Are you planning to sell your services online?

Fiverr is one of the best places to sell services online.

If you are already working online in any platform then you can also take advantage of Fiverr to grow your business. If you are new to fiverr then in this post I will show you How to Make Account on Fiverr.

Fiverr is getting approximately 60 Million visits monthly.

Thousands of buyers are visiting Fiverr daily to hire someone to complete their tasks or work. You can become one of the sellers and make thousands of dollars.

For those who want to start making money online but don’t know from where to start? I want to tell you that Fiverr is the right place to start.

You can start selling services based on your skills and expertise. As a biginner you can start making money in Fiverr and grow yourself as a professional.

Provide services such as logo design, website design, programming, social media marketing, SEO, content writing, music & audio the list is endless. There are thousands of buyers

How to Make Account on Fiverr?

To start selling on Fiverr, first you need an account on Fiverr. Creating account on Fiverr is very easy. Here I will go through step-by-step process to create account on Fiverr.

1. Open browser and enter in address bar and press enter. website will be opened.

2. Click on Join button

3. Enter your email address and click on Continue button.

4. In next screen Choose your username and password and click on Join button.


5. Complete the captcha and click on Verify.

6. You will be logged into your account. In this screen you will get a message to activate your account.

Activate your account

1.  Click on Go to Gmail Account click on Fiverr email

2. Click on email received from Fiverr.

2. Click on Activate your Account button. Fiverr opened and Account successfully activated message displayed.

3. Click on icon to top right corner and the click on Become a Seller.

4. Click on Become a seller

5. Click on Continue

6. Click on Continue

7. Click on Continue

Initial details are completed now you have to create your seller account.

There are 4 sections to complete your seller profile

  • Personal info
  • Professional info
  • Linked Accounts
  • Account Security

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Personal info

1.  Enter first name and last name.

And, Upload profile picture by clicking the icon. It is better to upload your original profile picture. If you don’t want to original picture then you can upload and avatar pic.



2. Next section you have to enter the description. Here you write about your experience and expertise. What all projects you have earlier worked. You have 600 words so keep it simple and try to cover all the details in this. Try to make the description eye catching and impressive.

Next, select the languages which you know.

Professional info

1. Select your Occupation from dropdown and years of experience.

And, choose any 2 to 5 skills in which you want to provide your service.

Add Skills and experience level for example if you are if you are logo designer than add logo design and add experience level Beginner, Intermediate or Expert level. You can add multiple skills.


2. Enter education details like country, collage/university name, Major subject and year of passing.

And, enter if you have completed certifications or received any award here.

If you have any website related to your service you can add here.

Then click on Continue.

Linked Account

1. Add your social media accounts of Facebook, twitter or Google. Adding this will increase your credibility and you will get more orders. It’s not mandatory so if you want to skip this you can skip.

2. dd your professional presence of Dribbble and Vimeo. It’s not mandatory so if you want to skip this you can skip.

And, click on Continue

Account Security

1 . In this section for security purpose you have to add email address and phone number. Email address is already verified earlier so click on Add Phone number.

2. Select country, enter phone number and click on Verify by SMS or Verify by call according to your convenience.

3. Verify phone number by entering the 4 digit verification code you received in your mobile by SMS or Call and Click on Submit Code.

4. Click on OK in Verification Complete popup.

5. After that Add Security Question popup displayed. Select any one of the question from dropdown and enter your answer in answer textbox. Then click on Finish button.


6. After clicking Finish button “All Done” popup will be displayed. Now your profile is successfully created with all the details.

In this popup there will be a free online course recommended by Fiverr. This course is good for all the new sellers in Fiverr. You can click on the course and complete the course. In this course you will learn how all the essential things required selling on Fiverr.

If you want to skip the course for now then click on Finish button.


You will be redirect to new gig creation page. Now you can create your first gig and start selling.

Follow these simple steps to make account on Fiverr. If you have any query pleases send me message.

In next post I will be showing how to create a gig step-by-step.

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