why people fail to earn money online?

Everyone think and talk about starting own business apart from regular day jobs. Mostly people are frustrated from their jobs and they want to do something on their own for better income. Some of my friends talk about opening software development firm or some manufacturing firm or developing any android app.

But they will be just keep on talking the same thing from several years but no one have taken steps or Action to start anything.

I asked them – when you are going to start?!!! They will just say whenever they are free. But I know they are not going to start. Those are the people who just live in their dreams to make it big but they never started so they are not in race.

Now there is another category of people who are quite committed to start their business. They crossed the step of dreaming and they take first step to start their own online business.

They start their business enthusatically and work in their initial days. For few days they will be committed and work hard, as the new challanges comes they will start facing problems and slowly they will quit. These are the people who fail to make money online.

All the business have their own challenges. Beginners’ usually struggle a lot to setup their online business.

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Most of the people start with lot of enthusiasm and quit with same enthusiasm. They quit because they are not focused and few other reasons. While quitting they will be having lot of bad experience and complaints. They have not earned anything from their online business.

If you will sit and analyze what went wrong and avoid the points discussed below then you can start seeing the growth and if you focus on these points then you will definately goint to make money online.

why people fail to earn money online

Why people fail to earn money online

why people fail to earn money online? Go through some of the reason’s which will help you to make some better decision while starting online business.


To earn extra cash usually people starting online business or any online work such as work from home jobs. They will come across lot of scams. People will join some fake sites and will not get paid for the work they have done. If this will happen couple of times people will start thinking that online earning is scam and they quit.

Take away – You should do a proper research before joining any site. Check the authenticity of service provider.

  • Whether company is registered
  • Whether they can show any payment proof
  • How long this company is running etc.

Once you have done your research and satisfied, you can join and start earning online. It will hardly take couple of hours to do your research.

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#Fear of failure

Lot of people never does anything big because of fear of failure. They think – What if I will fail?

Some people start some online work and failed and they will never start the same work again thinking that I am already failed and can’t do it again.

There is a famous quote – Failure is the first step to success. You should follow that.

Take Away – Think about a player if he loose the match, he will do more practice improve his game and play again to win. He doesn’t think that I have lost the match so I will not play again or quit playing.

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#Don’t believe in online earning

Some of you have seen any of your friends talking about some online earning job. Then first question you will ask – how much you have earned till now?

If he is a beginner and just started online earning job then he might not have earned anything. People will think he had not earned anything and start assuming that it’s not possible to earn money online. Also people will suggest him to quit online earning jobs saying its waste your time.

Take Away – If your friend started anything online then he might have learned and seen the earning potential then only he could have started.

If someone is telling you about any online earning opportunity. You should first try to understand what he is telling. Then ask questions to clear your doubts then decide anything.

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#Lack of knowledge

Usually some people are disparate to make money and think that make money online is easy option. They will start some online business or work. They will not learn anything about online business and start doing some random things which will not help them to earn anything. They are not having proper knowledge of online business.

Take Away – Online earning is a learning process where you keep on learning any applying the same to your online business to grow.


Most of the people are not focused on their online earning work and they keep on changing different online earning options. They will lose focus frequently which will make them fail.

Do whatever you are doing with 100% commitment and focus.

Take Away – Be focused on whatever you are doing. This will help you to grow faster.

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#Quick money

Quick money is highly searched word on internet. People are looking for quick money. But the face is that there is no quick money scheme.

If you put your money in bank for fixed deposit you will get return only after certain period of time. They will not multiply your money quickly.

Online earning is a slow process where you have to work for certain period of time to setup online business.

Take Away – Forget Quick money work and start working to build online business.

#Do not want to learn

Some people think that they know everything. They think that they are aware of the online earning process and they can do on their own. But the face is that they will know just the thousand feet overview of the online business process. They don’t know the detailed aspects of the business.

Take Away – Again, online earning is a frequent learning process. You should always be open to learn anything even if any kid is teaching. If you learn you will know what is right thing to do.

There are lot of blogs and articles available in internet related to make money online. Experts, who are already earning online, have shared their experience and proven ways to setup online earning businesses.

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#Want everything free

People start earning online but they are not spending money to buy tools, web hosting, themes etc. They want everything free.

But you have to know that there are no free lunches. You are also not working in your day job for free. You are getting paid for the work you have done.

Most of the free stuff on internet is with limited features. You have to buy them to use it. You cannot get success without having proper tools.

If you are running a transport business you have to put fuel in your vehicle to run. Otherwise your business will stop.

Take Away – Select tools which are helpful for your business. Good tool always comes with some cost as it took lot of time and effort to develop.

So pay for good work and use best tool for your online business.

#Comfort zone

Those who stay at their comfort zone will never grow. It is applicable everywhere. Whether it online or offline business. If you want to achieve something you have to come out of your comfort zone.

Suppose you want a job then you have to prepare for interview and clear it. If you sit at home and keep watching TV you will not get any job. Without giving interview no company will send you job offer letter.

Similarly you have to come out of your comfort zone to get success in online business.

Take Away – come out of your comfort zone try something different and put all your effort to get success.

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#Do not want to try different things

If you try to do the same business which is already running successfully your chance of success will be less.
People used to follow other people and do the same thing whatever they have done.
Copying other people will not help to get success.

You can get inspired from their work and do something different or enhance existing.

Take Away – You have to try different things. If have chosen online business which is already running then you have to provide better service and more features on produces so that people will take interest on you as well.

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I am sure you might have encountered few of the above points. Be passionate about your online business and try to avoid these 10 reasons why people fail to earn money online.


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  2. SOOOO TRUE!!!! This message was AWESOMEEEEEE!!!!!!! This just lit a fire under me to go hard in the paint every siglne day. What I did yesterday does not matter unless I can do it today and tomorrow.THANK YOU! August 16, 2012


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