One of the most profitable and marketable skills on the internet today is writing skill. It is a very good skill to have especially if you are looking for a way to start an online business and make passive income.

Many people today earn their living through writing on the internet. An advantage that the writing skill has above other soft skills is the fact that either you are writing for yourself or for other people, you can still make money from it.

Writing online could be in different forms,but know for sure that regardless of your choice, you’ll still make money.

Now, what are the different ways of making money online with your writing skill?


Blogging is very common and many people today are into it. But the question is this. How many of them are actually making money through it?

Blogging is one of the surest ways to make passive income online. There are many blogging platforms online but the two most popular and most used are Blogger and WordPress.You can visit any or both of these sites and create an account with them.

How to make money through blogging


1# Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a good way to monetize your website content. It is an advertising program run by Google through which website publishers in the Google network of content sites serve text, images, videos, or interactive media ads that are targeted to the website’s content and audience. Through this program, you can run ads on your website or blog and get paid when visitors click them.

2# PropellerAds

This program is another way to monetize your website content and make passive income online through blogging.

It is a large advertisement network where you are offered a range of advert options like banners, sponsored links and push notifications.You also get paid when visitors click on the ads on your website.

3# is run by Yahoo and Bing. One of the largest advertisement networks on the internet, it is another good way to make money online from blogging. In fact, many bloggers describe it as a strong and direct alternative to Google AdSense.

4# Ghostwriting

Are you a skilled and passionate writer? Do you have deep knowledge and interest in a particular field or niche? There are many websites, magazines, newspapers and publications that specialize in writing in that specific field or niche.

You can pitch the site owners to inquire if they are in need of a guest post at the moment and wait for a response from them. When you eventually get an approval, you can then proceed to write for them. More so, you can register on an internet marketing forum as a contributor.

There are so many people online who are making huge passive income from ghostwriting. Many websites pay ghostwriters $100, $200, in fact, some of them pay even up to $800 per article.

5# Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is another way to make passive income online through your writing skill.Many people earn residual income through freelancing. One of my mentors earns $150 per hour through freelance writing.

There are a good number of freelancing websites available on the internet you can approach, register as a writer and start bidding for jobs. Websites like,,, are good platforms to start.

As a freelance writer, you can either be involved in content writing or copywriting. Content writing could be in form of article writing,blog posts, or social media posts. You could be hired by a client to write any of these.

Copywriting differs a little because it’s got to do with crafting copies for promotion of brands, engaging customers and clients, or promoting market products and services. A client can hire you to write sales copies, advertisement copies which could be in form of headlines, slogans, or taglines; email newsletters, whitepapers etc. which they will use for their internet marketing.



This is another way of making passive income online through your writing skill.  Do you have an idea that you think will be valuable and profitable for the public? You can write it in a book and publish it online and when people are interested in them, they click the ‘buy’ or ‘purchase’ button and you get paid.

Gone are the days when publishing a book involves a whole lot of stressful processes. Those days, you’ll need to go through an agent who will help you get a traditional publisher to check your manuscript, and at the end of the day, if it ever gets published, because due to a reason or the other, it might not get published, it will still be sold in bookstores.

However, things have changed now. Publishing a book is no longerdifficult. The most common and most used online publishing platform is Amazon KindleDirectPublishing where you can independently publish your book and get it before millions of readers and potential buyers without needing any traditional publishing house or an agent.

Making passive income online through writing has become easier than ever. All the ways mentioned and discussed above are all tested and trusted.Backed up with a positive mindset, try your best to give any of them a trialtoday and you will see yourself making passive income from the internet through your writing skill.

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