Apple has sold iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus more than iPhone and this is interesting. In December, experts have already talked about the poor sales of the flagship, but Apple’s CEO Tim Cook later refuted this information.

In the first calendar quarter of 2018 on the IPhone 8 accounted for 23% of the total sales of smartphones Apple, and the big version liked another 21% of buyers. Total sales of devices amounted to 44%.

This is noticeably more than the share of the IPhone X, which scored only 16%. And this is despite the flagship functions like an OLED display without frames, a vertical double camera and a Face ID system. It is noteworthy that the best-selling 5.5-inch version of the iPhone for 799 dollars. 4.7-inch model even cheaper for 100 dollars, users like less.

What’s wrong with the 5.8-inch iPhone we’re talking below? Note that this is the most expensive version.

This demand for IPhone X was not expected by anyone, even we in unfolded. The difference between iPhone 8 and iPhone X is twenty three thousand rubles. A decent amount, you can buy the first Apple Watch for this “change”, even on the protective glasses will remain. IPhone 8 Plus lags behind the “tens” by fifteen thousand rubles, which is also a lot.

Such money is not asked for a new design; the iPhone X has some cool chips missing in the eighth

iPhone. Are they worth it? Everyone decides for himself. Here are some reasons explaining advantages of the IPhone X before iPhone 8. This is the first thing that catches your eye. Finally we do not sell another candy in the same wrapper, the iPhone for the first time since 2014 has received a completely new design.

Almost all hands-on reviews by experts say one thing: the line between glass and metal is absolutely not noticeable, the iPhone seems solid, even though its body consists of two different materials. The new smartphone in a different way lies in the hand and does not slips.

About Size: iPhone X is the golden mean between iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8. We’re for accuracy, here are the numbers.

IPhone 8 +: Length: 158.4 mm, Width: 78.1 mm, Thickness: 7.5 mm, Weight: 202 g.

IPhone X: Length: 143.6 mm, Width: 70.9 mm, Thickness: 7.7 mm, Weight: 174 g.

IPhone 8: Length: 138.4 mm, Width: 67.3 mm, Thickness: 7.3 mm, Weight: 148 g.

The new design gives the iPhone X + 100 to appeal. The iPhone 8s with minor changes in the hull were not even standing nearby. The size is the most optimal, in smaller than in the “plus” case put a larger display.

Absolutely different interface logic:

Yes, on board the iPhone X is still the same IOS 11. But the absence of one single button turned all the old postulates upside down. If you bring all the changes to the list, you get a normal “sheet”:

  • The screen is unlocked differently.
  • Return to the home screen through a new gesture.
  • Another gesture for the multitasking panel.
  • The control point went to the upper right corner.
  • The notification center hid to the left.
  • Long press of the lock button will cause Siri.
  • IPhone X turns off differently.
  • An additional swipe from left to right will open the previous application.

And this list is still being supplemented. For example, it is still unclear where “easy access” has gone. Or as will behave status-bars and curtains of additional panels at a turn of a screen on 180 degrees in one of applications.

For users, it can rather be a drawback than an advantage. But behind such changes is the future. Any drastic change in IOS raises a wave of negativity. Time shows that the new solutions are much more convenient than the previous ones.

Killing feature of the new iPhone, one of the culprits Grand update interface. Apple convinces us that touching is the last century, now it is quite a cursory look. And they seem to have succeeded. A new front camera with a bunch of 3d sensors played a role.

She literally draws a map of your face, and the system is capable of learning. It is good to wait for the first field tests, but none of the journalists present at the presentation had any problems with the new function.

Apple assures that the information about the persons is securely encrypted using the Secure Enclave module and stored in the device itself. All data are processed by Chip A11 Bionic. No photos or masks face ID cheat,

3d sensors in detail scan the owner and perfectly understand the depth of the image. For those who are always on the check, new smartphones and iPhone X does not unlock, showing the face of the sleeping host, the smartphone necessarily need to look. What not to say about Touch ID.

Apple IPhone 8 and 8 Plus simply don’t have this feature — one more point in the “tens” side. And there are many other points forcing you to pay attention to iPhone X.

But the company has seem to be failed to impress the world with so many changes. And it seems users are just upgrading from iPhone 7 to iPhone 8 instead of spending some extra money to buy iPhone X.

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