How to Scale E-commerce Business Using Fiverr? The short answer is yes and no.

Not everybody who uses Fiverr actually purchases services for their web sites.

One good part about Fiverr is you can get experts from virtually any industry.

However, there are certain things you must do to scale an E-commerce business.

1. Hire professional Developer

The first thing you want to do when trying to scale an e-commerce business is to make sure all of your web development is completed. You need to hire a Fiverr web developer who has years of experience. A developer who does not have a lot of experience will be very limited in what he/she can do for your company.

Find freelancers who are willing to work for lower pay than you are paying them. It’s going to take a while before you find some good freelancers. Once you find a few freelancers it’s important to talk with them about how much you are willing to pay for each job and the type of projects they have available.

2. Create a Marketing Strategy

You should create a marketing strategy. If you open a shop and no one knows about it then you will not get a sale. Create a marketing strategy that suits all the target audiance such as special offers, incentives, offers, deals etc. Hire a marketing expert from fiverr to create a marketing strategy for your business. Once you have a clear marketing strategy, it will be easier to proceed.

3. Focus on Automation

To scale ecommerce business automation is very important. There are lot of tasks which requires lof of effort and manpower. You can hire someome from fiverr to automate tasks such as repricing, retarget carts, campaigns, repeat sales, content promotion, feesback etc. Easily you can hire people from fiverr to complete these tasks, this will save lot of your time and you can focus on other areas. Automate as much as possible to make life easier.

5. Outsource tasks

Apart for automation outsource other ecommerce business tasks to scale your business. There are lof of tasks such as packing and shipping. This task you can outsource to any fillfillment organization so you no need to worry on these tasks.

6. Focus on customer support

As your business grows you need to provide good customer support to sustain in business. If customer query answered properly then they will give good feedback and recommend to others. Hire someone from fiverr to provide a customer support. Provide all the details to freelancer and give proper training to handle customers.

7. Optimize your site for SEO

SEO plays very important role to get traffic to your website. If your website is properly seo optimized then you will get good traffic. The more targetted traffic you will get, more conversion happen. This can be done by SEO expert. Fiver has lot of professional SEO expert, hire someone based on your budget. Discuss with them about your website and requirement. Once they optimize your site you will start seeing increase in traffic.

8. Email Marketing

You can increase your sale by sending your subscribers offers and deals direct to their inbox. Create a email marketing plan and implement it. Hire a email marketing expert. They will setup your email campaign and email sequence for the subscribers. There are lof to sites for email marketing services such as eweber, convertkit, Constant Contact, Mailchimp etc. Join any of the email marking based on your budget and subscribers.

9. Social Media presence

Laverage social media plaforms facebook, twitter, instagram etc to promote your product and brand. You will get more visitors and social shares that will help to get more sales. Hire a social media manager and social media marketer to manage and market your social media profile. They will mage your social media profiles and promote your business. This way you can reachout to more number of people and your brand awareness will increase.


To Scale an E-commerce Business Using Fiverr is easy task. Scaling business is not easy job it requires lot of effort, plan and strategy to achieve. Laveraging your time with money and hire professionals to do most of the small tasks. Hiring multiple freelancers who are professional in their field will help you to scale your business faster. You just have to manage and pay them for their work.

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