Do you want to know how to get FREE CASH & AMAZON GIFT CARDS?

Thousands of websites are available in internet claiming to provide online jobs to earn money online. But most of them are scam sites.

It really hurts when we got scammed. Several times I got disappointed after spend lot of time and money to generate money online.

I have been exploring internet from long time and extracting legit ways to earn money. I have been scammed several times. Internet is full of scam sites, lot of people join just by seeing the attractive offers and payouts but they dont get anything. Those sites will make money for themselves and shutdown.

I thought of sharing my experience with you all about some of the most legit programs which really pays.

Today I will share my experience about Swagbucks. Read or Scam?


After working and making money from swagbucks I can say that Swagbucks is legit website.

Swagbucks provide great way to earn rewards and convert it to amazon gift cards or cash through PayPal.


Initially when I came to know about this site I was doubtful whether Swagbucks really give rewards to search on web?

But after using it and reading several reviews I was surprised that we can really get rewarded for searching anything on internet.

Have you ever thought to earn money searching online? Yes it’s true and you will get paid for whatever you are already doing.

The best part is that Swagbucks is totally free and anyone can join and start earning.

What is Swagbucks?4

As mentioned by Swagbucks is a virtual currency which can be exchanged for real rewards.

How can I join Swagbucks?

It’s easy to join. Just follow simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Click here to Sign up at Swagbucks.
  2. Click on I have a sign up code and enter Swagbucks Promo code. [Register using Swagbucks Code: Bunty404 and get 70 SB Free Swagbucks.]See below screenshot.


Swagbucks Code: Bunty404

3. Confirm your account.

4. Click on search from main menu and make Swagbucks search as your homepage.

how to get free gift cards

5. Now search everything using Swagbucks and earn Swagbucks. See below proof.

how to get free gift cards

How to earn swagbucks?

There are multiple ways to earn swagbucks. Later you can convert swagbucks to cash or giftcards.

  1. Search – Search anything in swagbucks search bar to earn swagbucks.
  2. Answer – Answer questions related to your profile
  3. Offers – Complete offers provided by sponsers.
  4. Surveys – Daily you will get surveys you have to complete surveys.
  5. Mobile Apps – Download and install mobile apps.
  6. Sigh Ups – Sign up to a website.
  7. Refer – Refer your friend and earn 10%.

What can I search in Swagbucks?

Daily searched whatever you are searching using any search engine can also be searched using Swagbucks. Every day we used to search internet around 40-50 times. Now earn money searching online anything.

Suppose today I want to search for “how to install windows 8” so I searched on Swagbucks and got the result as well as eligible to earn reward.

how to get free gift cards

So, if you use Swagbucks to search you can get lot of rewards.

What I can earn?

Go to reward section and check all the rewards. There is a reward store which has list of all the rewards. You can choose based on your SB points. Rewards such as Facebook e-Gift card of 5$ can be redeem using 500SB. You can convert your swagbucks to paypal cash or Amazon Gift cards. 

Some popular redeems options are PayPal cash, Amazon Gift card etc.


What are other earning options in Swagbucks?

Apart from search there are lot of other options to get reward and free gift cards codes and free visa gift cards by participate in daily poll, play games, online shopping, online survey etc.

Daily Polls


Participate in daily poll and earn 1 SB. Daily you will get a new poll and you can provide your answer based on your choice. Questions in poll are really interesting and you will come to know interest of other participates by seeing the response percentage.

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Get Paid To Take SurveyYou can earn 60 SB for completing any survey. You will get survey based on your details and location provided during survey registration.


TasksYou will also get paid for completing tasks. There are lots of tasks available to do for example create keywords for an image, Help us validate Authors and Articles etc.

Complete task and get Swagbucks.

Refer your friends

how to get free gift cardsRefer your friends and earn 10% of your friends earning for lifetime. So start inviting all your Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, Google+, Hike friends and increase you’re earning.

Join Swagbucks Today!!!

how to get free gift cards

Final word:

Swagbucks is one of the great way make money online. You can earn money searching online anything. Its free to join and you can start earning from now onwards. So, Start earning today and give your friends opportunity to earn money and get PayPal cash and amazon gift cards.

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  1. Hi Sourabh,
    Swagbucks is something I never heard of. It is interesting to find that we can make money online just by searching online.
    It is also nice that they offer PayPal and Flipkart e-voucher to redeem points. Both of these options are suitable for people living in India.
    Vineet Saxena

    • Actually you can withdraw minimum 5$ as cash through Paypal or Buy a gift card from Reward store. You can convert 700 SB to 5$.

      Bonus Tips: The best way to earn is to make swagbucks your homepage or default search. By doing this you can daily you can accumulate some SB without affecting your other day today activity.



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