
  10. Complete the tasks and get paid hourly or at the end of delivering of the product.

There are lot of sites available for freelance job, you can choose any one and start working.

Here’s the list 7 freelance job platform.


Elance is one of the best freelance site where you can find jobs/projects related to programming, testing, marketing, networking, writing, mobile development, Apps development etc. If you use your skill wisely here then you can earn lots of money.


Freelancer provides a platform for online projects. You can take-up different kind of projects in different categories. Projects are available for programming, testing, marketing, writing, sales etc. Select project according to your skill and apply for the project.


oDesk is online workplace where you can take any project and deliver it. Apply for the project based on your technical skills. Projects are available for software development, Web development, Design and Multimedia, Customer services, business services etc.


It you are a programmer you can use your programming skills. Getacoder is a marketplace for projects in different technologies. Web design, php, .net, java, automation testing projects will be available. You can bit for any project based on skills.


Peopleperhour is a great place to get hired and work online. Jobs are available in Design, Writing and translation, Video, photo, business support, social media, software development, web development etc.


PeoplePerHourUser Testing

UserTesting is an online platform for software testing. If you are software testing professional then you can get paid for testing any website or mobile application. You can get $10 per website testing and $15 per mobile test.


uTest is the world's largest marketplace for software testing services. If you are a testing professional you can join uTest and use your testing skills to make money.

uTestIf you doesn't have any technical skills no need to worry, still you can work  in these sites. There are lot of non technical jobs available, You can explore these sites and identify. You can become a content writer.

If you are technical writer then you can earn a lot using your technical writing skills. If you don't have writing skills then you can become a translator and work for projects to translate content.

Opportunities are endless, you have to decide how you want to start.

Conclusion: Join any freelancing site and start working based on your technical skills or IT skills. Before joining any site just review it and read users comments. Once you start working, you will learn the latest trend and  technology which will help you in building your career as well as you will earn some money.

Are you already doing online job using your IT skills? Please share your experience and provide your valuable feedback and comments.

mobile data transfer

Now there are lots of mobile data software available which will help you to transfer data from mobile to pc, PC to mobile, Mobile to Mobile etc. These software’s performs perfect file synchronization without any data loss.

Use below mentioned some of my favorite mobile data backup software's.


Wondershare Mobile Transfer

Mobile Transfer is great mobile phone software which will help data transfer from mobile to pc or Mobile to PC.

It supports different operating systems – iOS, Android any Symbian.

Supports mobiles from all brands – Apple, Samsung, Micromax, Nokia etc.

Helps to transfer data such as – Contacts, call logs, Music, photos, playlists, movies, podcast, iTunes U, Apps and iBooks

There are 4 different products available – iOS Transfer, Phone Transfer, Android Transfer and TunesGo.

Also you can use this software to erase your old phone and backup or restore your phone data.



Sync-droid is the software which I used personally to transfer my data from old Samsung Android phone to new Micromax Unite phone.

This is free android sync manager. It will help you to take mobile contacts backup. You can connect your mobile phone using USB or Wi-Fi, both the options are available.

Contacts, photos, Music, text messages, call logs, Apps, videos, emails everything you can transfer within few minutes from one mobile to other and you can start using your new phone.

Sync-droid is very simple software and easy to use.


Coolmuster is great software to data transfer from mobile to pc. It transfers videos, contacts, photos quickly from mobile to PC. This software is available for Android and Apple phones and we can install these software’s in windows and Mac OS X.

You can also transfer date from Tablets such as iPad to PC. Software user experience is very good and you can easily explore your transferred data in PC.

If you want to transfer only specific file from PC to Mobile or Mobile to PC you can easily search it using the explorer.


Markspace - The Missing Sync

The Missing sync is award-winning software which profiles facility to transfer data from smartphone to PC. You can use Bluetooth, USB or Wi-Fi to transfer data. It transfers all kind of data such as contacts, photos, videos.

It supports Android and Apple phones and Software is available for both Windows and Mac PCs.

You can take mobile contacts backup online. There are lot of cloud services available where you can save your mobile data online and you can access it from anywhere.

The best way to save your mobile data is at Google drive, which is easy to use, convenient and free.

What are your favorite mobile data transfer software? Please share will me.

If you like this post please share this post with your friends using below icons.


