7 B2B Marketing Trends To Look for in 2022

Discover B2B marketing trends to look for in 2022, from a closer alignment with B2C sensibilities to ABX, SEO, affiliate marketing, and more.

B2B marketing trends has always been, even if arguably so, the most challenging form of marketing. Catering to knowledgeable, invested decision-makers requires deep expertise and an immediate demonstration of value. These audiences aren’t prone to emotional responses, like B2C audiences are, and follow much longer buyer cycles. By itself, this inherent set of challenges raised the ceiling for B2B marketers substantially.

Now, the ongoing pandemic has only exacerbated these challenges. Company budgets are more strained; in-person events are limited; B2B and general audiences alike are warier and wearier. Marketing has, one might argue, never been more complex.

In this context, staying ahead of the curve is nigh imperative toward ensuring success. To help you do so, let us explore the most notable B2B marketing trends to look for in 2022.

B2B marketing in 2022

Despite these challenges, B2B marketing curiously seems to be surging nonetheless. For many, including the World Economic Forum, the pandemic has seemingly acted as an accelerant for digitization.

In this context, Statista finds that B2B marketers are expanding their budgets – more than half of them, specifically.

A graph on B2B marketers’ intentions on increasing their budgets in 2022.
Image Source

While likely effective on its own, this often strains general budgeting further, requiring some very careful strategizing. This, the marketing world at large finds, may even entail rethinking B2B marketing entirely – as we will cover next.

Of course, while innovation will play an essential role, tried-and-tested practices will also persist. The consensus seems to be to embrace both within reason and adapt to the new marketing landscape.

In no particular order of significance, the following 7 marketing trends now dominate discussions and preoccupy marketing leaders.

#1 Intertwining with B2C; lead generation and acquisition

Albeit radical, this initial concept may bear the most crucial foundation for introspection. That is, the blurred lines between B2B and B2C marketing, despite the vastly different audiences. This rests on the simple truth that B2B customers increasingly expect B2C experiences.

This does not mean abandoning the data-driven, value-rich marketing blueprint of old. However, its years-long staples of personalization and hyper-targeting will remain prevalent – and blur the lines between the two further. As a marketer, you will both need to obtain as many leads as you can via B2B-focused LinkedIn outreach or B2C-centric SEO and other means, and nurture each valuable one accordingly. To do so, you may need to re-examine your funnel’s top section and widen it to fit the new needs of both your business and your audiences.

#2 Account-based experience

An initial manifestation of this approach might be found in Account-Based Marketing (ABM) evolving into Account-Based Experience (ABX). As leaders embraced humility as a leading virtue, this approach to ABM began to hold that B2B buyers too seek an excellent Customer Experience (CX).

To illustrate this, consider SalesForce’s following findings:

  • “82% percent of business buyers want the same experience as when they’re buying for themselves.”
  • “72% of business buyers expect vendors to personalize engagement to their needs.”
  • “67% have switched vendors for a more consumer-like experience.”

Moreover, “67% think vendors are providing more retail-like experiences than ever before”, spearheading this B2C-esque hybridization. This endeavor begins with ABX, where marketers apply B2C tenets to traditional B2B tactics for enhanced, laser-focused marketing.

#3 Affiliate marketing

Along similar lines, among B2B marketing trends to look for in 2022 comes affiliate marketing. This method has not yet seen universal use in B2B circles, but trends suggest that affiliate marketing can be a great solution for the future.

This notion does not come from strict revenue-focused trends either. Rather, affiliates, much like influencers, serve as effective social proof – which 2022 audiences increasingly value. This, as we’ll cover next, can very effectively humanize brands and help cultivate deeper bonds that ultimately drive revenue. That it does so directly as well, while also synergizing with SEO practices, simply comes as a complementary benefit.

