How to promote clickBank product in just 4 steps



What is Clickbank?

Clickbank is an Online Market place for Digital information produces. You can signing as Affiliate in Clickbank promotes an online product and earn money. There is no limit on earning. Lot of people are making thousands of dollars using Clickbank.

You need to search a digital product and advertise it in your website/blog using your Clickbank HopLink. Once anyone purchase product online you will earn some percentage.

Go through below clickbank tutorial and start. Use the below 4 steps as suggested by clickbank.

Step 1: Register as Clickbank Affiliate with all your details.


Step 2: Select Product from Marketplace: Decide what kind of product you want to promote based on your interested. If you are having any website in particular category such as food recipe, weight loss, gardening, training program, technology etc you can sell product related to your website.  If you are having a good traffic website you can earn a lot. Select a product which is having high gravity.



Step 3: Generate HopLink:  Once you selected a product to promote, you need to generate a HopLink. Click on PROMOTE button and then click on Create button. HopLink will be generated.


Step 4: Promote: Copy HopLink and use that link in your site to promote. Advertise or place the hoplink in your site. If anyone clicks and done a purchase using your HopLink you will get paid some percentage of the sold product.

Watch these useful videos helpful for clickbank earning:


There are lot of clickbank tutorial available in internet which will explain in detail how you can start working with clickbank. Follow all the above steps and start promoting clickbank products and earn the commission.


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