Passive income ideas is the most discussed topic between coworkers. They just talk a lot about this during their free time and forget about it. No one is seriously working to build a passive income stream.

What is passive income?

According to WikipediaPassive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it. It is closely related to the concept of "unearned income".

Mostly people follow the daily cycle of going to office –coming home – again going to office next day- weekend break. People keep on following this cycle as they are fully dependent of their day job salary.

Everyone should start working to setup smart passive income business. Through Passive stream you can keep on generating money while you are sleeping. We can also call it as second income. Passive income helps to secure your family future.

Why you need passive income?

Most of us are working in corporate industry where jobs are not secure. It depends on market whenever it will go down lot of people will lose their jobs. To sustain during jobless period either we have enough saving to survive till you get new job or depend on other source. If you have already build your passive income stream then you don’t have to worry, you can survive and take care of your family. But, if you don’t have any other income source. Will you do?

This is the question I always used to ask myself. I always used to think that I have to do something to build a passive income stream. At least I should build a business which will help me to generate some amount of money on regular basis.

Anyone thought of a life without tension and worries. Just spending time with family, and no need to worry about money. Yes, we can think of this kind of life but we need to build a passive income stream to reach that state.

I suggest everyone to start working on building passive income stream and secure your future. Explore passive income ideas and build a stable business.

There is lots of passive income opportunity available using that you can start building your passive income. It depends on you either you choose offline ways or online ways.

Once you setup your business for income source, you will get money automatically. The most difficult part is to decide what you are going to do? What is your business plan? Who can I start?

To make it simple I can suggest you some passive income ideas which you can implement.

1. Stock Market/Shares

Stock market is one of the best ways to build a passive income stream. You have to buy shares of companies of different sectors and keep it for long time. Once they start making profit they will give you dividend. But you have to do a proper research and understand how stock market works. You can take help of any stock market expert or any financial advice who can help you to select the stocks.

Stocks Basics: Introduction

2. Build an Apartment

If you can invest now for your future, building an apartment is great option. Buy a land and construct an apartment with 30-40 flats. I know this requires lot of money, but keep in mind that you are building a passive income stream so If you can’t spend much now, you can start with small house and start adding flats as you get money. From flats you can generate rent every month for your lifetime. If you have taken loan to build house, you can use some amount of rent to pay-off loan. I know lots of people who are just surviving on apartment rent money.

3. Selling Business

Start selling something in your locality. Pick any products which are in demand. You can choose from gadgets, mobile, clothes etc. Start selling in fewer prices for some period to get more customers and build your business. Build a network once you become popular, start introducing new products. You can sell products online also. Online selling has a great potential. You can generate lot of money by selling products online. Use Ebay to sell your product online and lot of other sites are providing facility to sell products in their site.

21 Quick Tips to Sell More Products Online

4. Open a Restaurant

Open a restaurant and serve great food to your customers in great price. You know that foodies are everywhere and they can pay more for good food. You can make your restaurant famous by serving good food in great price. Once you start getting lot of customers can open branches at other places. You can generate enough money with multiple branches of your restaurant.

How to Start a Restaurant

5. Online Business

If you are a techie then online business is best option for you. You can build your website in any niche and make money online. Write articles around your niche topic. Once you get enough traffic start monetize your websites using advertises such as Google Adsense. You will start generating money through your website. More visitors more money. You can generate passive income while you are sleeping. There are lots of other online ways also available but make a website is the best option.

6. Network Marketing

MLM is one more option. This is multi-level marketing. There are lot of companies are into MLM. You can join any MLM and start building your network. Work hard to get enough down lines. You will get commission from all your down lines. Setup a big network of down lines. So whatever work your down line will do you will get-paid come commission for that and they will also get from their down lines. Be careful will the scam companies. Do proper research before joining any MLM company.

Top MLM companies list.

Thank you for reading, share with your friends if you like this.

I am sure that there are lot of passive income ideas people have implemented. If you are already into the game of passive income generation then please share your experience with everyone and inspire others to start building passive income stream.


online shopping
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I know that everyone knows about online shopping sites and may be you have purchased some product online. For those who have not yet experienced online shopping can start now.

Few years ago online shopping was new in India and only few sites where available. Now there are bunch of online shopping sites available which provide great products.

In India most of the people usually don’t trust on online shopping and money related online transactions. Even I came across tech guys who are also scared to buy anything online.

