Is legit and really pays or just like other scam sites? I am eligible to answer this question as I am working in offernation from 2013, since the website was established. Honsestly I am telling offernation is a legitimate website as I have been getting paid frequently. You can see my payment proof here. Just read this offernation complete review and find out more details. This offernation review will help you to decide whether you should join offernation or not?

offernation review
offernation review

What is offernation?

Firstly, let’s dive into the history of Offernation. The owner of the company is 99 Ventures which is a UK-based company. They are running 2 different GPT (Get paid to) websites, and rewardingWays.

These 2 websites are also legitimate and paying to their members on time. These websites are running from 2013 successfully and consistently paid $1,367,267.52 to their members. You will get paid for completing the surveys in the offernation. You can see the review of offernation on top review websites such as

Based on the offernation review we have came across some pros and cons.

  • Minimum payout is $1.
  • $0.25 joining bonus.
  • Instant payout through PayPal.
  • Multiple payment methods.
  • Worldwide available.
  • Referral earning 25%
  • PayPal processing fee 2%
  • Cannot do survey on mobile.
  • You will not become rich
  • Bitcoin withdrawn is high $200

Why use offernation to make money?

Offernation is consistently paying its members since 2013 and it pays fast. Earned money can be withdrawn fast. During this pandemic situation, this is one of the best options to work from home. Without going out from your laptop or computer you can work for 1-2 hours and make a good amount of money.

If you are from an Asian or African country then earning opportunity is more as you will get paid in the dollar and if you convert money into your country currency then it will be much more. Offernation is continuously taking feedback from its members. You can see the review of offernation on top review websites such as, Offernation trustpilot.

How much money you can earn from offernation?

You can start making money from offernation as soon as you join. You will get a free joining bonus when you join the offernation. After joining you need to complete surveys to make money. For the survey, you will get paid $0.50 to $5 or more.

You will also get paid for playing games, watching videos, downloading apps, and doing other tasks. So based on the completion of the offer you will get paid. The more offers you complete more money you will earn. If you increase your referrals then your earnings will be more.

Ways to make money from offernation

There are multiple ways you can earn money from offernation. You just have to follow the steps. It also depends on your country. Some offers are available to specific countries whereas some offers are available worldwide.

1. Make money in offernation using paid survey

You can make money from offernation by Completing a survey. Offernation has an extensive variety of survey companions to pick out from, namely, Your Surveys, Revenue Surveys, CPX Research, Theorem Surveys, Opinion Capital, and lots more.

Besides that, you could additionally get the right of entry to the Daily Surveys segment to take part withinside the wide variety exclusive surveys. You an effortlessly see the rewards at the proper aspect for finishing the unique survey and determine if it’s miles well worth some time and effort. You have to answer some qualifying questions that are required to complete the survey.

2. Make money using the referral program

Offernation has a beneficial referral program where you could earn 25% of the referral income. For example, you have referred your friend and he completed a survey worth $10, you may earn $2 without doing any effort. 

This is the best way of earning, I have already earned more than $500 without any work. I have just referred my friends and whenever they complete the survey I get paid 25%. I am earning by completing my surveys as well as through the referral program.

3. Completing Offer 

Offerwalls are another option to make money from offernation. In the offerwall, you will get tasks to complete on daily basis for example signup to the website.

Other tasks such as installing the trial version of the applications, playing games, and other tasks. To complete the task you can go through the offerwall and see the offer details and complete it.

4. Redeem Offernation Promo codes

A Promo code is something you can use to make free money. You can use offernation promo code to get special cash rewards or price rewards. For each code, there will be a specific reward amount. Promo codes are published on social media Facebook and Twitter page of offernation. 

5. Make money using offernation signup bonus 

As soon as you join the offernation you will get a signup bonus of $0.25 for free. This free join bonus will help you to cashout fast as offernation has a minimum cashout of $1. You complete 1 survey and easily reach $1 to withdraw cash.

How to join Offernation?

Offernation is free to join worldwide. Surveys are available based on countries so all the surveys are not available for all the countries. Some surveys are available for a specific country. When you start a survey you can be disqualified if the country is not matching or your profile is not fitting the survey.

You have to keep on checking the survey for qualifications. For those surveys you are qualified you will get a set of questions that need to be answered. After completing the survey money will be credited to your offernation account.

Follow the below steps to join the offernation:

  1. Click here to open the offernation website.
  2. Click on Join Free
  3. Enter Name and login info 
  4. Enter mailing address 
  5. Enter PayPal email, skrill email, or bitcoin account.
  6. Check the checkboxes
  7. Click on the Register button.
  8. Go to your mail account and verify your account.

If you don’t have a PayPal account then click here to create a PayPal account. Check this link to see the steps to create a PayPal account.

How can you withdraw earned money from offernation?

The minimum cashout of offernation is $1. So you can withdraw cash once you cross 1 dollar. There are multiple ways to withdraw money from offernation. 

Minimum Payout
  • Paypal – $1
  • Skrill – $5
  • Bitcoin – $200

Paypal – Through Paypal, you can withdraw money. You need a PayPal account and PayPal will take a fee of 2%. You can do unlimited withdrawals from PayPal.

Skrill – You can withdraw money from Skrill for the earnings-related to market research only. There will be a minimum payout of $5 in skrill. 

Bitcoin – There is also an option to cashout your earned money in the form of bitcoin. You can convert your earnings into bitcoin and withdraw them to your bitcoin wallet. There will be a minimum of $200 cashout amount.

I an recommending offernation to everyone who eagerly want to make money online from home without any investment.


This offernation review will answer your question is legit? In this offernation review, you will come to know all the aspects of offernation. You can decide based on this review whether you want to join offernation or not. But I want to tell you that, offernation is the legitimate site for sure as I have been working on this site for the past 9 years and getting paid on time for my surveys.

If you are a beginner and starting now to make money or a pro no matters. Student, Housewives, professionals anyone can join. Just join offernation blindly and start making money. For everyone the ultimate aim is to make money then, why not offernation?

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