How to make money from apps

Now a days we are coming across lot of new ways to start earning online. We can use our smartphone to make money from apps. Lot of android apps are available we can use them to generate money. There are some best phone apps which will pay for using it.

So how to make money from apps.

Earlier Desktop and laptop were available to access internet. But now a day there are N number of devices available which are internet enabled. In this list Smartphone are on top of list. We can use our Smartphone to access internet with 3G high speed. As phones are becoming cheaper everyone can afford atlases a basic android phone. Everyone is using touch screen mobiles with large screens 3 or 5 inch or larger screen.

Install the top app of the day.

I am sure that you are also having Smartphone with you. You will be using it for your day today work such as messaging, playing games, taking notes, checking mails and also making calls. Today you can add one more task with your mobile phone. Now you can also use your phone to earn money with the help of android apps that make money.

How to make money from apps? Learn the simple and easy way to earn money from apps using smartphone. Smartphone’s are loaded with great functions. With the Android OS we got access to thousands of mobile apps.. For all kinds of tasks such as whatsapp for messaging, Gmail app for mails, games, eBooks apps are available. You can download it in your phone and use it.

Now you can also get to power to make money from apps using your Smartphone. You can make some money on the go. You can spend 5-10 min while you are traveling or during your free time. There are lots of money making Apps available and these are free Smartphone apps. This will be great fun.

I have gone through lot of apps and shortlisted few which I like most and these apps are are of really good quality and worth downloading.

Earn Money

1. Earn Money:

Earn money is the name of the app. You can use this application from anywhere.

This app offers different options to earn such as watching ads, surfing a website, completing small tasks creating account on a site or completing small survey.

It consists of tasks and offers from different sites like TrialPay, SponserPay, RadiumOne, Aarki, Supersonic Ads etc. Tasks are categorized as App Installs, Free offers, Paid offers, PC Offers and Video Ads. Each task worth certain coins. Once you complete the task coins will be credited in your account.

Later you can redeem those coins 100 coin worth $1. You can also refer your friends and earn $0.25 per friend. Earn money is rated 4.3/5 in Google App store.


100 Best Mobile Games

2. Easyshiftapp:

Easy Shift is innovative app which will pays you for whatever you are doing.

If you are at any mall for shopping, you can earn here by completing certain tasks like checking price of products, taking picture of any offers on products etc. So you can earn on the go.

100 Best Mobile Games

Currently this app is available only in certain cities, you can download app and check if your city is available in the list. You can use this app if you are having iPhone.

You can download this app from Apple Store. You need to first install iTunes to download Easy shift.

Mobile Rewards

3. Mobilerewards:

Mobile Rewards is also one of the great apps available at AppStore and PlayStore for iPhone and Android phones.

This app will pay you for completing small tasks, offers and videos. To mention few such as watching videos, opening account, clicking on links, joining groups, downloading software’s etc. For completing tasks you will get credits.

100 Best Mobile Games

A credits range from 20-750 credits depends upon tasks complexity. You will also get Facebook credits for completing tasks. Cashout can be done when you reach 1000 credits. Also you can refer your friend and get 100 credits. Instantly you can cashout by referring 10 friends (10 X 100=1000 credits).


4. Shopkick:

You will be rewarded for going to any shop at your place and buying any stuff.

Points will be called as kicks in shopkich. You will be rewarded in 3 different ways walkin to any store, scanning item and buying a product. Kicks can be redeem using gift cards.

Per 250 kicks worth $1. There is a reward shop available in app where you can redeem your kicks.

TapCash Rewards

5. TapCash:

You will get credits in TapCash for downloading and installing Apps and Games in your mobile.

You have to install app then download games and apps and earn credits.

Also you will get 600 credits for referring your friends. Credits can be redeeming through Amazon gift cards or PayPal cash.

Earn money is rated 4/5 in Google App store.


6. iPoll:

iPoll website is already available in internet. They have launched iPoll App which will help mobile users to earn.

