Few days back I have installed couple of applications in my Android smart phone from Google play. After that I keep on getting Ads at notification area in my phone. I use to get lot of ads daily which also slower downs the mobile processing.

It is difficult to identify which app is displaying ads. One of my friend suggested me install AirPush Detector. It helps me to identify all the bad apps and I removed those. Now I am not getting notification ads anymore.

How to Block Ads in Notification Area in Android phone - Microsoft Word_2014-05-02_20-27-25

I got one more app Lookout Ad Network Detector which works well.



Please suggest good android ads to block ads.


  1. Hi,

    Ads and pop-unders are seriously annoying. But after reading your post about AirPush Detector, I think it will solve my problem.

    Thanks for sharing brief info about this software. đŸ™‚


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