There is nothing better than being able to monetize your hobby or your passion for any activity. One of them is gaming where you can either be with a gaming console in your hand for hours on end without a dime rolling in or do the same activity and get paid for it. Sounds Utopian but true. Be on the Twitch platform, play to your heart’s content,and earn substantial amounts – a scenario that dreams are made of.

Once you have decided on having a channel know why and how to get Twitch followers.

What is Twitch

Twitch is an America-based live video streaming service that focuses on the live streaming of video games including broadcasts of esports events. It also provides creative content and music broadcasts. Run and operated by Twitch Interactive, it is a subsidiary of Inc, having been acquired by the e-commerce giant in August of 2014.

Since then, Twitch has grown exponentially at a very fast clip and a year later, in 2015, had more than 100 million viewers per month. By 2017, Twitch had reached the top of the video service for video games in the US and had gained an edge over YouTube gaming. By February 2020, Twitch had a staggering 15 million daily active users, 3 million broadcasters monthly, and 1.4 million average concurrent users.

Why should you get Twitch followers?

Before coming to how to get Twitch followers, you must understand why you should do so.

The first and the most obvious is that the more followers you have the higher is the perception by others of the quality of your content and the extent of your popularity. However, growing your followers and acceptance on the platform is not easy and you should know thoroughly how to get Twitch followers. Even users on Twitch who have very high-quality content find it difficult to get followers to their streams. Here, it is very important to rank well on Twitch which can only be achieved if you have unique content and a massive following.

The direct correlation between the number of followers on Twitch and your popularity is somewhat similar to that seen on various social media channels. On these channels, users are generally attracted to sites and profiles with a large following as it is an assurance of the quality of the content.The same goes for Twitch too. To ensure that your channel is a cut above the average and popular you should be an expert in how to get Twitch followers. As your viewership and followers increase, those curious to know the reasons behind this phenomenon will start to follow your channel too.

How to get Twitch followers

Increasing the number of viewers on your channel can be a long-drawn and painstaking affair if you choose to do it organically and build on the platform piece by piece. On the other hand, you can choose to boost your followers by purchasing Twitch channel views which will have an immediate impact on the total followers. You will find a quick increase in popularity. Even if you are unable to produce the highest quality of content, you can connect emotionally with your viewers by placing yourself in a niche like a fun player. In short, the reason for a rise in your channel rankings might be more of how well you connect to the viewers than what you live stream on the channel.

how to get Twitch followers

Apart from increasing your channel followers through buying channel views from established and reputed sites, you can also devise strategies for how to get Twitch followers.

Here are a few tips to follow.

  • Follow a consistent and regular streaming schedule: To get more followers and hold on to their interests, you have to follow a consistent and regular streaming schedule. Share the schedule with your viewers so that they will know exactly when you will be playing to follow you. This will give you a reputation of a dependable and professional gamer who is serious about the live streaming of games. Without a schedule, viewers who have found you once will not know when to come back for more, and if they do not find you will probably move on to other channels.
  • Set targets: It is not enough simply to plan how to get Twitch followers; you must set targets with great clarity like X number of followers in X months. Define realistically achievablegoals. A target of say, 1000 followers in the first month is not attainable. Rather, it is better to increase in small packages like 200 in a month, increasing the numbers as you gain more confidence on the platform.
  • Provide value to your followers: You have to give your followers a strong motive for watching your channel. Remember, the competition is quite tough with almost 2 million channels to challenge. Develop a special niche that you will be recognized by –an expert player to follow, a person who offers professional advice on gaming, or simply a fun player who not only plays well but entertains too. Any segment that you excel in will bring in followers on Twitch.

There might be hundreds of streamers who are good as you at playing but what will make you stand out in the crowd and answer the question of how to get Twitch followers is your persona, how you interact with the audience and keep them engaged.


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