Keeping in touch with your learners is a great way to keep them progressing and completing your courses.

You really want to get your students to complete your entire course – when they do, they get the full results of your program, get the full transformation and impact that it offered, come away most satisfied and are therefore more likely to leave a positive review and share it with their contacts.

But that just sounds like hard work, right?


Using email automation software, you can COMPLETELY automate the student progression check-in and follow up process, making your life and student management completely hands-off.

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Email Automation Sequences

An email automation (also known as a sequence) is a pre-setup sequence of emails that sends out to your email list, or a special selection (segment) of your email list depending on certain actions that they have taken, or not taken.

It’s a brilliant way to send tailored emails to them, without you being involved in the process at all!

Here is a visual screenshot of one of the email automations for one of my online courses – which simply checks in with them roughly when they should have completed each module of the course.

I host my online courses in Thinkific, which connects directly to the email automation software that I use, Active Campaign.  

When somebody enrols in my course, they are automatically added to this email sequence which welcomes them immediately with their log in instructions, and then checks in with them when they should be starting each module to keep them moving forward.

When I first set this up I saw my login frequency rates and online course completion rates increase dramatically.  

Here is a visual of what an email automation looks like for an online course:

Those who are in my ‘Concept To Course’ 30 Day Course Creation Group Coaching Program can grab a URL from inside the course lessons, that will automatically import my course automation sequence directly into your own Active Campaign account, so that you can just edit it with your own content, instead of building it from scratch!

There are also full email swipe copies for my online learners inside the Concept To Course program.

Example of An Online Course Email Sequence

Below I provide a simple overview of an email sequence that you might send out for an online course.

Don’t Have Email Software Yet?

No worries!

You don’t have to have everything right away.

If you are using Thinkifc for your online courses, you can set up automatic messages to your students right from inside the course platform without any extra software needed!

Simply go to your dashboard > Support your Students > Notifications.

From here you can choose the frequency and type of notifications that will go out to your students, as well as customise the email messages to whatever you like!

Easy peasy!

And if you really care about your student retention, engagement and completion, you can check out my full 90min mastermind workshop here:

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Sarah x

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