Amazon Affiliate Program provides one of the most successful affiliate programs in the market.

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There are many affiliate marketing training a courses dedicated solely on how to make money with Amazon.

In fact Amazon reported massive $25.4 billion revenue just in the 3rd quarter of 2015 (i.e. $25.4b in 3 month). Meaning they earned $8.4 billion a month

Imagine being able to tap into this massive number of sales and profits. You can!

Amazon sells a lot of stuff, from digital eBooks to all kind of physical products. This means that whatever your niche and your hobbies are, you can make money off it as an Amazon affiliate.

And giving how Amazon is a trusted marketplace, this means that any product you refer buyers to will most likely convert into sales.

Getting Started -Amazon Affiliate Program.

In this mini affiliate marketing training. The first thing you need to do to become an Amazon affiliate by creating free Amazon associate account, it will allow to become an affiliate for any product on amazon affiliate program.

The next step is to pick the niche you want to focus on, this is very important as you can build your website around that niche.

And finally create your Amazon affiliate link (shown the below section).

For example if you decided you want to promote weight loss products, then you create a weight loss blog and focus on providing value (through your blog posts) in the weight loss niche.

Create Amazon Affiliate Link

Creating an affiliate link is very important, because it allows Amazon to track your referrals in order to give you the commission you earned from referring a buyer to a product.

Amazon has something called ASIN code for each product


So you need to get that code for the product you are promoting.

Then you need to login to your Amazon affiliate program and get your affiliate tracking code


You then simply replace the ASIN code and your affiliate tracking code in the below link:

Amazon Commission

It’s true that Amazon has one of the lowest affiliate commissions rate among the more generous affiliate programs out there.


But the best thing about Amazon is that you don’t only get paid for the product you referred a sale to, but to any other product that buyer (you referred) buys in 24 hours.

For example, if you referred someone from your blog to a weight loss pill and he end up buying it, then once he is on Amazon and decided to buy another weight loss product, you then get paid for both products and not just the main product (weight loss pill in our example) you referred.

So basically Amazon rewards you not just for being an affiliate to a certain product, but rather for referring the buyer himself.

This is very important when it comes to your overall sales performance. Because also Amazon has an incremental commissions system (the more you sell the bigger your commission gets).

Amazon Selling Technique #1

One of the techniques I use myself to sell on Amazon as an affiliate is:

  • Create a blog in your niche.
  • Write many posts.
  • SEO the blog itself.

Create a blog: This is the most straight forward step; you just need your blog design to be niche friendly.

For example if you are selling health product then a green design will convert well.

Write many posts: Content is the king, that’s because the more posts you write on your blog will mean more trust you are going to have with your blog’s visitors and you will have many pages ranking well in Google.

You don’t have to write pure review posts, as it is not a subtle way to sell, you could however try to provide a solution for a certain problem and at the end of the post refer them to the product you are selling as an affiliate.

For example, if you are selling a protein shake, then it will be best to write a post about a DIY shakes recipe or snack that is taken after the protein shake. Something like that, you just have to get creative.

SEO the blog: The best thing about Google’s recent update is that you can SEO your blog homepage (thus increasing your domain authority) and your blog posts will rank automatically without further SEO on the posts themselves.

So this means, you need to focus on getting quality and relevant backlinks to your blog home page.

Then pick long tail keywords that are relevant to the product you are selling and write your posts with this long tail keyword as your post title.

Suddenly you will see that any post you write ranks well in Google (in the post you should have your Amazon affiliate link and a good review for the product).

You will then end up making passive income from various products, and if you decided to sell another product, you simply start writing a post about it.

Amazon Selling Technique #2

This technique is very similar to the first one, with one exception.

Instead of trying to rank on Google for problem keywords (i.e. how to get rid of X or weight loss keyword for example), you however try to rank for the product name (brand).

Like if I want to promote the product XYZ, if the brand XYZ is popular then most likely there will be searches or the product name, and you could try to rank for the product name as those people will be direct buyers and you will have more conversion rate.

Amazon Selling Technique #3

This is my favorite method; here you focus on building list of subscribers for people in your niche.

This can be achieved by creating a 1 page that collect emails in exchange for free PDF repot/guide (called squeeze page). And it looks like this


You then try to SEO this squeeze page for multiple keywords in your niche and try to rank well on Google.

Once you reached around 1,000 subscribers to your list, you then start building relation with your subscribers to develop trust.

This relation and list nurture can last for 1-2 month.

After you developed the trust, you can start sending email blasts to your subscribers promoting your Amazon product.

What I like about this technique is that it is long term; you will be able to sell multiple products over the course of the year.

This saves you from having to start from scratch whenever you are selling another product.

So as you can see Amazon is a gold mine when it comes to affiliate marketing, you just have to learn more about affiliate marketing (either from a course or from the tons of blogs that teach affiliate marketing) and apply these concepts into your Amazon selling efforts.

Many of the affiliate marketing training materials being offered by various internet marketing gurus (like include at least one Amazon training model. This highlights the importance of Amazon as a valid source of income for affiliates.


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