How can I use technical skills to begin freelance career?

You are looking for online jobs. You want to use your technical skills to get freelance computer jobs. You are not the only one who is looking for this. There are lots of people out there who are also looking for the online workplace. You can check 8 hot IT skills for 2014.

Lots of skilled professionals are already working online and making money hourly.

No matter whatever technical skill you are having jobs are available for all. Either you are a java developer,dot net developer, web designer, tester, Network engineer; all kind of jobs are available online.

Job profile such as writer with language skills, marketing professional skills, engineering job guys can also use their skills to work online.

Join any freelance workplace and start working online based on your technical skills.

A great proposal helps to win a project. Delivering a project with good problem-solving skills can help to get positive feedback from the client which open’s doors for new projects also.

What kind of freelance computer jobs I will get?

Work will be similar to the work which you are doing at your full day job.

I cannot spend 8 hrs. Working online?

You don’t have to work for full-time. You have to spend 15-20 hrs. weekly. So, daily you can spend 2-3 hrs. after or before your full day job.

How much I can earn?

Based on your technical skills and communication skills you can get paid. Pay will be done hourly and it varies from 10$ to 50$. Basically, it depends on various parameters such as employer and the kind of job which you are going to do and also depends on your professional skills and negotiation skills.

SO, how can I get freelance computer jobs?

It’s simple, Join any online freelancing workplace, create your profile and apply for a job once you get the job, start working with your client.

Actually above step is in very high level, you have to follow some process and steps to join any freelance site and you can start working.

Follow below steps for joining the freelance platform.

  1. Select a freelance site.

  2. Create new account.

  3. Upload you resume and create your attractive profile with your skill-sets and experience. (It will help employer to select candidate easily).

  4. Set your hourly price. Keep it low as you are new.

  5. Now browse the jobs according to your skill set.

  6. Create a proposal according to the job and send it to an employer with your hourly rate.

  7. Wait for approval, like you other people have also applied for job so an employer will select appropriate candidate whose profile matches with current job opening.

  8. Apply for several jobs which are related to your skill-set.

  9. Once you win the proposal you start working with employer/client.

  10. Complete the tasks and get paid hourly or at the end of delivering of the product.

There are lot of sites available for freelance job, you can choose any one and start working.

Here’s the list 7 freelance computer jobs platform.


Elance is one of the best freelance site where you can find freelance computer jobs/projects related to programming, testing, marketing, networking, writing, mobile development, Apps development etc. If you use your skill wisely here then you can earn lots of money.



Freelancer provides a platform for online projects. You can take-up different kind of projects in different categories. Projects are available for programming, testing, marketing, writing, sales etc. Select project according to your skill and apply for the project.



oDesk is online workplace where you can take any project and deliver it. Apply for the project based on your technical skills. Projects are available for software development, Web development, Design and Multimedia, Customer services, business services etc.



It you are a programmer you can use your programming skills. Getacoder is a marketplace for projects in different technologies. Web design, php, .net, java, automation testing projects will be available. You can bit for any project based on skills.



Peopleperhour is a great place to get hired for freelance computer jobs. Jobs are available in Design, Writing and translation, Video, photo, business support, social media, software development, web development etc.



User Testing

UserTesting is an online platform for software testing. If you are software testing professional then you can get paid for testing any website or mobile application. You can get $10 per website testing and $15 per mobile test.



uTest is the world’s largest marketplace for software testing services. If you are a testing professional you can join uTest and use your testing skills to earn.


If you doesn’t have any technical skills no need to worry, still you can work in these sites. There are lot of non technical jobs available, You can explore these sites and identify. You can become a content writer.

If you are technical writer then you can earn a lot using your technical writing skills. If you don’t have writing skills then you can become a translator and work for projects to translate content.

Opportunities are endless, you have to decide how you want to start.

Conclusion: Join any freelancing site and start working based on your technical skills or IT skills. Before joining any site just review it and read users comments. Once you start working, you will learn the latest trend and  technology which will help you in building your career as well as you will earn some money.

Are you already doing online job using your IT skills? Please share your experience and provide your valuable feedback and comments.


  1. Hello Sourabh,
    One thing is clear, in as much you have given us some clear and and interesting sites to join to start earning some cash online, what we need to know is that, it takes a lot of smartness and patience in earning the first dollar online.


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