I know it is frustrating! When you do everything but didn’t got your first order.

In this post I’m going to show you exactly how to get first order on Fiverr using the proven method.

To get first order order you have to do something extra. I will what you need to do to get your first order in Fiverr.

Most of the freelancer have create their profile in Fiverr to make money. But they will not get their first order for a long time or they never got any order. This is frustrating and most people lose hope and quit.

I was also there in the same stage when I started in Fiverr. I have created a gig and waited for a long time to get my first order. I followed some tips and tricks to get my first sale. After some of my initial few orders, I started getting regular orders.

I applied the same strategy for my other gigs and it worked. I suggested the same to my friends and they are also getting orders now.  I thought of sharing the same with you so that everyone can get benefitted.

How to Get First Orders on Fiverr?

Freelancing is a work that takes time to establish you as an expert in your domain or niche. After completing multiple projects you will become an expert. Based on the quality of work you have done you will get testimonials and review comments from the client. Your reputation and credibility will increase that helps you to get more orders.

For each job, there are thousands of gigs. For example, if you search for the logo design you will get a lot of gigs to choose from. There are level 1, level 2, pro sellers, and some without level and no sale. So a buyer will hire someone who is experienced with a low gig price. You need to fulfill the criteria of the buyer to get the order.

Buyers usually see the customer review, number of orders completed, and gig price before ordering any gig. If you have not fulfilled both the criteria then your chance will be very less to get the order. But there are certain ways through which you can get an order if you don’t have any customer review and have not completed any order earlier.

In this post, I will give you tips and tricks that will help you to get your first order. If you follow these tips you will get your first order.

Freelancing is not like a regular job where every month regularly you will get a salary. Sometimes you will get more orders some times less. You may get more money than your regular job. Keep patient and work consistently to get order as many as possible and grow your online reputation. Once you are established then orders will come regularly. So you have to do all the things either it a small or big to get your first order.

Read till the end of the article as I am sharing 2 bonus tips to get your first order

how to get order on fiverr?

Here are some of the tips that you have to implement to get your first order in Fiver:

1# Create your gig in one specific niche

Create your gig in one niche. Be an expert in one domain and serve your customers. If you create gigs in different niches then you will be jumping from one niche to another you cannot provide quality work. It’s like jack of all trades but master of none.

So if you are a content writer then stick with that and create gigs related to content writing, not logo designing. In this way, you will become an expert in your niche and gain more credibility.

2# Create related gigs

Create multiple gigs with similar content. Suppose you are a visiting card designer then create gigs business card design, unique business card design, and awesome business design. For all these gigs use different titles, keywords, and tags. Your gig chances to display in search results will increase.

You may get an order for anyone of the gig. Once you start getting orders for anyone of the gig then you can deactivate or delete the other related gigs.

3# Create an eye-catching Gig Images

For every gig, you have to add a gig picture. Your gig picture should be catchy and informative. It should show most of the details about your gig. Search Fiverr keyword related to any topic and see which gig is more eye-catching and attracting you more. See all details they have provided in the Image.

Get some ideas and create your gig image. Do not copy the image. Create your gig image; pictures and text should be relevant to your gig service. You can hire someone to create your gig image or use canva to create it by yourself.

4# Add video to your gig

Most of the people only add gig image to their gig. You can go one step ahead and add a gig video. In this video, you can explain your experience and the service you are providing. By this, you will gain more trust and credibility.

If you are a graphic designer you can create a video of how you are creating graphics design etc. Usually, people like to watch videos instead of reading text so adding video will be an added advantage. Freelancers used to add video after they will get a couple of orders but you can add at the initial stage and take the benefit.

5# Write an engaging description

Description is the most important part of your gig. Write a compelling gig description for your service. Keep it simple and clear. Reader should easily understand what your gig is about and what you are providing. Start with a hook, the pain point which the customer is facing.

Then start telling about your service and then write why they should buy your gig such as unlimited revision, 24 hrs. deliver, 100% satisfaction guaranteed. At the end, if the gig add a note that if they have a specific requirement then contact me directly for discussion. Make sure the text is grammatically correct.

6# Keep the price low

Initially goal is to get an order and build a reputation in Fiverr. Keep your basic gig $5 to get an order. Buyers come to Fiverr to get their job done at a low price with high quality. So definitely you have to maintain the quality of your work to compete with the others but you have to keep the price low.

Suppose there are 2 new sellers with similar gig one person is selling at $5 and the other person selling at $10 then the buyer will buy a $5 gig. So if you keep the price low then your chances of getting an order will increase. For the long run also you can keep your basic gig at a low price and increase the price for standard and premium gigs.

7# Stay online

Response rate also plays important role in Fiverr. So try to stay online as much as possible. Most of the customers contact seller to discuss the project before buying the order. Sometimes they have specific requirement which costs more than the gig price so they want to discuss about the requirement and negotiate the price.

Buyers will contact multiple sellers before finalizing. So if you didn’t reply instantly then chances are that they will give an order to someone else. Try to respond as quickly as possible. Install the Fiverr app on your mobile so you can reply to the messages on the go.

8# Send buyers request

Buyer’s request is one of the best places to get an order. Login to Fiverr and send buyers to request daily. A lot of people got their first order from the buyer’s request.

Create a buyer’s request with a competitive price. Write the service details properly without any grammar and spelling mistakes.

 9# Use social media to promote

Use social media to promote your gig. There are thousands of gigs related to different niches. Join the gigs related to your niche and post in groups. A lot of buyers are exploring social media to hire freelancers. So they might get a chance to see your post and they will buy your gig.

For example, you are a content writer then join groups and pages related to content writing on social media such as Facebook, Instagram. These groups are having thousands of members. Create a post related to your service and provide the details about your gig. Your post will read a lot of viewers.

They will click your gig so your click-through rate will also increase in Fiverr. The gigs which get more clicks are having the chance to display on the first page. So if your gig gets into the first page then your chances of getting an order will increase.

10# creates your blog and promote

Create a blog paid or free and write content related to your gig. Include your gig link in the content. Provide your service details in the blog. Keep on posting gig related articles on regular basis.

Once your articles getting ranked in google your visitors will increase. People who are searching for services related to your gig may land in your blog and order from your blog.

Bonus 1# Give something extra for Free

Once you get the order try to over-deliver and give something extra to your customer. People like free stuff. You can offer them something like ordering 3 gigs 1 gig free or ordering premium gig an eBook free.

Provide something related to your service. This will keep you apart and unique from the sellers who are selling the same thing without providing any extra stuff.

Bonus#2 Create gig for new category

If you create a gig in popular niches you will see thousands of established sellers who have a lot of good reviews. The sellers will buy gigs from those sellers who have more good reviews. So your chances will be less to get order. Choose a niche that is new in Fiverr or having less than a thousand sellers.

This way competition will be less and you will get order. If you don’t have knowledge of that niche then, google it and learn about it. Once you start selling in a new gig you will get a customer review. You will dominate the niche and become an expert on that niche.


It might be possible that you can get orders without applying these tips. But if you are not getting order on first few weeks then apply all these tips and tricks to get your first order on Fiverr.

All the people are not lucky to get order fast. So don’t lose hope and keep on working in your gig to get order. You will get the order and make a lot of money on Fiverr.

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