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Movies and cartoons are one of the best things people have ever made. They give us not only the joy of a peaceful evening that we can spend while watching a movie, but they also act as one of the greatest institutions that allow us to create educational and scientific programs and provide people with interesting and useful facts.

However, television is currently in a rather natural decline, which could be the end of the entire television broadcast industry. This is due to the rapid development of the Internet and all those applications and platforms that allow us to receive the same information that we received from television, but with much greater advantages such as:

  • lack of long commercial breaks
  • the problem of waiting for your favorite movie

You can just turn on your laptop, find a movie on the Internet and watch. One of the main competitors of television is Netflix – one of the most popular movie applications that are used by people almost all over the world.

Not surprisingly, many businessmen and app developers, looking at the growing and developing the popularity of this service, are ready to create a Netflix-like application that can bring its developers the same fame, popularity, and income.

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However, the main problem for people who want to create movie streaming, such as Netflix, is that they don’t know how to do this and what will be the starting point of the whole process. In this article, we will tell you how to create such a service, what you need to consider how much it will cost and in what time frame.

What makes the Netflix app so popular?

First of all, the application is very easy to use. A pretty good and convenient interface allows the user to find everything he needs pretty quickly and without problems. In addition, you can run different accounts in the Netflix app, create directories, upload videos and customize the app to suit your own tastes and desires.

In addition, the application is updated and adds interesting features. For example, from 2017 you can:

  • Share videos on different social networks with users who also use Netflix;
  • Monitor various offers based on the strategy of targeting your searches and preferences;
  • Create your own libraries with your favorite films and cartoons;
  • Work using the advanced search tool;

All these features are not free. To use Netflix, you need to pay a subscription fee. The price is calculated from the moment you use the application and the number of films watched. So, the company has enough money for development, and the property rights of filmmakers are not violated. However, in order to attract more customers, the development team decided to launch a special offer for users, which gives them one free month of working with the service.

We briefly described the functionality of Netflix, which is so attractive to the audience. If you want to develop the Netflix-like application for consumers, it is worthwhile to study in more detail all the features and experience of competitors.

How to make a Netflix-like app?

When planning an app development with a team, it is important to prioritize the functionality on which each member should focus most. Below, we will discuss the cornerstone questions that you must answer in the planning process.

1) Platform Choice

In order to reach the maximum number of audiences, you should consider developing an application for both Android and iOS. However, if human or financial resources do not allow this, you need to choose where to start.

To do this, you need to correctly analyze your target audience and features of applications of both platforms. For example, when developing an application on Android, you need to devote some time to the adaptability of the service for various screen sizes of many devices.

Another important point is the choice of the approach that will be used to create the application. There are two main development strategies that are used by programmers. This is a native and cross-platform approach. The main difference is that with native development, you create a separate service for iOS and a separate service for Android. Cross-platform development allows the team to work simultaneously on both versions. Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages.

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2) Design

Now the trend is simplicity and minimalism. It is very important to make the design of the application so that the user does not feel confused. Desired effect – the user intuitively understands what to do, where to click and what is the logic of the service.

Regarding colors, the best choice is to create a system that will be based on three or four primary colors, which will create a harmonious picture of the application for the user.

3) Registration

It is important to note that most websites and applications provide the ability to register through social networks and email addresses. Such a function optimizes the process and facilitates the task for the user, which makes them happier.

In addition, you should also remember about paying for services, so during the app development, you should not forget about the implementation of several payment systems.

4) Payment

Application fees are one of the key features of a service like Netflix. The main idea here is to create a simple mechanism that will allow customers to quickly and conveniently pay for application services.

Popular payment methods are:

  • PayPal
  • Google play engine
  • App Store mechanism

The best solution for you is to create the ability to choose one of the three existing strategies that will help the user to make all the necessary financial transactions.

5) User profile and search

You can create a user profile so that each client can customize it for themselves. We also need to remember usability, that is, make sure that the user feels that all the necessary settings, buttons and functions are located close enough and the user can quickly get everything you need.

The basic idea of the search is also simplicity. For the user, it should be as transparent and understandable as possible. For example, it would be nice to forget about long lists, from which the user must select several keywords related to the movie. Such a strategy will not lead you to increase traffic and the number of customers.

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