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Hi there, and welcome to my blog.

My name is Sourabh and I’m a software engineer by profession from India.  I have been interested in internet marketing and started learning and sharing.

I decided to started this blog so that I can share my experience.

PassiveTips blog is for those who want to build online passive income stream and make some extra cash using proven methods. I have been experimenting different methods and techniques for a long time. I decided to start this blog so I can share my experience and methods that have worked for me in earlier as well as methods which I am still working these days.

I strongly believe in the second source of income. Everyone should have one. As in corporate world, jobs are not secure. If someone loose job then the second source of income will help to service.

Doing 9 to 6 job, I also believe that lending time for money is not a good idea. We should have enough time to spend with family, kids, and friends.

Passive income will help to achieve all this.

In PasssiveTips I will be posting details on techniques, methods, and tools which will help you to in your online business.

I should also mention that if you are completely new to online income and internet marketing then it doesn’t matter. All these methods doesn’t require any special skill or any coding or technical knowledge. These methods are very easy to implement.

You can start reading from here: A beginner’s guide to start online successful business

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I wish you all the best and hope you will decide to take the first step to change your future.

Kind regards,

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