The Internet has now become an irrefutable part of our everyday lives. Staying connected has become almost a necessity. Moreover, the concept of being online has changed just about every aspect of modern life.

When you’re online, you have access to many people all across the globe. You also have several options for research, image-finding, and references. With all this at one’s fingertips, making money online is an increasingly interesting concept.

However, when one starts going about it, making money online can be a difficult task. There are so many false promises, scammers, and promotional headlines that one gets confused. Sifting through the plethora of resources and leads requires both time and experience.

4 Ways You Can Make Money Online Like A Pro!

Below are some useful, practical tips for earning money online, preferably a decent amount one can live on. Hopefully, these would help one to create a sustainable income flow alongside their regular job. Who knows, you may even quit your day job and plunge into online earning alone:

1# Freelancing


This is the first idea that many people are presented with when they ask about ways to earn online. However, this in itself is a huge topic and can mean many things. One could freelance as a writer, graphic designer, accounts manager, or even take in data entry jobs. These categories have further sub categories that would depend on the freelancer’s niche.

For instance, a writer could specialize in article writing. This is different from writing blog posts or doing academic writing.

Freelancing gigs also come in many forms. For example, a freelancer could get hired on a contractual basis. They may have to work exclusively for one or two clients in order to give them the quality they deserve.

Alternatively, freelancers could also choose to work on certain sites dedicated to this type of online earning. Sites such as Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer are the most popular for short-terms gigs. The way of earning here is to bid on a job opening and see if the potential client wants you. If someone shows good work the first time round, the one-time gig might turn into a long-term commitment.

Many people have benefited from such websites. However, one must be careful and read reviews before accepting any client or hiring a freelancer. The profiles on such sites may also have ratings, which are useful for gauging whether a person is worth working with.

2# Write An E-Book and Sell


If you’ve always dreamed of becoming a writer, you’re in luck! It is now extremely easy to get a book published online as a soft copy. If you have the talent to write a book, start working on it. While the book market is overflowing with new arrivals, every writer has something to offer.

Of course, when writing a book, you would have to put in a huge amount of effort to make it stand out. You will have to write a book, market it as much as possible, and then maybe enjoy the gains. However, the satisfaction that comes with actually earning from a book is unparalleled by most other jobs.

Writing a book doesn’t necessarily mean writing a story. You could work on a collection of short stories, a technical how-to guide, or even a self-help book. This way, you can help out your readers and earn a decent income if you’re lucky.

Amazon’s Kindle program and Apple’s iTunes Connect both provide a platform for selling e-books. The barriers for entering this market are almost non-existent, as you don’t need much money. You do, however, need a lot of time for writing the books and marketing them. However, social media is always there, so get your friends and family to share your advertising content!

3# Create Audiobooks


Let’s face it; readers are getting sadly depleted as instant entertainment gets more popular. Luckily, however, many people are turning towards audiobooks as a relaxing yet fulfilling way to get in their reading.

It is best to write an eBook and then turn it into an audio yourself. Audible’s ACX is a great resource for doing this. Plus, with royalty share programs, you don’t even have to pay for a producer right away.


With an audiobook, you have to make sure your voice actually sounds good when recorded. You can even take some training sessions to improve your voice clarity and pronunciation.

4# Make Your Own App


This might be more for those who actually have the background for it. However, one can learn anything online, and you just may have an idea that no one has yet thought of. Even if you think your idea is outdated, there may be a way to revamp it so that your app is the most popular. Orkut was already in wide usage when Facebook came along. However, very few even remember that time now.

When you do develop an app, the passive income can be quite substantial. People are now using mostly smartphones, so your app has a huge potential market. You can make your app free and get paid through advertisements too.

Of course, quite a lot of time and money goes into developing and launching an app. You can also hire someone to help you realize your app idea. Before shelling out the cash, however, conduct some thorough market research and analyze it. This would help you to develop a truly useful or fun app.


The above ideas for earning online are valuable in setting one on the right track. Of course, like any other job, the more experience you gain the better. What’s really useful in earning online is that you are free to utilize your experience to earn more. You don’t have to sit around waiting for a promotion or regret taking a dead-end job.

The flexibility and convenience of working online have the potential to change many lives. One can take care of their sick, elderly, and young at home while earning an active income. Additionally, entrepreneurs can develop whole businesses without having to abide by limitations such as location. This is hence a movement of individual empowerment, with more savings to invest for a better future.


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