Internet is a platform which provides lots of opportunities to make money. Anyone can start online work and utilize their free time. Today we are sharing list of sites to make money online.

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Students, Professionals, housewives, retired people anyone can start working online:

The best part is that you can work at your home. If you can go through beginner’s guide to Make money online you will come to know that opportunities are endless.

People are searching internet for trusted sites which really pays. Unfortunately most of them get in trap of scam sites. I am sharing list of trusted websites. You can choose website according to your skill and field of interest. Earning depends upon the work which you select and the amount of work you do. Earning varies from few dollars to thousands of dollars.

Website to make money online

Here is the list of top websites you can use it to start making money without any investment:

1# Google AdSense


Google is one of the largest and most trusted website in internet. Google has a service known as Google AdSense. Google AdSense will pay you for displaying advertises in your website.

You can create your own website or blog and display ads using Google AdSense. Website can be of any topic such as cooking, sports, traveling, books, hobby etc any topic according to your interest.

Ads will be displayed based to the content of the website. If you have good writing skill then you can write article on your own or you can hire any professional writer.

Make sure that content of your website should be unique and original to get Google Adsense approval. Duplicate content sites applications get rejected.

If your website is having more visitors than you’re earning will be more.

2# Fiverr


Fiverr is website which provides a platform where you can sell services just in 5 dollar. You can provide services such as Graphics design, logo design, testing a website, creating a video etc.

You can create your own gig according to your skill in categories’ such as Graphics and Design, Online marketing, writing and Translation, Video and animation, music and video and lot of other services.

If you are good at animation and 3D you can create your own gig as “I will create 3D animated video for your website.”

Fiverr Tutorial

3# fourerr


In fourerr you can sell your services in 4$.

4# Tenrr

5# gigbucks

6# fiverup

7# Microworkers


Microworkers provide a platform where you can become crowd worker and finish small tasks. For each task you will get paid. These tasks are usually known as micro jobs.

You can perform Microjobs such as register at website, social bookmark, and answer in forums with in few minutes and get paid for the task.

8# clickworker


9# rapidworkers

Article writing or content writing

10# Writerlance


If you are interested in writing then writerlance is good place to work. You can write articles as per your interest. There are lot of projects posted in writerlance in different category such as Articles, E Books, Web related content etc.

You have to bid for the projects and once your bid is accepted you can start working on the project.

11# iWriter


Writing can become profession if you are passionate about it. You can make it as a profession and start writing for in iWriter and earn money. You can select in which topic you want to write.

There are customers who want content for their websites; they want someone to write article and content for them. They will post their requirement in content writing websites. You can pick topic according to your interest and start writing great articles.

12# Hubpages


13# Tutor


You can become an online tutor at tutor. If you are good at any subject and can teach students then this is best place for you. You can become a tutor here on your expertise subject and teach students.

Those who are already professors, students or any professional can also teach here in their free time and earn some extra cash. You can teach in any subject Subjects such Physics, Chemistry, accounting etc. but you have to be expert in that subject.

To become tutor you have to pass an exam in tutor website.


14# Justanswer


You will get paid for answering someone question. Lot of people is asking questions online to solve their problems.

Justanswer provides platform where people can post their questions and expert of that topic answers those questions. For ever question certain amount paid to person who answers correctly.

You need to be expert in that topic to get a verified account in justanswer to answer questions.

15# Megatypers


Megatypers is the best place to start captcha typing jobs online. Megatypers provides typing jobs which will pay you for typing captcha. Texts are provided in the form of images. You need to read the text and type same text in textbox.

Your typing speed should be more than 10 words per minute to earn good money amount from this site. Housewives, students and anyone who is looking for extra income can join this site. You can earn from 100$ to 250$ per month based on your typing speed.

16# Swagbucks


Swagbucks is my personal favorite. In Swagbuks you will get swagbucks. Swagbucks are points which you will get for completing surveys, tasks, sign-ups, watching videos, polls etc.

You can convert swagbucks to rewards or cash. Also you can download and install apps provided in swagbucks and get rewards.

Rewards can be redeem in exchange of Flipkart gift vouchers, FreeCharge Gift Voucher, Gift Voucher, Facebook Game Card $10 Gift Card or cash through paypal.

Spend 5-10 minutes daily in this website and you will get lot of rewards. Read detail review of swagbucks.

17# Freelancer


Start working as a freelancer based on your skills. There are jobs available in all kind of skills such as software development, website designing, data entry, software testing, digital marketing etc.

You can choose job according to your skill and expertise. You have to attend one small exam online to get more jobs. First you have to search a project based on your skill then place a bid for the project, in which you have to write a proposal according to project requirement.

Once client will accept your proposal you can start working on project and get rewarded with bidding amount.

18# Upwork


Upwork One of the top Freelance jobs website provide jobs on various categories such as web development, Web, Mobile & Software Dev, Design & Creative, Sales & Marketing, Translation, Data Science & Analytics, Accounting & Consulting, Engineering & Architecture etc.

19# toptal


Toptal is a group to top developers and designers. Most of the top companies hire these guys to complete their works.

If you are a software professional then this is the best place to work as a freelancer. Join in toptal as freelancer and be part of great community. Learn grow as well as earn money.

