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Have you ever heard about FamilyBook or family tree?

FamilyBook helps to create family tree of ancestor and family members. This will keep a track of family members and you can use this to teach kids about the family history.

Today’s world of globalization, people busy with their professional jobs making them seldom think about their family roots and their information. It becomes difficult in the future for the kids to know their family roots and their details. Also whenever a new relation needs to be established for their grownup kids, it becomes difficult, if anybody lose their family information.

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You can create your FamilyBook in your mobile phone using FamilyBook android app.

Overview                                                                      Familybook

FamilyBook Android app is a wonderful platform, which would help users to maintain family ancestry and their information. It’s easy to use and dynamic family tree view is its Unique Point with the following added benefits.

  • Store any number of family member details, contacts and their interests
  • Contact family members through Phone, SMS, Email and WhatsApp etc.
  • Share family information across whenever a marriage proposal is in progress
  • Ask for FamilyBook during matrimonial time. Import FamilyBook of different families and see their details during marriage proposals.
  • Merge two families whenever a new relation is established through marriage.
  • Notification reminders for birthday and demise day of family members.
  • Create any number of FamilyBook for a family with levels of information in it. (For Example: Level-1 FamilyBook can have only names, date of birth and their photos. In Level-2, contact numbers and email ids can be added, In Level-3, personal information like hobbies and their details can be added).

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Creating levels of FamilyBook for a family would help whenever sharing the family information across people during matrimony time. Level-1 FamilyBook can be shared during initial talks, share Level-2 and Level-3 Family books as and when the new relation progresses and becomes reality.


How to installFamily Tree

Download Familybook from Google Play Store.

  1. Open Google plays store.
  2. Search for “FamilyBook”.
  3. Click on Install
  4. Once installed click on Open.


Click download link to install: Download

So go ahead and search by “FamilyBook” or “Lokanadham Nalla” in Google Play Store and Install the App on your device. The App can be installed on Android devices with version 3.0 onwards and best visible on from 4” screen phones to 7” screen tablets.


FamilyBook is loaded with lots of great features. All the features are briefly listed below:Figure-2

Create a new FamilyBook:

Create any number of FamilyBook for a family with levels of information in it ranging from primary information to personal information.

Import a FamilyBook:

If any person shares their FamilyBook, It can be imported to see their family details. The file format would be FamilyBook name.sfb

Share FamilyBook:

Any number of Family Books can be shared across and the FamilyBook files are shared as password secured files with names like FamilyBook Name.sfb

Merge two FamilyBook:

Only two families can be merged at a time. Make sure at least one matched member is available in both the families to merge two families.


You can also send your Familybook as email to all members of FamilyBook.


You can also send your Familybook as SMS to all members of FamilyBook

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Delete any number of FamilyBook. Delete carefully as recovery feature is not available in this version.

Family Tree dynamic view:

Figure-5How to add family members:

Add your details first, next add Father, Mother, Sibling details, next add Spouse and Children details

View family members:

Short name with age is displayed for all family members

Dynamic Family Tree:

Drag any image into center to view the relations of it


Search Family Member:

Family members can be searched by name, upon selecting the search suggested member, its details are shown in the dynamic family tree view


Notifications are generated for birthday and demise day of family members

Family member Details:

Click on the Short name for detailed view of a family member.

Family member details:

Figure-7Mandatory fields:

Full name, Date of birth, Short name fields are mandatory


You can add photo using your mobile phone or add photo from gallery.

Delete Photo:

Already added photo can be deleted by long pressing the photo image and clicking on the delete menu item option.


Information from Contacts:

Family member information can be imported from Device Contacts App.


You can Send WhatsApp message to any family member.


Information must be saved before pressing back button.

Delete Family Member:

Only leaf family members can be deleted.


Family Member Name and Date of Birth cannot be modified directly. But indirectly by just deleting the Family Member if it is leaf node and add the member again a fresh. So make sure Family member Name and Date of Birth values are entered correct before saving the person details.


Never ever loose family roots and their information for better future family relations. Maintain family relations using FamilyBook Android app and stay connected.

FamilyBook helps you to keep track of family history for years stored in your memory card. Keep on updating your FamilyBook as soon as new member born and save it as a legacy for your kids and upcoming generation.

Download from Google Play Store using below link:


So start creating your Familybook and share with your friends and family.

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