Basically iPoll is a survey site and pays you for providing your opinion. You buy a product and provide your opinion or review and you will get paid.

Visit any place and provide your opinion you will get paid. This app is easy to use and you can earn lot of money if you spend some time in it.

iPoll is rated 3.5/5 in Google app store.


7. MintCoins:

This app also pays coins for completing offers, tasks, download apps and games.

Other options are also available such as watching videos, registering for paid websites, Invite friends.

Once you reach $1 you can withdraw money which is good feature and it has very low cashout.

Clashot8. Clashot:

Now you can earn money for taking picture. You can sell your mobile photos in Calshot and earn money.

Take photo of anything you like of any beautiful flower or anything interesting and upload it to Clashot. Once photo uploaded it will be available for sale.

People around the world are looking for photos will buy it. You can also sell your photos as many times as possible. Your photo will be shared at various online stores for online selling and you can earn the royalty. Photo will be also shared in social media so for every like also you will get paid.

I definitely recommend this app to install and take some cool pictures and sell it.

It’s free and easy to use. Minimum $3 can be cashed out.


9. Viggle:

I am sure that you will be also using your Smartphone to watch videos, TV and listening to music.

Viggle is an innovative app which will pay you for entertaining yourself. Viggle will pay you for watching videos of TV programs. You will get 1 point per minute for watching TV plus additional bonus.

Also there is a song matching option through which you can earn points.

Viggle also provide other earning option such as Viggle live ,myguy and quests and streaks.


10. AppTrailers:

App Trailers is one cool app which will pay cash and rewards for watching App Trailers.

It’s a free Smartphone apps. You need to watch high quality streaming videos in AppTrailer.

You can see App movie preview and hot trailers from big brands.

Watch these app trailers and get paid and redeem points for Amazon gift code and PayPal cash.

Install the top app of the day.

Use these apps atleat once to learn about How to make money from apps !

You can install these cool Apps and start earning some cash. These Apps will not make you rich but atleast you can pay your mobile bills. You can spend more time and refer lot of people to rise your earning.

Most of the apps provide offers, tasks, signups to website and watching videos. Once you start with one App you will become familiar with the process and start understanding how it works. After learning how these app works you can start exploring on internet and App stores for great apps which really pays.

If you are a interested in mobile technology and want to do something in mobile technology to earn, then you can check out the top money making secret using mobile phone tech.

There are other ways also you can make money. You can create your own mobile app and let it use be others and you earn money. It is quite tedious and difficult task. You need to learn lot of things to make a mobile app. But it will be onetime tasks. The only thing you have to do is to create app and put it on internet or any appstore. Rest will be done by users. So if you are passionate creating your own mobile App and interested in setting up a passive income source then you can try out this option.

Install the top app of the day.

There are few online products also available which will teach you how to create mobile App. If you are really interested then you can go through these products:

1. AppsVolcano

2. How You Can Create an App and Start Earning Money in 7 days.

3. How YOU Can Create an iPhone or iPad App or Game in 4 weeks.

4. Greenappmachine

Thank you for spending your valuable time on my notes. Please provide your valuable feedback on the Apps list and also let me know if you are aware of any great app which is not added in the list.


  1. Hey, check out another very nice rewarding app that gives you real money in dollars paid straight to your paypal account. It is called whaff rewards, you can find it in the playstore. use this special code BT13371 and get $15 sign up bonus instantly.

  2. One of my favorite apps is the S’more Lockscreen App. It doesn’t pay a lot, but it is consistent and unobtrusive. I had it replace my lock screen and the end result is that I haven’t had to change my behavior at all. I swipe up to unlock my phone. The only difference now is that there’s an ad on my phone when I swipe up.

    It pays 10 cents a day. Like I said, not a lot but it’s $3 a month. I have it on 3 phones: mine, my wifes, and my son’s which makes it closer to $10 a month for me. I also have my some of my students who have signed up for it. The end result being we end up with enough coming in to buy donuts once or twice a month.


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