Do you want to make your life easier? If your answer is yes then I will show you am ultimate software, Evernote that will help you to organize all your day today activity and save lot of your time. Here is the full evernote review.

In my previous post I have shared 10 best Productivity Apps that will accelerate your Productivity and grow your business.

Today I am going to discuss about a great tool Evernote, which is used to take notes in an awesome ways. You will learn how use evernote features in most effective.

evernote desktop version review

Evernote Review

I am a big fan of Evernote. Initially, I downloaded and installed Evernote in my laptop around one year ago. I used it for some time then I uninstalled it as I was not satisfied with the features.

After some time I read in some article that Evernote is a great tool and how can we use it to take notes and do research while surfing the internet.

Earlier I was not much familiar with Evernote but after reading reviews I thought I will try it again.

This time, I installed Evernote Google chrome extension. I started using it and my experience was awesome. I have never used this kind of tool earlier and it makes my work easier. Even I have started using Evernote at my workplace also.

I will be sharing my experience with Evernote and what I have learned and how effectively we can use Evernote to get maximum out of it.

You will be thinking that why should I use Evernote? What are the benefits?

Evernote is a great tool to take notes, chat, and tag. It will help you to take notes in most easiest way and save lot of time.

Mostly everyone uses a notepad or word document to take notes and save it at some location in computer hard drive. Later if they want to refer it again, then it will take a lot of time to track where they have saved earlier. They have to scratch their head to recall where they have saved and most of the time they will not find that note.

To overcome such situation Evernote is a great option. It will help to take notes in a great way as well as organize notes in such a way that within few seconds you will track your old notes. This will also help to increase productivity.

How to Download Evernote?

To start you have to install Evernote in your laptop by downloading it from Evernote website. After that, you have to create your account. Now you can start using it.


Also, installing Evernote extension for your browser Firefox or Chrome).

How to use evernote desktop tool?

After installation you will see desktop Evernote icon, click on that and enter username and password to login.


Once you login to Evernote account you will see a browser kind of layout. It consists of left site tree structure, main menu, search bar, toolbar and lot more options. (As you started using it you will learn more).

Click on File menu and you will see options New Note, New Chat, New Notebook etc. Click New Note and new note screen will open; you can start taking notes here and save it.

You can use this note screen to write any article, classroom notes or anything. There is an option to format this notes also bold, font type, font size etc. As you start taking multiple notes all the notes will be displayed in All Notes section for easy access.

Evernote is available in most of the platforms such as Evernote app is available for android and iPhone. So you can access all your data from any platform. You just have to sync it. There is Sync button Tools menu. You can use this Sync button to sync all the data. If you are already connected to the internet then notes will be auto synchronized.

How to take notes effectively in the browser while surfing internet?

As I told earlier that I have not used Evernote much initially but after installing Evernote app I have started using Evernote regularly. I realized that it is saving a lot of my time.

After installation Evernote extension you will see Evernote icon on right side of the address bar in the browser. Click on Evernote icon and you will see the clip and organize section. In clip section Article, Simplified article, Full page, and Bookmark and screenshot options are available and in organize my book and Add Tag is there. We will see all these options in detail.

Article – Suppose, while browsing you found a great article and you want to save it for future reference then select Article and click on save in menu. Add a tag such as home improvement and click on save.


Later you can access directly this article in Evernote desktop application.

how to use evernote

Simplified Article – If you want to save specific portion of the article then you can use simplified article option. Select this option and save it and this small portion of text will be saved for future reference.

how to use evernote

Full page – As the name says it will save full web page. If you are in a page where list of articles are there and you want to save it then you can use this option.

how to use evernote

Bookmark – To save URL of the website you can use this option. Bookmark it and access it later.

how to use evernote

Screenshot – You can use this option to take screenshot of any specific area of web page. For screenshot, there are annotation options available. So after taking screenshot you can mark or highlight any portion.

how to use evernote

Everything will be stored at one location and you can access easily by using tags. As you keep on using and exploring you will get to know lot of other great features of Evernote.

So if you have not installed Evernote till now I will highly recommend you to install it and try it once. I will assure that you will love it.

You can Download Evernote by clicking here.

Evernote comes with free and paid plans. The basic plan is free, Plus and Premium are paid.

how to use evernote

Basic plan (Free) – Provide 600 MB of data upload per month and 2 device sync facility. It has limited features. Beginners can start with this plan and later upgrade.

Plus plan (Paid) – Provide 1 GB of data upload per month with all device sync facility. Plus plan has more features as compare to basic but lesser features than premium. For those who are taking a lot of notes and need lot of space can go for this plan. If you are already using Evernote for some time then you can also go for this plan to get better experience.

Premium plan (Paid) – Provide 10 GB of data upload per month with all device sync facility. Premium plan has all the features available and 10 GM monthly data upload is also good amount of space. Basically, professionals go for this plan but I recommend everyone to go for this plan once you are familiar with basic one. You will be able to use all the great features of Evernote and become more productive.

Also, there is option of points, you can refer your friends and earn points. Later you can use those points to buy plus or premium plan. This is great option Evernote has provided for all their users.

how to use evernote

So you have seen that how easy is to take notes in Evernote.

Are you already using Evernote? Please share your experience. What are the positive and negative things you have experienced?

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