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Managing monthly expenses is one of the most tedious and difficult task. You are earning nicely but you may not be good in money management. Use some of the best expense tracking app to track your expanses.

You may already read previous post about online earning apps.

You will use your salary to buy household items, luxury products; restaurant bills, daily expanse, investments etc. but you never record the spending. This is the mistake most of the people usually do. You will not be having proper track of your expanses. This will lead you to end up with unwanted expanses and bills.

You will never come to never know where you have spent your hard earned money.

Tracking day today expanse at one place is one of the best practices everyone should follow. There is lot of smartphone apps available in Google play store which can help you to manage your monthly expanse.

You can add each and every expanse in App and at the end of month you can analyses the reports. Based on analysis you will come to know, what are the unwanted expanses and where you can save some money.

graphYou can see in above graph that there is certain amount which doesn’t have any record. At the end of month if we note down all the expanses and income and on subtracting income with expanses, there will be some difference and we don’t remember where we have spend that money.

Tracking all expanses on daily basis the the best practice.

How to use smartphone expanse manager apps?

Expanse manager apps are user friendly and easy to use. You can add your expanses on the go and you will not forget any expense.

  1. Download and Install android app from Google play store in your smartphone.
  2. Open app and set the initial configuration such as currency, Income, limit etc.
  3. Click on Add expanse and enter amount and select category. For example. You went for lunch and spent 20$, immediately you open app and record spending as 20$ and category as food.
  4. Keep on adding all the expenses whenever you spend any money.
  5. At the end of month open the report section. You can see that expanse details of entire month. You can analyses report based on category or any other parameter.

How expanse manager will help you to save money?

On seeing reports you will come to know that where all you have spent your money last month. Suppose last month 15 times you went out for lunch your bill is high it food category.

You can to know after reading the report. So next month you 3-5 outside lunch and again analyze report at the end of current month. Definitely you will see the difference in expanse and expanse graph will go down this month.

You have saved some money this month. This is just an example you can analyst the same in all the categories.

If you save some money every month, it will become huge over a period of time.

I have been using these smartphone apps from 1 year and I have cut down my unnecessary spending. Earlier I was using Buxfer a web-based application but as I got smartphone I installed in my phone.

I am recommending some of the great smartphone expanse manager apps. Just install these and keep the one which works best for you.

Here is the list of Expanse manager apps:

Expanse Manager

500000+ downloads and 4.3 star ratingunnamed

Daily expanse can be tracked in simple and easy way using expanse manager app. Developed by markushintersteiner It allows you the categorize your expanse such as food and drinks, Health, Leisure, Transportation etc.

You can set monthly limit and create a budget. Statistics such as monthly performance graph can be viewed here. The graph will show you how much you have spent monthly.

You can come to know that which month you have spent more. Some of the features are locked and you have to pay to use those. But you can start with basic feature and once you are familiar you can spend some money in this app as it is helping you to save some money.


Expanse IQ

50000+ downloads and 4.4 star ratingIQ

This app helps to manage monthly expanse. You can store daily expanse in different category and add customized category also. Other features such as bill reminder, checkbook register, and budget planner are also available. You can take photo of your bills and attach in app. You can see the graph based on category and analyze your spending. You can synchronize your data to dropbox using cloud sync. Other features such as Yearly cash flow, Income and expense reports, additional security for data, export report. You have the upgrade to Expanse IQ Gold Edition to use additional features.


Daily Expense Manager PRO

100000+ downloads and 4.1 star rating.daily

This is one of the Simple and easy to use app. You can add daily expanses on different categories. You can add reminder for your bill payment dates. This app has password protection feature to secure date and auto save to avoid losing data. Mailing option for data retrial. It has lot of other features you can checkout in Google store.


Expanse Manager Pro

100000+ downloads and 4.3 star rating.expanse_manager_pro

This is one more expanse manager which has great feature. I was using this application earlier for long time. This has all the features common features such as add expanse on different category. One thing I like most is that this app is easy to use and you done have to spent much time adding any expense on the go.


Expanse Manager

500000+ downloads and 4.3 star ratingpro

Name is same but different application. It has all the basic features. You can manage your credit cards, cash flow using this app. You can create more than 100 categories. Back restore facility is available to transfer data. Lot of other features are also available you can download this app and explore and use other great features.


Try one of the expanse manager app from above list and add your expanses on daily basis.

Google app store is loaded with Expanse manager apps which help to manage monthly expenses. Apps which I have shared are just few from huge list.

If you are not using smartphone than you can use desktop or web based application for tracking your monthly expanses. Various sites are providing online personal money management software.

Buxfer is one of the best online money management tool. You can plan your complete finance and view reports.

Join Buxfer for Free today.

BuxferJoin Buxfer for Free today.

Are you using any expanse manager app in your smartphone to track your monthly expanse? From how long you are using and is it helped you to manage your money smartly and saved some unwanted expanse?

If you are using any expense tracking app with great features to manage your expanse please share your experience using that.


  1. Hi Sourabh,

    Good to know about such apps.:)

    There are millions of apps for smartphones now a days and i am pretty amazed to know about the app which can guide us to track our monthly expenses.

    But you know in real life it’s hard to make these apps work properly.

    Still great post. Keep writing.:)

    Enjoy your week.:)


    • Thanks Ravi. Most of the apps are easy to use and customizable. So we can customize apps according to our need. So we can add all our expanses on the go.

  2. Hi Sourabh !!!
    Keeping a Record of our expenses can really help in controlling them and the apps you review are really very good.
    really good to know about these apps..
    Keep sharing such types of apps and information

    Thanks… Looking forward for more such posts 🙂


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