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Since the beginning of social media, pet accounts have been a popular way to share your furry friend with your not-so-furry friends and family online. Who can resist a sleepy bulldog with face wrinkles for days, or a cat hiding behind a corner for the perfect sneak attack?

For most pet parents, this is just fun and games, but others found a way to launch their pet to stardom and generate passive income from their pet photos. 

Not only can you make some extra cash, but you can even save on taxes to cover pet costs like grooming and training if you file an LLC for their influencer business. If you’ve ever considered going pro with your pet’s Instagram account, here’s how. 

Find a Niche

Think of your favorite pet influencers and what you love about them. It can be as simple as their heart-shatteringly adorable face, or as impressive as being a professional stunt dog. Some have creative narratives or advocate for rescues, or they’re unique pets like opossums or sugar gliders. 

Each famous pet has a persona and angle that helped drive their popularity. To give your pet the best chance of success, you should brainstorm what makes your pet great and how you can communicate that through social media. 

If your dog is a training superstar, showcase their greatest tricks through stories and feed posts. You can switch it up with seasonal costumes or add extra challenges, like obedience by a duck pond trying out a new puzzle toy. 

Working with your pet’s existing talent and personality makes content creation easier for you, and creates a genuine connection with the audience. 

Stay On Schedule

Creating an account is easy, but posting regularly for an extended period of time requires planning and creativity. Social media algorithms strongly favor consistency, so regular posts help you stay at the top of feeds and benefit your position in explore tabs. 

Not every post has to attach itself to a viral trend or have the greatest caption ever. We all love a napping pic or silly blooper every now and then! Pre-schedule a majority of your posts for the week in a spreadsheet or social media management software, then leave a few days for fresh candids or trends. 

Connect With Other Accounts

There are thousands of animal accounts already thriving and they don’t have to be your competition. Reach out to fellow creators that are around your size or slightly larger to build a relationship and help promote each other’s content. 

Comments are huge for engagement and social media algorithms like to see them on your posts. In addition to your regular posts, comment on a few other pet accounts daily to boost their content and earn a few favors. 

If you build a really strong relationship with existing creators, you can promote each other’s content to your audiences and collaborate on puppy playdates or interactive content ideas like polls. This is a great way to extend your reach and create authenticity with your account. 

Track New Trends

Trends come and go and it can be exhausting to create content for every meme or dance trend going viral across social platforms. That said, attaching your account to a popular song or hashtag improves visibility and is fun for followers to engage with. 

Watch for trends or communities that match your niche and brand voice well. Birds do great with dance trends, and who can resist a funny dog reaction with a trending TikTok sound. But if your pooch is a couch potato, #AgilityDogsOfInstagram probably isn’t for you.

You’re already sharing your pup’s best photos, so why not turn social media into a passive income stream while you’re at it! Check out more tips and influencer inspiration from Annuity below. 

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