Today we are going to discuss about fiverr jobs for students, who dont have any skill or experience. There is no investment required to create account in Fiverr and start making money.

Have you realized that you could earn money on Fiverr as a newbie without any experience or investment? It might seem a bit odd at first, however some people make decent income from one of the most straightforward jobs on Fiverr.

Many people are using different platforms to find freelance jobs, such as Upwork, Freelancer, iWriter, People Per Hour, and many more. Yet, fiverr online jobs for students remain the most popular for the majority of people worldwide.

In this post I’ll explain how to work on Fiverr without any prior experience. All you require is a smartphone or computer with an internet connection. Fiverr’s freelance opportunities are waiting to be found, but are you prepared to earn a living?

All you have to do is apply them to your life and you’ll be able to see your bank account grow. There are some Fiverr freelance opportunities for you to consider, but prior to taking a look, let’s learn about Fiverr. 

10 Best Fiverr jobs for students without Investment

So, what are some of the simplest Fiverr-based freelance jobs you can perform and earn money for? Take a break and look through these Fiver gig ideas and you’ll find one or two that you can start right away.

1. Transcriptions

Transcription is the process of writing words to describe the sounds you hear in recording or video. What do you think it is to do this? You can tell sellers are selling this freelance service on Fiverr.

The buyer typically sends the buyer a file in video format or an audio file, and provides you with instructions regarding what he would like. You then download the audio and begin writing down what you’re hearing. 

Certain clients might require to adhere to a specific format for transcribe their audios or videos. The styles you need can be found on TranscribeMe that specializes in transcription. The Fiverr gig typically earns a good amount of money since you’re paid per minute.

2. PowerPoint Presentations

The next fiverr gig is PowerPoint presentations. You should have tried PowerPoint presentation for your school projects. The idea behind this program is to present clear, readable presentations.

You’ll be amazed to find out that the majority of employees of companies present their findings as using presentations. Additionally, some lecturers demand their students to give presentations.

The majority of them are busy creating proposals for reports. That’s where you come into the picture. They’ll be on Fiverr seeking PowerPoint presentations freelancers. Here you can provide your service, prepare presentation for them and make money.

There are lot of free tools available to make presentation, canva is one of the best. It is easy to use and there are thousands of beautiful templates.

3. Logo design and Branding Name

Did you know that there is a possibility to offer branding services through an option on Fiverr? I know what you’re thinking “I don’t have any skill in branding.” But rest assured, we’ve promised you that the gigs aren’t requiring any skills.

So, in this Fiverr freelance work you’ll be creating logos as well as business names for individuals. You don’t have to be an expert in this field to be able to make it. We’ve got you covered. simple and no-cost tools for creating logos that will create great logos for clients.

Many people are looking to establish companies, but they just are able to envision what it is they wish to market. However, they’ve not come up with the perfect name for their company. This is why they are in search of a consultant to assist them in coming up with a distinctive name.

Enter the idea and the tools above will create the company name for you. Other platforms such as Shopify can even provide you with a an appropriate domain for your company. 

4. Making Video Intro and Outro Clips

Fiverr freelance job is for YouTubers and people who wish to create video ads of a short length. You could be creating the intros and outro video clips for youtubers. Also, you don’t need any previous experience with editing videos since I have great, free tools for you to use.

There’s this amazing website that I’ve used to create videos, which I call Panzoid. The platform could earn you money simply by aiding you in making these short videos. With Panzoid the work you do is made easier.

It lets you create the videos to decide what background you prefer and then edit it if you need to. 

But, you can use the potential of these sites to create something exceptional in your Fiverr freelance work. You can pick the effects, scenes as well as the objects you’d like and even the music.

5. Subtitle and Cations

Certain sites like RevCaption and TranscribeMe might have strict standards for joining them however, you can begin your Fiverr freelance job as captioner.

Your task in this job is to make the captions of videos. This is similar to transcription, however, this time is done on video. The words need to be timed to coincide with what the speakers are saying.

