We used to copy lot of data from one system to another.

During copy and paste TeraCopy 2.3 Pro Beta Free Full Version + Enjoy Serial Keywe face lot of problems such as slow speed, wait till files are pasted to give second copy paste again etc.

Large size files take lot of time to transfer. We need some file copy utility to copy files faster to save our time.


There is one Utility known as Teracopy by codesector which is one of the best tool to copy and paste file smartly.

It has lot of features such as copy faster, pause and resume copy, error recovery, interactive file list, shell integration etc.

Copy Files Faster

Once installed copy feature will be controlled by TeraCopy.

File copy software - Microsoft Word_2014-05-02_19-42-25

Mostly we used to wait for one copy paste completion, then we give another copy paste command. But in TeraCopy we can keep on giving copy paste file in different folders and TeraData will keep on doing to process which is one the best feature of Teradata.

File copy software - Microsoft Word_2014-05-02_19-43-31

Also you can do settings according to your requirement in preference window.


File copy software - Microsoft Word_2014-05-02_19-43-48Download TeraCopy

TeraCopy is great file copy utility to copy files faster from one folder to another.

Also there is a TeraCopy Paid version available which has some advance feature such as copy/move to favorite folder, save report as HTML file, select file with same extension etc.


  1. Does TeraCopy have the latest version yet? I always encounter a bug and midway through my long file transfer it crashes. Good thing I still have GS RichCopy 360 and I was thinking of dumping it but it turns out it works better than Tera.


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