Today I will share 5 best battery saver app for android phone users.

Smartphone batteries are more sophisticated and better performing today than the times when you need to charge them multiple times in a day to keep them running. Batteries in smartphones are designed today to support long hours’ battery backup and multiple tasks.

Despite that, there remain battery drain problem due to extensive tasks you perform on your smartphones and certain other reasons.

To keep your Android device battery running well for long hours, you can perform some basic tweaks like limiting background services, disabling unnecessary apps etc.

Apart of it, you can use battery saver apps for Android to keep your battery performance intact. In this article, we have discussed top 5 battery saver apps for Android users.

Best Battery saver App for Android Phone

1. Du Battery Saver

Trusted by millions of users around the world Du Battery Saver offers some amazing features to help you keep your device battery performance intact. It helps you extend your device battery life by up to 60%.

This battery saver & battery monitor app keeps a tab on all battery draining functions and reminds you about high battery consumption by different apps. Its healthy battery charge offers real-time information and monitors battery charging status and battery health.

Its one-tap battery saver & optimization feature allows you to fix various battery related issues with one-tap. In other features, it offers phone cooler, junk cleaner, super long standby mode, battery saver widgets etc.

2. Systweak Android Cleaner

This nifty tool helps you keep your device performing well in all conditions. It not only helps you to extend your device battery life but it comes as a complete package to keep your device performance well.

It provides you a comprehensive report of your battery health in an intuitive manner. It displays information of your battery and all battery draining function and allows you to manage them well. It helps you hibernate unnecessary apps so that they can’t consume device resources.

It further helps you clean your device RAM to speed up device performance. You can click on “Turn battery saver on” button to instantly boost your battery life.

3. Battery Doctor

Battery Saver as a professional battery saver app helps you stop all battery-draining apps, protect battery health and extend battery life. It offers one-tap power optimization feature to stop all unnecessary power-draining apps.

Its healthy charge master tool helps you keep tab on charging status and improve battery life. It displays information related to battery life when you perform different tasks like playing game, using Wi-Fi etc. Its power-saving widget offers quick action when needed.

It further offers battery cooler feature to detect device temperature and disable heat-producing apps. In its other features, it offers unique three-stage charging system, Wi-Fi/data/Bluetooth toggles, accurate battery remaining time and much more.

4. Avast Battery Saver

Avast Battery Saver helps you optimize your device battery performance by stopping all unnecessary apps running in the background.

Its adaptive energy estimate function offers you an intuitive information about your remaining battery life. It helps you squeeze 20% more battery life effortlessly.

You can select pre-configured profiles to optimize your Android device settings to fit into your environment. It offers 5 user-friendly profiles to select from for different needs.

It will send you reminder to switch in between the profiles based on your activity and battery consumption.

5. AC Battery Saver

AC Battery Saver offers one-tap battery optimization feature to stop all unnecessary apps consuming battery power.

It offers 3 stage charging system to keep tab on device battery charging and get most out of your device battery. In other features, it helps you boost your device RAM, clean junk files, offers phone cooler function and much more.

It helps you track and save battery life to perform numerous other useful tasks. Further, it displays complete device information and status of GPU, CPU, Ram and other hardware features.

This is one useful app to extend your device battery life seamlessly.


Best Battery saver App for Android Phone offer numerous useful features to keep track of battery usage and to extend battery life.

These tools help you keep track on all battery-draining functions and allows you to manage them well. These are the best battery saver app for android phone users.

In addition to battery saving features these apps offer other optimization features as well to keep your device performance intact. We recommend using battery saver apps to users around the world.

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