If you work with WordPress and websites, you should know what Elegant Themes Divi is.

If you don’t know, you should read this article to find out what is it and is it worth your time. We will answer all questions you may have and help you with precious advice.

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What Are Elegant Themes Divi?

Divi is a platform of themes for WordPress editing. It has many themes you can use in different situations and helps you with designing your web page even though you don’t have designing skills.

Since the front-end and the first impression is very important and it attracts viewers, be sure to use some theme which will present your idea. Elegant Themes Divi has everything you need in one place.

When You Can Use It?

You can use Divi when you want to create your customized theme. Programs like WordPress usually have some basic layouts that you can use for primary design, but building a quality website is a long term process that requires your creativity and constant building.

If you are making a professional website for your business or organization, you should show your viewers that you care about the website and their opinion. So with Divi, you have an easier way to do it and to upgrade any WordPress site. Even though these sites usually look generic and the same, with little help they can look as good as a designer one.

Who Can Use Elegant Themes Divi?

If I write everyone can use Divi, I won`t exaggerate. Every person with basic computer skills can use and be creative with Elegant themes. But in general, it is intended for people who need quick business website solutions. It is great for freelancers because you can use it everywhere and it is a fast solution in any situation.

Also, you have a single platform, instead of managing dozens of different apps. It is also ideal for small agencies that need to have access to unlimited websites for many clients. Website owners who need a quick solution may also find it interesting and useful.

 Does It Have User Support?

One of the best things that are stressed about using Divi is excellent and constant customer help, so you have constant support for any problem and question. It isn’t just about answering your questions, but teaching you and providing advice. There are many videos provided where you can learn how to use them.

These helpful instructional videos are made to follow step by step and check your progress. The support system is there non-stop and you can always ask a question and expect a fast and helpful answer.

Is It Complicated To Use?

Divi is a very initiative to use, which means you don’t have to have any formal education to use it. Mostly, you change the theme with a drag and drop system which is ideal for quick remodeling and changing your mind. There are simple but detailed tools that will help you improve everything you imagine.

Themes are made to be simple and refined with responsive editing and inline text editing. This is especially helpful for people who need to upgrade the website now and then and add much content. You can also undo every move and change it without noticing, but also save some ideas or designs for further use.

Can You Customize It?

If you`ve ever used Elegant themes, you know that you have many options, but you can`t customize the design. With Divi this is possible and this is one of the best things about using it. it is more website framework that allows you to customize the website to your need and taste and to create a perfect website for clients.

You have complete control of every process and can change each detail. It can also help your website to become popular by connecting it to other social media and stressing its good values and details.

Is it Expensive?

Divi isn’t completely free and this can be a problem for people using it for personal needs. Yet, for any professional, the price is a bargain comparing to what you get! You have different pricing tables for different types of clients.

All of them come with many themes, but they differ in other helpful tools, like marketing insight or more storage. For a platform that has many to offer, the price is reasonable and adjustable to your needs. You can pay it monthly if you need a constant upgrade or buy it just for one use.

How Do You Use It?

There are so many aspects of Divi for using, but it is very easy and user-friendly, so I will just mention some parts and important tools. First, you can choose the perfect layout, and some of them are sliders, forms, blogs, or galleries. Some more detailed design is to style text and font, shape dividers, change borders, and add filters and effects.

You can also customize animations, videos, and images to create the multimedia site. Also, it is very flexible about code and you can track your work easily. You can also add multiple shadows, so even the slightest touch can be different from any other.

What Are Some Negative Aspects?

Even though Elegant Themes Divi has many positive aspects and is worth the money, there are some negative aspects too which is understandable.

Even though you can easily customize it, you have so many options that it can be overwhelming to choose which option is the best oe. Also, it has a famousDivi look, which may be easily recognized.


Elegant Themes Divi is an excellent platform that helps you customize your website. It has many positive aspects, so you can fully use its potential.

Because of the low price, it is worth investing in and trying. Also, you can even use it if you aren’t professional and have basic computer skills. If you are interested in some samples, check some basic labels, and try to customize them.

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