But I want to mention that online shopping and payment is highly secured and people can do online transactions without fear. Thousands of people are doing all their day today payment and shopping online so it’s very safe now. You just need to take some precautions such as never share password.

Online buying is similar to regular shopping only thing is that you cannot physically see the product which doesn’t matter much as long as you are buying from trusted and famous brand. These are internet shops from where you can buy.

online shopping websites in India are increased a lot in last few years. There are hundreds of Asian online shopping sites available but it is very difficult to analyze which site provides best service. By buying several times I got an Idea how do online shipping correctly without any problem.

Mostly people do online electronics shopping. They buy cameras, laptops, tablets, speakers etc

Read complete article to understand all the details of online shopping. How to select product and how to buy products in cheap price? And also how to get offers deals and discounts.

Benefits of buying online

    1. You can do shopping from home.
    2. You can compare product from different sites and choose the best one.
    3. You can buy Products which are not available at your locality.
    4. Offers and discounts.
    5. Get your product at your doorstep.
    6. Read review of the product before buying it.

Price comparison

Before buying anything you should do a price comparison. There are chances that you may get your product in cheap prices. It’s same as check multiple shops and brands for product price and finally you decide from where you are going to buy. There are lots of sites available in internet where you can compare price of your product. These sites will show you price of products in different sites.

Once you complete your price comparison, definitely you will be in a position to decide from which site you are going to buy. But wait… price is not everything; you have to check the shipping options and reliability of the site.

Always buy a product from reliable and reputed online shopping website. What if you got a damaged product? You need to replace the product... Go for reputed sites which, these sites are having proper return process in place and they will return product and ship new product. So you have to check all the parameters before buying anything online.

Some price comparison sites:

  1. mysmartprice
  2. buyhatke
  3. pricedekho
  4. smartprix
  5. 91mobiles
  6. junglee

How to buy product online?

So once you decide to start online shopping you need to select the item which you want to buy. There are products from the entire category –Electronics, Mobiles, Smartphones, Watches, books, Clothes, Home and kitchen appliances, sports etc.

  1. Open any online shipping site and register. To name some EBay, Amazon and Flipkart are the leading online shopping sites.
  2. Search product from the list of category you want to buy. Apply filter to narrow your search.
  3. Click on Buy Now.
  4. If you want to buy multiple product then click on ‘Add to cart’ and continue shopping.
  5. Once all products are added to Cart then place order.
  6. Fill all your details such as Address, email ID, contact number etc.
  7. Check the order details once again before payment.
  8. Now go to payment option and choose mode of payment (Cash on delivery, Net banking, Credit card, Debit card).
  9. Fill payment details and click on pay. Your order is placed.
  10. You will get a mail regarding the order you have placed.
  11. Wait for delivery J

Top online shopping sites

Visit these shopping sites regularly to grab great offers.



Top Deals on Amazon

I love this site. This is the coolest online shopping site I have ever visited. I used to buy products often from Amazon but I visit this site daily. You can buy product in good price. It has lot of offers such as Today’s deal, lightening deals and much more. You can explore it yourself and feel the experience.


ebayTop Deals on Ebay

One of the largest online shopping sites which provide products in great price. We can buy and sell product in eBay. Products are available from all categories. Also you can bid for any product directly buy ready to buy items. EBay site has deals section where you can buy products in attractive prices.



Offers on Flipkart

Flipkart started on 2007 and within few years it becomes one of the best online shopping website. It has products for all categories and great payment options such as cash on delivery. Flipkart also provides deals and offers time-to-time.



Great site where you can buy clothes, watches, sunglasses, shoes etc. It has nice collection from all the brands. If you want to buy clothes then you can use the filter option to get correct size clothes. It displays latest collection of products and also provide discounts on products.



There is a wide range of products available for men, women and kids. You can buy clothes, shoes, accessories, kids wear etc from myntra. It has products from most of the big brands also it provides sales and offers. You can choose product according to your size. You can shop for Indian traditional dresses for girls such as kurtas.


homeshopThere is a TV channel for homeshop18 where you can see the live demo of the product and you and book product in great price. They will provide some gifts with product, if you buy during that time. Online site has all the products available from the entire category. Homeshop18 products are unique and reliable. You can get great products in great price here.

