Writing blog articles can be a great way to boost your SEO. However, to gain the maximum exposure for your content – it needs to be appropriately structured and optimized. We will help you bring your writing to a broader audience by giving you eight essential SEO tips for bloggers.

1. Write quality content

If you want your content to find an audience, the number one requirement is that it needs to be written well. Most aspiring bloggers will take this for granted; however, writing a steady stream of quality content is far from easy. Don’t think you can get away with just a hastily thrown together article since that is a blogging mistake that can lead to a drop in SEO. Search engines have gotten a lot better at recognizing content which is good for the users. Therefore, one of the essential SEO tips for bloggers is to write with your audience in mind. Use approachable language and transitional words. If your articles are informative and a joy to read, you will have no trouble impressing search engines and readers alike.

Online keyword research for a successful blog.
Research popular keywords and write articles your audience will want to read.

2. Do keyword research

You can often hear people say that the first steps are the most important ones, which is valid for blogging. The first step in starting a blog is choosing your topic. You could do this by throwing darts at an idea board or doing it the right way – by researching what’s popular. Sometimes bloggers are passionate about a subject; however, it’s typically recommended to write about a topic with pre-existing reader demand.

Keywords can direct your brainstorming sessions and help you come up with ideas. Additionally, if you know what users are searching for and select the right keywords, you will be able to increase organic traffic to your blog. We recommend focusing on long-tail keywords since they can help you stand out and reach a larger audience.

3. Structure your writing

Although some writers view blogs as the perfect place to unleash their inner creativity, no one wants to read a rambly mess of thoughts. To improve your appeal to readers and Google’s algorithm, we suggest that you pay attention to the essential SEO tips for bloggers when it comes to structuring your content. Here is how to write SEO-friendly blog articles:

  • Use headings and paragraphs. Divide your text into sections to make it easy to read.
  • Have lists. Short explanations and numbered lists are great for search engine snippets.
  • Bold important parts of the text. Make the crucial parts prominent for readers who want to skim through your content quickly.
Woman writing a blog article
Have a plan before you sit down to write and structure all of your articles properly.

4. Link to relevant content

You can make your blog easier to navigate by inserting links to other related content. This tactic can help improve your blog’s usability and increase user engagement, positively impacting your SEO. Links can strengthen your pages and improve your authority on a subject.

When placing internal links, you should make it obvious where clicking on the link will lead. Remember that you should only link to articles relevant to the topic you are covering. Connecting related topics will make it easy for your readers to get more information, which will lead to them spending more time on your blog.

5. Write about evergreen topics

Regardless of which blog niche you choose, most of your content should be evergreen. This is because topical articles about current events get outdated fast. As soon as the trend you are covering goes out of fashion, your articles about it will stop providing you with any value.

On the other hand, evergreen articles can continue attracting readers for a long time. If you are monetizing your blog, evergreen content is great for building a passive income. For this reason, you should focus most of your writing on topics that don’t have an expiration date.

Blogger boosting SEO by writing evergreen articles.
Avoid topics that will quickly lose popularity and write evergreen content.

6. Have regular content output

We realize that constantly producing quality content is hard. Unfortunately, if you let your blog go dormant for long periods, search engines will stop recommending you to users. Therefore, you will need to constantly add new articles to your blog to stay relevant and boost your SEO. Over time creating content should get more straightforward, and you will develop a routine. However, getting over that initial hurdle might be difficult, so get prepared to roll up your sleeves and do a lot of writing.

7. Use your personality as a brand

One of the best ways to become popular online is to have a unique and recognizable style. Put yourself into your writing, and always work hard to grow your brand. Sign your articles, write from experience, and don’t be afraid to put your name out there. Grow your brand by composing guest posts. Guest writing can be a great way to build backlinks and improve your SEO. But remember to stay true to your personality and your brand. If you are sincere and forthcoming with your audience, they will be more likely to form a connection to your writing and your blog.

8. Add media to your posts

Even when properly structured, a huge wall of text can still come across as a bit cold, and you might struggle with audience retention. We suggest that you break up the text with images and videos. Infographics can effectively deliver statistics and number-driven information to your readers. Unfortunately, media files can be large, and they could cause your website to slow down. You should compress all the media files you use and monitor your site speed and load times.

The bottom line

As long as you create your blog with your reader’s best interests in mind, you should have no trouble appealing to search engines and boosting your SEO. If you ever get confused, you can revisit this article and follow these eight essential SEO tips for bloggers.

Meta description: Get more organic traffic from search engines to your blog and expand your user base by implementing these 8 essential SEO tips for bloggers.

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