Are you trying to earn money on internet?

Are you looking for new way to earn money?

Are you trying to increase your income?

Are you looking for passive money?

Are you looking for some extra income?

If your answer is yes then this article is for you…

Today I will show you 6 online business ideas for beginners to start today and make thousands of dollars.

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I came across lot of websites, online programs, get rich quick schemes but most of them were scams.

I have been search on internet from long time for different ways to earn money online and I came across various programs and websites which help to make real money online.

Thats true!

I came to know that there are hundreds of ways to earn using internet.

You are not required to spend full day on internet and work.

I am sharing few simple and easy but powerful small business ideas to start earn money online.

Here are the options….

Sell Things online

Image by Moyan Brenn

Have you heard about online shopping? eBay shop and Amazon stores are the most popular and large online shopping websites.

You can become a online seller and earn money.

Start selling your old collectables items such as old coins, stamps, old jewellery, musical instrument, arts, painting, vintage clock, antiques etc.

Become a Blogger

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You can become a blogger on internet and earn lot of money.

Blogger doesn’t mean that you need to be a great writer; the only thing you have to do is to select a topic of your passion and interest, write articles around that topic and publish it online.

You can post on sites which pay for writing article or create your own free blog using google blogger or WordPress.

I have created few blogs earlier.

If you’re looking to create a personal or professional website, check out this guide on how to build a blog. In addition to the step-by-step tutorial on installing your free blogging software, this resource discusses the various benefits of blogging, how to write a great blog post for different types of audiences, and provides a list of blog post ideas when you run out of topics.

This is one of the best online business ideas for beginners.

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Join Pay per click sites


You will be getting paid for clicking the viewing ads.This is one of the easiest way to earn some money.

Yes you can earn money by viewing the ads for 5-30 seconds. There are lots of websites which will pay you for viewing Ads.

In Pay to click sites you will not become rich but yes you can earn some money…

On daily basis you will be getting some ads, you need to click those ads and you will be paid for those ads.

You can increase your earning by refer your friends and increase your earning. (Neobux, clicsense)

Affiliate marketing


Lot of sites will provide affiliate program. Websites will reward you for bringing customers to their site. It is based on revenue sharing concept. You refer someone and you will get commission.

You become affiliate of any site and start promoting it. . For example, you are affiliated with a site eBay, Amazon, Clickbank etc.

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Online survey

MySurvey Discover the Power of Your Opinion - Mozilla Firefox_2014-05-11_01-08-12

You can also get paid for doing online survey. There are lots of sites which will pay you on doing different kinds of survey on the basis of your eligibility based on your country or region. Survey companies will pay you for providing your valid data. Survey duration will be from 5-1- min.

You can visit list of top survey websites for more details.

Google Adsense


You can get paid for displaying targeted Google ads on your site or blog. Customized ads will be displayed on your site which matches your site content. Google adsense is free to register. Submit your site or blog for approval from adsense team. Once it is approved, Google ads will be displayed on your site or blog. You can get paid once some click the ad form your site or blog. As you move further in this you will get to know more.

Micro jobs

Earn money on internet by completing small/micro tasks. Join any Micro jobs site and can select jobs according to your interest, complete the job and at the end you need to submit the proof for approval, once your job is approved you will be get paid. There are different jobs available in Microworkers such as Vote for your photo, Rate your Video, like on Facebook, add as friend, follow on twitter, Bookmark website etc. Few other sites also provide the same service such as Minute workers.

Network marketing

You can earn money on internet using MLM, there are lots of network marketing companies available you can join anyone and start building your network and earn. You can grow your network and increase your earning as much as possible.


You can earn lot of money in stock market. Open any demat account online, transfer some money to your demat account and start trading, but before buying any share you need to do a complete market research whether it is profitable or not, are you buying it for long term or short term.

As a beginner you need to take guidance from someone who is having good experience of stock market.

There are hundreds of ways online business ideas for beginners but you have to learn it and apply in proper way.Please provide your valuable feedback and comments.

Thank you for reading. Please share if u like it.

Have you started setting up your online business?


  1. Good methods out here to make money but in this list you need to figure out what method can make you money as I chose affiliate marketing and feeling good on it.Something like each one has different capability so think where you can start and proceed sure you can make money between enjoyed reading your post


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