20# Guru


21# project4hire


22# Peopleperhour


23# wearehirable


24# usertesting


In usertesting you can start testing website or mobile experience user point of view and earn cash. Tell your user experience about website or mobile app. Lot of people want to test their websites before launching and good review help them to make their website more valuable.

25# uTest


26# 99designs


99designs is a graphic design marketplace. If you are a designer then 99designs is a great place for you to work as a freelancer.

You can choose your client a based ok your area of interest. Design a Logo, Website, graphic images, Business cards,  Stationary, Facebook cover, Banners, Post cards, Infographics, Brochures, Power point template, T-shirt’s, Cups and Mugs, Tattoo’s and many more things.

Work for any industry as these designs are required by almost all the industries and also your work globally and your work will be appreciated from around the world. Based on your work you can get more clients and increase you’re earning.

27# Envato


28# wayup


29# Youtube Partner Program


Start making cool videos and upload it to youtube to make money. Youtube partner Program helps you to make money. Advertisers will display ads on your videos and you will earn money from your video.

Make a very interesting video which people like and share it with friends and others, more view count means more money so try to make great video.

You can choose topic of your interest to make video, make something which will help others to learn something.

30# Amazon Associate


Become Amazon associate and Promote products of Amazon using Amazon affiliate program. You will earn commission for promoting products of amazon.

You need a website or blog to promote product. Advertise products in your website and whenever anyone clicks link and buy product you will get 10% commission.

Write reviews of products tell your opinion about the product.

People used to read review product before buying it. Try to provide genuine review of the product which will help people to decide the correct product. Amazon is the best website to make money online.

31# Flipkart Affiliate Program


Join Flipkart Affiliate program and earn cash. Promote products of Flipkart in your website. Commission will be provided based on different products.

Also you can get commission if someone download flipkart mobile app. Promote product in your App or website and when someone clicks and purchase product, you will get commission.

32# Shopclues


33# Amazon Mechanical Turk


In Amazon MTurk you can complete tasks and get paid. You have to select any task, accept the task, work and complete the task and submit proof of task completion, once it is verified you will get cash.

There are thousands of tasks available people will keep on posting tasks in MTurk.

Task or HITs such as Find item no of product form image, Translate text in different language, categorize items or articles etc.

34# iTunes Affiliate Program


Promote Apple products through iTunes Affiliate program and make money.

In iTunes Affiliate Program you sell Apple you promote can promote apps, books, music etc and once anyone buys product using your link you will get paid.

Survey sites

35# Global Test Market


Earn money for taking up survey. Participate in paid survey provided in Global Test Market and get paid.

Surveys are having some set of questions and you have to answer those and submit it, after completing it you will get paid. Provide correct information in surveys.

You can redeem cash amount using PayPal or any other option.

36# valued opinions


37# iPoll


38# Opinion World Panel


Sell Photos online

39# iStockPhoto


Start selling stock photos online. You can sell photos which you have taken from your digital camera.

iStockPhoto is a platform where you sell your photo and get paid. Photos should be of high quality.

If your interest in photography then I will recommend you to buy a good quality DSLR camera. Learn how to use it property to take great pictures.

Then platform is yours, you take pictures from everywhere on any theme and upload the best one in iStockPhoto and earn money.

The best part is that you can sell sell same photo 1000 times and make lot of money form a single photo.

40# ShutterStock

ShutterStock is one of the best website to sell and buy online product. Take great pictures and sell it here. You can take pictures such as Landscapes, villages, cityscape or something creative. For more detail visit site.


41# dreamstime


42# Photoshelter




44# Stocksy44


Affiliate Marketing Sites

You can earn upto 70% commission by selling other people products. Select any product according to your interest, Promote product online and once someone will buy product you will get commission.

46# ClickBank


47# Commission Junction


48# e-junkie


49# Kindle Direct Publishing


Create your own eBook and publish in Amazon. Earlier publishing book was difficult as you have to search for publisher. But Amazon provides a platform in which you can write your own eBook and publish it. It will reach all around world quickly and you can get lot og buyers for your eBook. E book can be read using Kindle and other supporting devices.

50# wisebread – Writers platform where you can write on topic personal finance. You can share your knowledge and earn money by writing useful articles.

51# Leapforce – Become at agent in Leapforce and work from home.


52# Binpress – Sell digital products like games, software’s, android apps etc.


53# Paytm – Become a seller in paytm Sell items.


54# Flippa – Buy and sell websites, domains and Apps.


55# OLX – OLX is a online classified website where you can buy and sell used items.


56# Quickr – Quicker cross category classified platform where you can buy and sell used items.


57# Chitika – Online advertising network where you can regenerate revenue by integrating ads to your website or blog.


58# Infolinks – Online Innovative advertising website. You can use infolinks innovative products to generate revenue from your website or blog.


59# Clicksor – Display targeted contextual advertising banners to your websites or blog and you can genereate revenue.


60# Zazzle – Make money in zazzle using your creative skills. Also you can work as Associate.



62# Vimeo – Start selling your videos to your fans in vimeo and make money.

63# Bluehost – One of the best web hosting site. You can become affiliate and earn commission.


64# Clixsense

65# Neobux

These are some of the best website to make money online. If you are starting now then pick any website based on your interest and start working. Once you start working you will discover so many different ways to generate online income.

I am sure that there are thousands of other websites out there to make money. If you know anyone of those sites please share it with us.

Also share your experience if you are already earning money using some of these websites.

If you like this post then share it with your friends.



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