In an age when digital is grabbing everyone’s attention, corporate gifts are becoming more and more relevant. The ephemeral nature of digital resources contrasts with the solidity of a personalized object that has the ability to provoke emotions and, at the same time, last over time.

Companies that seek to differentiate themselves integrate corporate gifts into their marketing actions, aligning them with their business objectives. But why do they do it?

When we organize an event, be it of the type of sea, it does not matter if it is a wedding, a baptism or if it is a promotional or corporate event, it is important to present the guests with gifts.

Either as a thank you for participating in an important celebration for the person, such as a wedding, or for having attended a corporate or training event as a guest or participant.

Whatever the reason, gifts are a fundamental part of organizing an event. But when it comes to the event organized by a company, the importance is even greater. Business gifts seek to convey the attributes of a brand through tangible objects and items, usually linked to some utility that adds value. These pieces – notebooks, calendars, paperweights – are transformed into gifts that are well received by customers and employees alike. Its high degree of acceptance gives business gifts a great capacity to amplify the corporate image. They are commonly used as part of a customer loyalty strategy, or as a marketing action within companies.

Therefore, in this article, we want to explain the reasons and advantages of offering corporate gifts to attendees when they attend an event.

With this, what we want is that from now on when you organize new events you do not have the least doubt about having this type of gifts, which you will offer to the guests.

Why offer corporate gifts to event guests?

First of all, as you already know, events are a type of organization and appointment, which improves both the internal communication of a company, as well as the external one.

Either to promote a product, brand, or new service (marketing and advertising strategies) or to improve relations between the internal areas of a company, or the training of employees.

In short, well-organized events always have multiple advantages. But as we say, for your complete success, we need to offer guests and attendees gifts or corporate merchandising kits related to our company.

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The promotional gifts are an excellent means of communication. One of the main tasks of corporate gifts is to attract new customers or retain them, in addition, it turns the customers themselves into ambassadors of your brand, by having the logo of your company, product, or brand printed on those gifts that they will use, giving you greater visibility as a company.

With the advertising merchandising of an event, we can make the memory of the brand, product, or company last longer. Of course, the more useful the gifts we offer, the more they will be used and the keepsake will last longer. Gaining visibility is another aspect that we can highlight of the advantages of corporate gifts at events. With them, we can make ourselves known to future clients or buyers.

On the other hand, promotional gifts for events, apart from building loyalty, are perfect for thanking all guests for attending. Thanks to them we can strengthen positive ties with customers, encouraging them to have a positive image of us. They will also help us to stimulate sales, encouraging the desire of buyers to purchase our products. This is the case of gift samples, such as perfumes, creams, food products …

The combination of words such as “gift” and “free” has such an enormous effect on people, and so beneficial, that if we also make our gift useful, we will have achieved the success we seek.

How to choose the perfect gift for the attendees of our event?

As we say, if we want to achieve our goals with the gifts of the event, we must choose them properly. It is not enough to give a paper bag to our guests, with a few little gifts. It is not about giving away. To get it right, we must take into account a series of aspects such as:

  • Select appropriately and take into account the target or target audience of our event. Obviously, the gift will not be the same when it comes to a young and female audience, as an audience made up of men over 55 years old. The type of event and organization will not be the same either.
  • The products we select must be related to the brand or company. In addition, it is important that the gift is original and, of course, practical. If it is an event to present a line of feminine products, it does not make sense for us to give away technological gadgets.
  • Given the indecision in the choice, it is best to do tests. Introduce them to clients you already know, before handing them out at the event. That way they can give you an objective point of view and opinion.

Once chosen, it’s time to pay attention to the design. You must make this one beautiful, attracting and attracting attention. For this, it is very important to take into account and pay attention to aspects such as color, creativity, and originality.

Think about how many pens with company logos you have at home … perhaps, these kinds of gifts have already lost their effectiveness. These are questions that you need to assess before giving the final yes to the choice of promotional gifts for your event.

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