Snap Deal:

snapdealSnapdeal started by selling daily deals and moved to other products. Now Snapdeal has product from all category and it also provides offers in great brands.


febThis is one of the coolest designed sites which sell products for Home décor, furniture and kitchenware, beds and bath, lighting etc. In buying first time you will get gift voucher of 5000/- from the site. It has sale section where you will get product in attractive price. There is a premium section also where you can buy high quality premium products.


firstcryFirstcry is the largest online store for kids and baby products. You can buy baby care products, toys, Games, footwear etc. Visiting this site is a great experience. You will get great offers and discount also.

Buy Flight, Train and Bus ticket online.

These sites are available from quite long time. You can book flight tickets online, national and international both. Sites such as yatra, makemytrip and cleartrip provides platform to buy tickets of all the airlines.

To buy train ticket you can login to irctc.co.in. This site is Indian railway site any you can book ticket online. Recently they have migrated to next generation e-ticketing website, which is much faster than the previous site. You can also book tatkal tickets in this site.

Now you can bus tickets online. There are few sites which provide this facility. Redbus is one of the best sites. Goibibo, ticketgoose, makemytrip and cleartrip are also providing bus ticket booking online.

Buy Movie tickets online

Now you can book movie tickets online. New malls are opening in most of the cities and they have multi screen theaters. Bookmyshow is a site in which you can book movie tickets for all the theaters across the country. Pvrcenima is also available for pvr theaters.

Buy Books online

Almost all the top shopping sites sells books but some sites are only sells books from all section. You can read reviews and recommendations of books and authors and select book of your choice. Some sites are goodreaders, indiabookstore, landmark and crossword to name some of them. You can buy magazine subscriptions using magazinemall website.

Buy Grocery online

Now you can buy groceries from food grains, snacks to vegetables from online grocery shopping. Some of the sites such as zapnow, bigbasket, Foodpanda etc provide facility to buy all the groceries online. You just need to check whether they deliver at your locality.

How can you buy product IN less price?

There are lof of shopping sites available and competition is high between them. You can select cheapest product form these sites. But now you have the option to get additional discount by following below mentioned features of the shopping sites.

Compare and buy

Suppose you want to buy Motorola Moto E mobile. Just check the price in all the shopping websites and buy from the site where price is less. This is the best way; there are sites like compareraja which will show the prices in all the different shopping sites.

Other price compare sites are mysmartprices, compareindia, pricedekho etc

Discounts and Offers

All shopping sites are providing discounts and offers for selected product time to time. You need to keep an eye on these offers and whenever your product is available with offer you can buy it. You can save huge amount of money if you buy in discounts.

Various offers also you can see such as, if you buy using certain bank credit card you will get 20% cash back or discount.


In all the shopping sites there is a section where list of products are displayed with very lesser price. You can buy product from deals and get good discount.

Sites have different categories such as Deal of the day, Deal of the week, daily deal, flashing deal, offerzone. All the sites are having separate deals section apart from regular products.

There are some sites which are provides only deals. You can select your city and you can see the deals near your places. It has restaurant deals, Travel, Healthcare, Tickets, wellness etc. Some of the deals sites are

  1. Groupon - Restaurant , Travel, Healthcare, Tickets, wellness deals
  2. Mydala - Restaurant , Travel, health & Beauty, products
  3. Upto75 – Restaurant, Tickets. Almost all category
  4. Koovs – Clothes for men and women’s

Coupon Code and Promo code

Do you what to get some more discounts? Then use coupon code or promo code. These are the codes provided by shopping sites. You can use these codes in payment screen and some amount will be reduces. You need to subscribe to all the shopping sites and check all the mails sent by then. In some of the mail you will get coupon code. Usually coupon codes validity is very less so you need to use it as soon as possible.

Free Coupons at coupondunia

Free Shipping

Obviously shipping is the major concern of by are buying any electronic item or and delicate product. Shopping sites usually charge some amount for shipping. This is the place where you can save some money. For lot of popular products shopping sites provide Free Shipping. Pick a product with free shipping and you can save some money with this.

Coupon Aggregation Sites

Coupon Aggregation Sites collect deals and offers from all the online shopping sites and display in their sites. So we can get all the deals and offers at one place and we will come to know which site is providing offers and deals without visiting all the sites. It will save time and also we can get great deals and save money and make your life easier.