#4 Social media marketing

Having mentioned influencers, we may next argue that social media will continue to present excellent opportunities for B2B marketers. LinkedIn, in particular, will still dominate, understandably, but shifting toward a wider reach may reveal more feasible platforms.

To substantiate the points made thus far alongside this one, we may cite Statista’s findings again. They found that “41 percent of [B2B marketer] respondents [said] social media marketing was on the top of their mind to include in their 2022 marketing efforts, and 41 percent said the same about marketing personalization”. Evidently, this trend too will remain prominent according to marketers themselves.

For that matter, LinkedIn, the uncontested spearhead of B2B social media marketing, corroborates this trend too. For a deeper dive into their numbers and predictions, you may watch their following livestream on the subject:

#5 Influencer marketing and cause marketing

Social media marketing in itself may not surprise many as one among B2B marketing trends to look for in 2022. However, influencer marketing and cause marketing might, even if they are arguably natural extensions of it.

The Edelman Trust Barometer may best explain this trend’s foundations; customer trust has increasingly eroded in recent years. In this regard, personalization and humanization, both been B2B marketing staples, may best satisfy the need for “societal leadership”. Consider mission statements and value alignment, not just crucial conversion factors but also diversifying ones. Through such practices, marketers may now craft their brand’s image as one worth standing behind.

#6 Mobile-friendliness

Along similar lines, the rightful SEO staple of mobile-friendliness will also increasingly find its way into B2B circles. This, too, may signify the blurred borders of B2C, but it bears results even outside of such contexts.

In the age of smartphones, this may need little justification, but there are ample reasons for this trend. Among others, consider the following:

  • Outerbox reports that more than half of all internet users shop through mobile devices.
  • The Drum finds that 64% of all advertising revenue is now accounted for by digital marketing.

Combined, those facts should confidently highlight the need for distinctly mobile-friendly marketing.

#7 Content marketing

Finally, we may identify the final among B2B marketing trends to look for in 2022; content marketing. This simple trend still echoes Bill Gate’s famous 1996 assertion that “content is king” and exemplifies B2B’s direction today.

In brief, content marketing offers to best bridge the gap among different strategies that make up omnichannel marketing. It will please search engines and valuable prospects and offer gateways into industry-focused resources B2B marketers should still lean on. LinkedIn themselves agree with this trend and final point as well, as does Neil Patel, whom they cite:

A quote by Neil Patel that suggests giving away free tools or software for marketing gains.
Image Source

From blogs of the right niche for SEO gains to optimized GMB profiles, and from laser-focused CRM-backed PPC campaigns to LinkedIn outreach, it is content marketing that will make for a cohesive whole. And in closing, such a cohesive whole seems to be what 2022 will demand.


To summarize, B2B marketing trends to look for in 2022 include both evolutions of B2B staples, like ABM, and innovations, like closer alignment with B2C. Many established practices like social media marketing will continue to yield results, but so will their branches like influencer marketing. In all cases, marketers will need to account for new digital circumstances and changed customer perspectives, and swiftly adjust accordingly.


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Quickbooks cloud hosting solution

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There are many different editions of this accounting software that you can choose according to user need and this is what makes this accounting software on the top of this list. In addition to installing this accounting software, installing this on the desktop you can even host it on the cloud platform by choosing a cloud hosting provider and as you can unlock the power of cloud while using this powerful accounting software. Even the price of this accounting software is quite  economical and this is why most of the small businesses choose it without any worries.


This is another good accounting software mostly used by micro businesses from all around the world and just like the above-mentioned accounting software even using Xero is quite easy and this is why you might not need a professional accountant while using this accounting software for your micro business. There are many things that makes this accounting software one of the most powerful accounting software for small businesses but it is the simple interface along with the power of integration with payroll software that makes it one of the best accounting software for small businesses.

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These are some of the best accounting software solutions that you can use for your small business without putting in much effort and without burning a hole in your pocket and this is why you should use this blog post as a guide for choosing the right type of accounting software for small business.

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