One of the reasons smartphones become very popular is because we could be more productive. Smartphones today are like mini computers that we can carry in our pockets and get our work done on the go at anytime and anywhere. Here is the list of best Apps to Increase Productivity.

Though we won’t tell you to ditch your traditional computer, for an iPhone or an Android mobile phone, some things can be done more smoothly and efficiently on a smartphone.

Apps to Increase Productivity

Anyways, here are nine android Apps to Increase Productivity for 2021. Install them on your Android mobile or tablet, and watch your productivity increase.

1# Evernote


Evernote is one of the most popular productivity apps out there.

With Evernote you can create any can of note, you can imagine (text, image, video, voice, and list) and save it in the cloud.

The amazing app will also let you sync information between various devices, and can also be used offline.

Many of its features are free, but there is an option to upgrade if case you want additional features.

You can also access your notes by logging into your Evernote account using a computer. It’s a robust and powerful app to replace, and it’s fast and free.

Price: Free / $24.99 per year / $49.99 per year

Also read How to use evernote effectively like a Pro! to learn more.

2# Google Drive suite

Google Drive suite

Your Android mobile is basically useless without the Google Drive suite.

Google, the search engine giant that created the Android operating system, is also responsible for designing all the apps included in the Google Drive suite.

First, there is the Google Drive app – a cloud-based storage app where you can upload any files and share it with your coworkers and friends.

Then you have Microsoft Office suite alternatives such as Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Keep, and Google Photos.

These apps, when combined will all types of tasks like file storage, file sharing, note taking, and even storing pictures.

Price: Free with in-app purchases.

3# Microsoft Apps

microsoft app

Microsoft Apps is a standalone app that has all the app Microsoft has made for the Android smartphones and tablets.

The app has a wide range of app that will improve your productivity including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, OneNote, Outlook, and Cortana.

Combined all these apps provide functionality that’s similar to the experiences of the Google Drive suite.

Using Microsoft Apps and the Google Drive suite will give one of the best cross-platform supports between two of the world’s biggest and widely used operating systems.

Price: Free

4# Slack


Slack is designed for people who work in teams and need to get together and collaborate on work and projects.

It’s mainly a chat app and has the option to create different channels for various projects so that each person can observe and give feedback on the projects without the need to ask anyone.

Slack also has voice calling support, unlimited file sharing, archiving, and searching features for previous messages, files, cross-platform support, and plugins for sites like Google Drive and so on.

Price: Free

5# Today Calendar

Today Calendar

One of the best and most flexible calendar apps for Android device belongs to Today Calendar.

This simple, clean and intuitively designed app integrates seamlessly with the Google Calendar app.

The Today Calendar includes all usual calendar basics and is completely customizable.

It’s straightforward and easy to use even for users who aren’t very familiar with using calendar apps.

Creating events, viewing your schedules, and organizing your agenda with this is just a click away. It also supports widgets.

Price: Free / $4.30 for Pro versions

6# Trello


Trello is a great virtual assistant that helps you to stay organized at work and home.

Using this task managing app, you create “boards,” that helps you keep track of different current and upcoming projects and each board allows you to work only on one project at a time.

You can also collaborate regarding your tasks with your coworkers and friends using Trello.

The app has support for Google Drive, Dropbox, and even Android Wear.

Price: Free

7# Todoist


If you simply want a simple, fast and powerful to-do list application that does the job really good, then search no further and install the Todoist app on your Android mobile.

This simple and intuitive app has features to create recurring tasks, collaborate on projects with others, integration with other productivity apps like Google Drive,

Dropbox, and has cross-platform support.

If you want additional features, you’ll need to pay a yearly subscription fee.

Price: Free / $28.99 per year

8# Team Viewer for Remote Control

Team Viewer for Remote Control

Team Viewer for Remote Control is a remote control app that lets you view and control you personal computer using your Android smartphone.

But, you need to install the desktop version of the app before you can do it.

This app is very useful particularly in situations if you forgot to upload a file or a presentation to Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox the previous night before you leave for work in the morning.

Also, you can also get access to other people’s computers remotely and help them to fix or install something.

Team Viewer for Remote Control has full keyboard functionality, and multi-monitor setups support.

Price: Free

9# CloudMagic Email

CloudMagic Email

If your want a simple email client that supports all of your email accounts, including Microsoft’s Exchange, then CloudMagic Email is the email client you need.

The app has a variety of sync settings, calendar support, sender profiles, productivity plugins and much more.

The best feature about CloudMagic Email allows users to create a profile that they can use to sign into any Android smartphone or tablet, enabling them instant access to all of their emails rather that logging into each email account separately.

A must have for folks who use email a lot.

Price: Free with in-app purchases

So there you have it, nine free Apps to Increase Productivity at work and home. If you know any great productivity apps for Android devices, tell about them at



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