Now there are lots of mobile data software available which will help you to transfer data from mobile to pc, PC to mobile, Mobile to Mobile etc. These software’s performs perfect file synchronization without any data loss.

Use below mentioned some of my favorite mobile data backup software’s.

Wondershare Mobile Transfer

Mobile Transfer is great mobile phone software which will help data transfer from mobile to pc or Mobile to PC.

It supports different operating systems – iOS, Android any Symbian.

Supports mobiles from all brands – Apple, Samsung, Micromax, Nokia etc.

Helps to transfer data such as – Contacts, call logs, Music, photos, playlists, movies, podcast, iTunes U, Apps and iBooks

There are 4 different products available – iOS Transfer, Phone Transfer, Android Transfer and TunesGo.

Also you can use this software to erase your old phone and backup or restore your phone data.



Sync-droid is the software which I used personally to transfer my data from old Samsung Android phone to new Micromax Unite phone.

This is free android sync manager. It will help you to take mobile contacts backup. You can connect your mobile phone using USB or Wi-Fi, both the options are available.

Contacts, photos, Music, text messages, call logs, Apps, videos, emails everything you can transfer within few minutes from one mobile to other and you can start using your new phone.

Sync-droid is very simple software and easy to use.


Coolmuster is great software to data transfer from mobile to pc. It transfers videos, contacts, photos quickly from mobile to PC. This software is available for Android and Apple phones and we can install these software’s in windows and Mac OS X.

You can also transfer date from Tablets such as iPad to PC. Software user experience is very good and you can easily explore your transferred data in PC.

If you want to transfer only specific file from PC to Mobile or Mobile to PC you can easily search it using the explorer.


Markspace – The Missing Sync

The Missing sync is award-winning software which profiles facility to transfer data from smartphone to PC. You can use Bluetooth, USB or Wi-Fi to transfer data. It transfers all kind of data such as contacts, photos, videos.

It supports Android and Apple phones and Software is available for both Windows and Mac PCs.

You can take mobile contacts backup online. There are lot of cloud services available where you can save your mobile data online and you can access it from anywhere.

The best way to save your mobile data is at Google drive, which is easy to use, convenient and free.

What are your favorite mobile data transfer software? Please share will me.

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