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Your LinkedIn profile is a very useful tool for finding clients, employees and building partnerships. However, setting it up to work for your business requires some planning. It is not a difficult process, but you want to do it the right way to maximize the benefits. Here is a helpful guide that will provide you with powerful LinkedIn marketing tips that will assist you in building a business network and growing your business.

Understand what is it that you are trying to achieve

Any social media platform is an opportunity for a small business. This is especially true when we talk about LinkedIn because it is aimed at businesses. However, to set it up properly, you need to understand what you are trying to achieve.

You first want to define your objective. Are you looking for new employees or partnership companies? Are you perhaps running a B2B company, and your goal is to find new clients?

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The use of social media platforms for business purposes grows every day.

Define your goals so that you can focus your marketing campaign in the right direction.

Optimize your business profile

Now that you know what your goal is, you can optimize your LinkedIn business profile to reflect that. You need to optimize both the company page and your profile. A good profile picture and a meaningful banner will make a huge difference.

You also need a compelling business description with the right keywords and tags. This is what will drive the traffic to your page.

Make sure to fill out all fields containing company details like contact information, address, etc. This is very important.

When it comes to posting articles, optimize your headlines and images to target the right group of people. It is also a good idea to follow relevant communities that will bring you one step closer to the right people.

Use LinkedIn pulse

This is an online news aggregation feed that collects relevant posts and articles and groups them together. This is an excellent strategy to expand your online reach because it builds a database of information useful to your targeted group.

People can access any articles posted on the LinkedIn pulse from other company profiles or through Google search.

Create relevant marketing posts

When creating posts for LinkedIn, you have a couple of options to choose from:

  • 700-character posts for individual members;
  • 1300-character posts for companies;
  • articles without character limit;

Relevant marketing posts need to contain not only the written material but also videos and infographics that add more value. Besides just creating content, it is also crucial to think about the peak hours for your targeted audience. This will determine when to publish your posts to get the most views.

How to optimize your career page

The best way to stand out as an expert online is through a career page. This is an efficient way to attract young talent because it showcases different opportunities. The goal is to humanize your brand, build credibility, and engage viewers. Make yourself approachable, no matter how big the company is.

An illustration of a woman holding a laptop and an outline of a resume next to her.
When optimizing your career page, think of it as your own resume. This is your opportunity to show the qualities your company has.

A few things to think about are good job descriptions, key responsibilities, displaying company values, and allowing everyone to share their experiences.

Promote your community and company goals and values

No marketing campaign can be complete without promoting company values and your community. People need to know where you are coming from, what your destination is, and how you are trying to achieve your goal.

These are the three pillars of a successful marketing campaign. Your LinkedIn profile should reflect all three.

Establish useful connections

If someone searches your LinkedIn profile or looks at your company profile, they will focus on your friends and partners. If you have valuable connections, your rating goes up.

A woman pointing to a map of the world connected with various social media platforms.
LinkedIn helps connect companies from all around the world. Use it as a platform to build professional business connections.

The best way to do this is to promote your company online as much as possible. Engage your employees and make them a part of this marketing campaign. They are your best spokespeople. Even though you are the company owner, you are still a single person, and your employees have their individual networks. Encourage them to advertise the business as much as possible and bring more traffic to the company page. This is how you build a strong network of valuable connections.

LinkedIn advertisements are a very useful tool

LinkedIn can substantially help your business, and there are many benefits of using it for business purposes, one of the more efficient ones being LinkedIn advertisements. It can increase the conversion rate three times more than any other social media platform, including Google Ads.

By using sponsored updates, sponsored inmails, and text ads, you can quickly deliver the message to your audience.

Here are a few guidelines for creating a compelling ad:

  1. Avoid using jargon. Use professional words and phrases. You don’t want to sound vague. There is a character limit for every ad, so make sure to use every letter to your best interest.
  2. Focus on important tags and keywords, and create a meaningful CTA button.
  3. When writing an ad, keep in mind that it should be focused on your targeted audience. Utilize different filters, like location, specialty, industry, and so on.
  4. The visual side of the ad is as important as its content. You need an engaging image that will attract the attention of the reader.

Once your ad is complete, you need to do A/B testing and see what version has a better performance. Optimize the ad based on your findings.

The final piece of advice for writing LinkedIn ads is to think about your budget. Try to stick to it, and only spend more if you see positive results.

These powerful LinkedIn marketing tips will help to grow your business

Using these powerful LinkedIn marketing tips will bring you one step closer to building a brand out of your business. LinkedIn is a platform that has a lot of impact on the business world. Use all of its benefits to your advantage, and build essential connections for your company.

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