Earlier you read about How to make a career in video games industry and now you can earn even more money in gaming world. Continue reading below to know about that.

Imagine a magical scenario where you get paid for having fun playing mobile games. It’s not actually magical, it’s absolutely real. Now you can start making money while playing mobile games you really love to play. If you have not heard about apps that pay you then you should read this post to know about that.

But do you know exactly how it works? Well, there are several ways to make some cash while playing games. But I guess you don’t know all of them, even if you know some or don’t know any. So I’ll show you 5 key undiscovered ways to get paid for playing games so you can make some real cash while having fun.

5 Little Known Ways Of Earning Money For Playing Games

  1. Participate in Gaming Contests

Chances are you’ve participated in one or more gaming contests or tournament with your friends or other gamers. Were you paid for those? I don’t mean gambling, I mean getting paid legitimately just for participating in gaming contests.

An Android app called Showbox actually pays gamers for playing games and participating in their contests. Showbox holds two gaming contests every week and all you have to do is following the contest rules and playing the game. Active users of the app can earn $25 or more in one week. You’ll even earn cash points for simply opening the app every day.

apps that pay you

The best part? You can cash out as long as you have $2 in your account. So you can earn as much as you can by having fun. What I really love most about Showbox is their easy and convenient payment system. Gamers get paid via PayPal, Top up phone bill, Netflix cards, Amazon gift cards, and an option to donate to community chest.

2. Testing new games

Game developers worldwide are constantly on the lookout for gamers who can help them test their games. If you volunteer to be one of these gamers, you can earn a lot and be among the first to play several new games. You’ll also be among the first gamers to know about many new games that are being released on Play Store.

But where exactly can you find such games? Don’t look too far. You can find games like that on game-testers.net. They pay you to test video games.

3. Participating in gaming surveys

Many game developers are always looking for how to make their games better, more interesting and how to attract more players. So sometimes, they conduct surveys to get the opinions of several different gamers.

In many cases, the survey includes some questions that gamers are expected to answer objectively. This is one very easy way to make money as a gamer. You can take as many gaming surveys as you want and earn as much as you can.

apps that pay you

4. Play for others

Many people enjoy playing Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games. But the challenge some of them don’t know how to grow their characters to full spec or how to get ahead with the game. The outcome? They hire other gamers to help them play.

Some of these hired players often charge about $24 or $25 per hour or even more. This is one of the easiest ways to earn a lot through gaming. Some hired gamers earn more than $100 in just one day and I guess you can earn up to that or even more.

5. Virtual Reality Games

Virtual reality games often allow players to transfer in-game currency in real life. These currencies are exchanged at a rate set by the developers. One of these key games is Second Life, a game that allows player have a virtual life.

The most exciting aspects of the game is that you can transfer your virtual currency into real life currency. This is one of the biggest games on the planet that pays the highest money ever. Players can earn millions and live conveniently in real life based on what they are making on the game.

Now you know how to make more money as a gamer. One easy place to start and make a lot is on Showbox. Start gaming to start earning!


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