It’s easy to accomplish it yourself; you don’t need any prior experience to get this profession. As with transcription you are able to upload the video you’re subtitling to YouTube and take the subtitles and download them. After that, you edit them to create them to be accurate.

Another option is to use an application called OpenShot. The platform is known for its quality and is an award-winning video editor that works on Windows, Linux, and even Mac. So, no matter which MS PC version you are using, OpenShot is there for you.

It has a variety of options like cutting and trimming keyframes and animation unlimited tracks videos, effects for video titles editor 3D animations, Audio Waveforms 70plus language options, quick motion and a user-friendly interface.

6. Making eBooks Uneditable

We have this job on Fiverr that isn’t popular, but is highly sought-after. This is an exciting Fiverr freelance job which is increasing in popularity due to the rise of eBooks.

Every author is searching for ways to make their eBooks non-editable. Why would they not be looking for someone to complete the task for them? You’ll require an Fiverr profile to ensure that they are able to contact you.

You can make the money without all of your effort. Additionally, no previous skills or knowledge is required to complete this task. It will require the software Calibre eBook Management to protect these eBooks.

This program has everything you require to allow for you to make a decent income. I tried searching to find an application similar to this Fiverr freelance service but did not find it on the website. 

7. Background Removal

I would say this is among the most simple Fiverr tasks for students or people who are just beginning. Before I realized that how to remove the background from photos could be one of those Fiverr service that freelancers already used. I haven’t learned this from any source.

This should show you that you are also able to perform without previous experience. It is possible to refer to this in the context of a Fiverr job available to students looking to put some additional cash in their pockets. There are platforms for free that can be used to eliminate background and obtain the desired result.

Of course there are paid platforms that are specialized in eliminating background. I’ll provide a free version in this piece. These are the platforms that I utilize every day without any expense.

It means you can make use of the same platforms to provide Fiverr service as a freelancer to customers. There are buyers who aren’t aware of the background-removing tools are seeking the same services.

You’ll need to set up your own gig on Fiverr and begin to offer the background removal services. U can use removebg to remove background from images.

8. User testing

If having access to future trends interests you, then user testing is certainly worth taking a look.

Although this particular example may not have as much importance as a piece of your work experience on your resume, it will greatly help you remain inspired as a freelancer, when you choose to work on projects that are enjoyable, fascinating or unique in comparison to more professional ones.

Furthermore, by trying out products, you may receive money to try products you’d normally be able to purchase. 

9. Convert your hobby into business

Are you unsure of your ideal freelance job? Find something you enjoy It’s as easy as that!

If you’ve learnt to speak proficient Spanish or your grandparents forced you to take drawing, piano or guitar lessons every weekend during your five-year college years, you’ll find somebody willing to study with you.

If you’re thinking of teaching on a part-time basis, consider what you’re interested and know about. Your subject matter could be any topic.

Do you know how to repair your gadgets or create the perfect profile for a sicial media? Begin by building your teaching experience as a freelancer and then see where it takes you.

10. Social Media Marketing

With the age group you grew up in, you’re probably the most experienced for advertising and marketing through social media. This kind of job is ideal if you have prior experience as an influencer , or creating a following for personal social media profiles. You’ll need an knowledge of SEO and the art of creating captivating content.

For this type of work you’ll need to write ads or content for specific company account on social media. Your aim is to help your clients increase traffic to their pages and help in increasing their followers and views on their videos or increase commissions and sales.

It will definitely help if you’ve worked with multiple social media platforms and know how to maximize your use, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. This kind of job requires a deep understanding regarding how social media functions.


Use these fiverr jobs for students to pay for college fee, but you have be sure that you’re pricing your work in a fair way.

It’s not logical to place a price of $5 for a job that will take four hours to finish. The most effective thing you can make is to establish competitive rates which also provide great value to the work you do. When you have positive interactions with your clients, you are able to raise your rates and raise more money.

Pick any of the gig from the above list of fiverr jobs for students and start making money. Initially it will not be easy but these gigs dosent require any skills and the best part is that there is no investment.

Thank you for reading:

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