There are millions and millions of articles on the internet that tells you all about the five, seven, and 21 Blogging Mistakes you are making.

There are instructions, rules, and suggestions and still, blogs are struggling to make it out to the open market. You are doing everything by the book of the rule and still you are reaching nowhere.

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Why is that?

You publish a post weekly on your blog but you are still swatting flies away from a non-existent site traffic, are you?

Blogging Mistakes

Here are the blogging mistakes you should avoid.

Is your content…

# Original?

Face it! There is no way you can afford to compromise on content. With the copy-paste syndrome all over the internet community, and Google upping its fortifications against this tendency, it has become more than imperative to write original kick-ass content.

Plagiarism, duplicity, imitation — there are many different ways to lose your credibility and audience. Content is the anchor on which everything else floats.

Why waste your efforts on half-baked poorly developed content when you can expend the same effort on developing original content?


Take a moment to read what you have written; think about the reasons that made you select the particular topic.

Was it topic-relevant or time sensitive or audience-relevant? Have you justified the article on all these accounts? The one sure way to connect with the audience is to write about the issues that concern or intrigue them.

Watching out for market updates, changing versions and trends that affect your niche, and being the first one to bring it to the attention of your readers can be advantageous on so many levels.

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One, it is relevant to the audience; two, they will remember your site to look out for updated information; three, you have returning readers and a booming traffic and it could go on from there.

Didn’t know it was that easy, right?

#Different without being odd?

When writing a post for your blog, it will always help to keep in mind that everyone cannot be an expert and that’s okay.

Most of the readers already know what the facts are. However, they might be in search of different opinions and perspectives.

To not confer with the majority of the opinion requires courage. It is easy to be trashed and trolled because of that. However,

if you have the conviction, a few cleverly worded article riding on logic, facts and correct statistics should do the trick, and in fact, bring in more readers, comments and social media shares.


People are different and they’ll have different opinions. It is always a smart move to develop content by keeping in mind this difference.

A suggestion here or a question there in the article goes a great way to pique the interest of the readers and encourage them to interact.

It is easy to be carried away from the core of the matter when you are trying to attract readers for the sake of quantity.

To avoid that, keep an eye open on what make the readers tick and structure the article in such a way that there is smooth transition from one point to another.

Instead of adopting a preaching tone, let the article have an introspective tone and welcome your readers to express their opinion; even if it is disagreement.


Giving wrong information is absolute sin on the Internet and is equal to accidentally getting yourself killed. Nobody wants to do that to the business and blog you have worked so hard for.


Read. Read far and wide, and read every bit of article available on the topic and make sure that you are well versed in the subject.

Just like we have active listening in psychology, developing the habit of active reading and identifying what is not written, omitted, or poorly explained can open up many doors of opportunities.

These niches are the ones to be explored in order to get that strong foothold to reach the next level.

Remember these pointers while developing your next article and you’ll have a sure winner. All the best!

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