Some of the great deal and offer sites are:

  1. Baggout
  2. Discountpandit
  3. Buyhatke
  4. price-hunt
  5. freekaamaal

 Payment Options

Don’t worry if you don’t have credit card.

Now a day’s all online shipping sites have various options of payment. You can pay using your debit card or by cash. Payment by cash means – cash on delivery. You can pay cash during the time of delivery.

Conclusion: Online shopping is great experience and everyone should try it once. Just select whatever you want to buy and pay the amount. You will get your product at your doorstep within 2-3 working days. Always cheese reliable sites to buy your product, they will provide best service with great customer satisfaction.


Please share your thoughts and suggest some good online shopping sites.

pay to click

If you are reading this then you already know what is PTC? And you have already started earning money from PTC sites. But now you want to make it big. You are interested to setup a PTC money stream to generate passive income. This is quite difficult and will take time, but it’s not impossible.

Money making is not easy task it requires lot of hard work as well as smart work.

There are so many people out there who are earning nicely using PTC. They have created a money pipeline over a period of time. And now they are earning monthly $10000 to $20000 without doing anything. Of course they are clicking their ads daily but it will take hardly 10 min.

So what is the strategy they are using to generate such kind of income monthly? We should learn the real way of passive income stream using PTC from those experts.

Read carefully these 3 points and stay focused.

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Stay in Race

One thing common in all the successful PTC earners is consistency. They will never quit and the stick with PTC sites for years. If you don’t quit then you will not fail.

What I have seen is that 70% of PTC users quit within 10-20 days, 15% quit in next 1-2 months. Only remaining 5% will be in race.

From the remaining 5% PTC users 70% really don’t know that how to grow network and earn more. So what they can do is that they can learn from the PTC experts who have already done it.

The first and basic thing to get success is to stay in race, earning comes later. If you are in race and keep running that means you have not yet lost the race.

SO the first most and the important task is to click your ads daily. By this you can earn from referral commission. So if you don’t your ads you will not going to earn from your referral clicked ads.


Direct referral Stream

Clicking daily your ads will not make you rich you will just earn couple of dollars over a period of time. You have to create a strong network of direct referral stream.

Direct referrals will work for you and you will earn commission from them. If you have few direct referrals then earning will be less but imagine if you are having 500+ or 1000+ direct referrals and all are working daily then you can earn huge amount of money. You don’t have to work anymore the only thing you have to do is to click your ads daily.

But practically it is not possible. As I told earlier only 5% of the referrals actually stay. So your job is to find those 5% users as many as possible to make a big network.

Tell your friends about this PTC sites and tell them that “I am giving you an opportunity to earn money but you have to follow one condition. He will ask what? You tell them that “Just stay in race”. Explain they how you all can get success by working daily. Tell them to convey the same to their friends.

Create your own blog and explain your experience about PTC and tell them to start working with you and build a strong network.

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Money Attracts money

After doing all the above setup you need to work on growing network and referrals. Experts and big earners have applied business techniques to make a passive income stream.

As all business requires investment, PTC earning is also one kind of business for us. Money pulls money, and in big businesses they used to invest large amount of money to setup an income stream.

In PTC you have to first become a premium or Golden member. Whatever you call based on PTC site. Then invest some money according to your convenience any buy rented referrals. Manage them by recycling and extending them for maximum days.

Keep on buying till you reach maximum limit. Now, your job is to just manage them by recycling and extending.

You can see now from all the above streams you will start seeing increase in earning daily. If you do it properly you can reach up to $1000-$2000 daily earning.

To get more details on how to manage referrals you can explore PTC forums and you will get great tips from experts who have already done it. You can read their experience and

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Just follow above 3 steps in PTC sites. Stay in race, make a direct referral stream and invest money. You also you can read experts experience and tactics which they have applied to get success in different PTC forums. Just follow them and get success instead of wondering what to do.

Share your experience about Pay to click sites and help everyone to grow together. Provide your comment below.

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save money

Are you making thousands of dollars daily? You should also be knowing how to manage your money and invest it properly. We have discussed lot of times to learn different ways to earn extra income.

Everyone talks about ways to save money at home but only few people actually do it. Most of the people face this problem because they don’t plan it properly at the beginning of the month. Always they will be thinking about saving money for future but because of their monthly bills and spending habit they were unable to do it. Now a day’s cost of living is very higher and it is very difficult to save money.

