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These years many people have to try their luck on freelancing jobs, especially after the COVID-19 Pandemic when many lose their jobs and struggle for money. Freelancing is a great way to make money online without having to leave your house, and you will get some extra amount of cash to full-time work living through a freelancing job.

According to the freelancing websites, freelancers are increased as there are lots of opportunities available for everyone. Whether you are a skilled professional or with no skills. The option is available for everyone.

Many are turning to freelancing: The Great Resignation isn’t just about workers moving from one full-time job to another; 20%, or 10 million Americans, are considering freelancing. Among those, 73% cite the ability to work remote and gain more flexibility as a reason why. 

Growth in the freelance workforce: The 10 million people considering freelancing would represent a significant percentage increase — 17% — in the total freelance workforce, which had 57 million freelancers total, and 16 million full-time freelancers in 2019.

Source: Upwork

Honestly speaking, as a freelancer who has been in this business for several years, I do not see a reason why people should not freelance, even if they do not know any computer skills.

A person having good communication skills have more chances of getting a job. If you don’t have good communication skills, you can also get a job as a freelancer as you have to do some specific tasks such as development, marketing, or sales. 

You can work as a mediator getting client’s projects then hire professional freelancers to complete the project. Get the project and outsource the work to skilled professionals. It’s a simple job if you don’t have technical skills.

Here are a few of the points which can be considered to get orders in Fiverr without much effort:

1. Your thumbnail is essential. Make it stand out. Hire someone to create a thumbnail for you or create it by yourself using Photoshop or canva.

2. Your Gig description should contain the exact keywords. Take an idea from other people gigs and write your description in your own words. Do not copy.

3. Use tags in your description; buyers search using keywords, so your Gig will display in search results if the keyword is there in tags.

4. You may not get your order at the lowest price, but it does not mean that you will not get it.

5. Install the Fiverr mobile app and stay online. Buyers usually contact online people to get replies fast from sellers.

6. You must respond immediately to messages. Don’t wait hours to reply to messages. Your Gig will rank higher on Fiverr if your response rate is higher.

7. Promote your Gig on social media; this will increase your impression, making a rank hire in Fiverr.

8. Find a niche or service which is not popular and fewer people are providing that service. So the competition will be less, and you will get orders quickly. 

9. Make sure your picture is attractive enough.

10. Add keywords related to your service in your description. Remember to include the long-tail keyword in your title and description.

Freelancing over the years has become an art. It’s about how you are communicating with the client and presenting yourself. Your freelancing profile or service gig and description should be self-explanatory. The client should be able to get to know about your service and expertise by seeing your profile. As the client contact, your communication and business skills play an essential role in getting the project. Communicate with clients and answer the queries to make them comfortable and gain trust. 

Although I’m a usability tester, I didn’t know much about graphic designing or social media marketing. I learned basic information about these skills and then started bidding on freelancing sites, most of the largest freelance marketplaces online. I used to answer all the questions of the client and provide them with the solution. First, I will try to understand what they are looking for and then act based on that. Clients will get convinced when they see that their work will be done efficiently.

Fiverr is a great place to start freelancing. You will get orders if your Gig ranks high. In Fiverr, you don’t have to bid on any project; instead, you have to create fiverr gig for your service. The buyer will buy your service and create an order; you will get the order now and start working on the order. Once you deliver the order and the client marked it as complete, you will get paid.

If you follow these points, definitely you will get more orders on Fiverr. I hope this will help and you will start getting more sales. Just be focused and tweak your gigs with these small-small updates to get the maximum out of it.

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