Are you struggling to complete your syllabus before exams? Looking for help to understand fundamental concepts?

In this post I will share some of the Educational Sites for Students. Now day’s students are using internet to learn and gain knowledge. Lot of online training’s are available, Webinar sessions, online tutorials and Google hangout are used widely to get training’s online.

There are thousands of free online courses sites available in each subject. E-learning is one of the best options to learn and increase knowledge. Students can join interactive learning sites and take the classes in virtual classroom in different subjects.

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Interactive learning includes audio and videos to teach students in best possible way. It makes the learning process easy and it will be a fun for students also.

Here is the list of Educational Sites for Students:

1#Discovery education – Facebook – 47,626 likes

Discovery education is one of the best educational sites for students for all standards. Students can learn content of science, maths, English, social studies using interactive games, videos and virtual labs. Students can use the excellent free resources from the student section. There are also resource sections available for parents and teacher in this site.

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2#Khanacademy – Facebook – 927,548 likes

Khanacademy is one of the best online learning sites. In this site you can learn using interactive videos from all the subjects like math’s, science, economics etc. You can also prepare for different tests such SAT, GMAT and IIT etc.

Khan Academy

3#Codecademy – Facebook – 315,757 likes

This site will help to learn coding in interactive way. You can learn different programming languages HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, php etc. You can also learn from around the world and start working on your own projects. You can create your own website by learning and much more.


4#Courser – Facebook – 683,783 likes

Courser is a site where you can take any course for free. Courses area available from all the subjects such as Biology, Arts, computer science Physics and lot of topics. Duration of courses depends upon the content and it might be from 1 day to 4 weeks. You can take up very easy to understand coursera free online courses.

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5#Learnnext – Facebook – 45,444 likes

Learnnext is e-learning website where you can learn using animated videos and test your skill level by and based on the result you can identify the areas to improve. By this way you can score more in finals. Syllabus is available for CBSE and all the state level boards. All the subject courses are available such as Math’s, science, physics, chemistry, History, Civics, English Grammar, and English Literature etc.


6#Minglebox – Facebook – 133,577 likes

Minglebox is a place where you can learn and interact. Basically this site is helpful for students of MBA and Engineering. This site also tells about top collages in different area of education. You can also learn about education in other countries.


7#Edurite – Facebook – 85,759 likes

Edurite provide online courses for CBSE, ICSC and State boards. You can buy DVDs of course based on your class. Course are available for all the subjects.


8. e-learningforkids – Facebook – 2,243 likes

E-learningforkids is a site basically for primary school students. This site provides animated lessons through which kids and learns fast. Kids can learn Math’s, Science, Environmental skills, Computer skills, Health, Language Arts and life skills using this website.


9. Mathvids

Mathvids is a great resource for mathematics. You can learn using video tutorials available in this site.


10. Meritnation – Facebbook – 265,008 likes

Meritnation is Amazing sites for kids learning. Course material available from class 1 to 12th. There is live classroom where you can attend sessions in different topics. Learning becomes easier using great videos, animations and interactive activities. This site is very easy to navigate and different sections are available for different classes. You can select your class and start learning. There is lot of practice test available which helps students to score more in exams. Meritnation also provide facility to prepare for entrance exams.


11. Mathfoundation

Mathfoundation as the name says it’s a math’s learning site. This site has lot of great interactive animated courses available which helps kids to learn fast. These animated courses are very easy to understand and students can understand easily.


 12. Indiabix – Facebook – 18,363 likes

Indiabix is the sites where you can learn get multiple choice questions on aptitude, logical reasoning and puzzles. Different category such as Technical interviews, Engineering, Medical, General knowledge and Programming. Multiple choice questions are available for all the categories and you can solve those and discuss on forum about the solutions.

IndiaBIX13. Math is mathematics website where you can solve all your problems related to maths. You can get homework help, you can solve practice problems and also you can do brain exercise by playing fun games.


14. code – Facebook – 388,533 likes

If you are a computer science student then code is one of the best place to learn and improve your coding skill. You can develop programming skills and create great projects.


15. Udacity – Facebook – 102,582 likes

This site is the one of the best place to different technology. There are lot of great courses available which are designed from experts.


Thank you for reading my post, if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.

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  1. Hi Sourabh …!!!
    You have done a great job .Listing all useful websites for students is an amazing idea. I found some cool and very useful websites for . KhanAcademy is one of that 🙂

  2. Thanks for this post! I’m a huge fan of online learning. Have you ever tried Udemy?

    Also, if you’re a student interested in learning about your finances and credit score, Lenny is an awesome educational platform that helps students build their credit scores.


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