Lots of people even after working for 5-7 yrs doesn’t have enough saving; just because they skipped small daily savings. Saving doesn’t make you rich but over the period of time it will grow. These small savings can be used for paying utility bills or can be used for any other small expenses.

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Most of people use bank saving plans such as FD and RD but these are requires investing money. You need money to invest monthly for that we have to save regularly.

So are you saving enough daily in 2014?

There are ways to save money by following money saving tips. People  waste lot of money unknowingly which can be avoided. You can start saving by applying small changes in day today spending. Small saving on regular basis can make a big difference in long run.

Follow these saving money ideas which can help everyone to save some money:

1. Additional Bank Account:

Open an additional bank account and use it to save money. Once you get your salary, transfer 10-30% of amount to your new account. Do not use this money until and unless there is an emergency. Now consider the remaining amount of your salary account as your salary and spend it accordingly based on your budget. E.g. If your salary is 50,000 per month and you are saving 10% i.e. 5000 then you can save around 60000+Bank Interest yearly.


2. Weekend Party:

Stop going out for party every weekend. If you regularly going out every weekend just try to avoid it or go less frequently. Everything you go out you spends around 1500 approx. every weekend which will be around 6000 per month. Instead of going out, party @ your home or friends place you can save 50-60% of the money which you spent outside. This will help you to save 4000-5000 per monthly i.e. around 50000 yearly.


3. Lunch from home:

Instead of having lunch at office cafeteria, take lunch from home. Home Lunch, definitely it will not be spicy but it will be healthy. Money which you spend daily on lunch can be saved. You will be spending around 100 daily for lunch outside which can be saved so monthly you can save around 3000 i.e. around 3600 yearly.


4. Take a Piggy Bank:

Everyone was having piggy bank at their childhood but they stopped using it once they grown up. I feel that we should keep piggy bank for our entire life time. Keep it in front of your eyes; it will always remind you to save some money.  This is the best ways to save money at home. Put some money daily in it. You can use coins left out in your wallet. Month end you can see that you have saved lot of money.


5. Walk and save:

Start walking daily to office, market or any other place which are at walk able distance. It is very beneficial, the more you walk, the more you save and get good health. By avoiding your vehicle you will save fuel. So save fuel save money. You will save petrol expenses and doctor expense’s which are too high now.

6. Buy on offers:

If you are planning to buy clothes, furniture, kitchen appliance, camera, laptop, watches, bags, tablet etc. Just wait for the festivals or year-end sale. You can save 15-10% on the purchase. Check offers online on shopping sites. Most of them provide huge discounts and you can use coupon codes or gift vouchers to save some money.

7. Bargain:

If you don’t know just learn it by watching people in vegetable markets and other shops. If you ask to reduce some amount definitely you will get it, though this amount will be very small but you can save some money or coins for your piggy bank.

8. Avoid Shopping Malls:

I guess; now a day it becomes prestige to do shopping from malls. Try to avoid shopping in malls. Most of the products are very expensive in malls as compared to other shops in market. If you really want to buy branded products just go for products which are in offers or sale. Keep an eye on online shopping sites such as eBay, Flipkart and Snapdeal. They will be always posting deals, you can buy from there.

9. Save energy save money:

Save electricity and you will get some money as a reward. Just follow the basic things such as switch of lights if you are not in that room, switch-off TV if you are not watching, Laptop or Desktop if you are not using it, Don’t forget to switch off Geezer after taking bath, exhaust fan of kitchen, Power point after charging mobile and switch off main switch when you are going out for vacation. Check your bill next month and compare it with last month bill. It will be lesser than the previous month. You do it regularly it will become habit and every month you will be saving electricity as well as money.

10. Phone Bills:

Before taking new Simcard just review all the plans of service providers and opt for one which has less call rates than others. Once you take Simcard of any service provider you have to recharge the same always. So it is better to take the one which have less call charges. People who frequently do STD or international calls can use Skype of any online messaging tool to talk which are free.

There are lots of other ways out there which can help to save money. I am sure that it’s not possible for everyone to follow all these rules to save money, but you can follow at least 3-4 points from the above list to save some money.

I am sure that you are also having some great ideas and ways to save money at home. Please share it with me and provide your feedback for the above mentioned points.