Increase blog traffic using easyhits4u - Microsoft Word_2014-05-02_20-35-51easyhits4u is one of the most popular easyhits4u traffic exchange program.  Lots of interesting blogs doesn’t gets proper attention due to less traffic. To get traffic to your website you can use easyhits4u.

Easyhits4u is a website which provide easyhits4u traffic exchange program.  This program helps to promote our websites, Blogs, referral links etc. It has around 790,000 registered members. You can drive free traffic to your site.

It works on 1:1 or 2:1 exchange ratio, which means you have to surf a site for 20 sec in easyhits4u and you will get 1 visitor for your blog. You can increase traffic using blog traffic exchange.

Read this Easyhits4u review and apply it to increase traffic to your website.

Tasks we can perform on easyhits4u.

–          Promote own sites and referral links from other programs you use.

–          Promote banners and text ads to other members.

–          Add your links to Links Directory.

–          Submit articles to Articles section.

How to start getting traffic? cbb

  1. Join easihits4u using your mail ID.
  2. Verify mail ID.
  3. Now login using your credentials.
  4. Add your Blog, website or referral link.
  5. Confirm your added Blog, website or referral link.
  6. Now start surfing by click on the Start surfing buttons (1:1 or 2:1).

Easyhits4u traffic exchange



7. Once 20 or 15 sec completed click on duplicate image and you will get credit. Keep on surfing as much as you want.


8. Now click on My Site, My Banner or My Text Ads and adding the credits.

Referral Program:

Credits can me earned using referral program also. Refer your friend and get some credit. Easyhits4u follows 5 level of referral program.

You receive a $0.10 cash bonus for every person you refer that surfs 100 or more sites.

10% of credits earned by your first level referrals;
5% — 2nd level;
3% — 3rd level;
2% — 4th level;
1% — 5th level.

Conclusion: easyhits4u traffic exchange is a popular site with 1:1 and 1:2 exchange program which will help you to get traffic to your website. Also use referral Easyhits4u referral program to get some credits and grow your network.


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