People who are not very skilled but want to work remotely in data entry jobs are great. Offline data entry job from home can be a great option for anyone looking for additional income, whether you’re a housewife or a student.

To start data entry jobs, you will only need to be able to type fast (minimum 25 WPM), read basic English, and have a computer with an internet connection.

Data entry jobs can be very varied and data entry workers need to specialize in a specific area.

This article will help you to understand the different types of data entry jobs as well as the remunerations that are available depending on what type of work.

25 Online and Offline Data Entry Jobs

Let’s take a look at different types of data entry jobs. Depending on your skillset and availability, you can do any type of data entry job.

Job Description: Data Entry Regularly

You will need to be able to type between 20 and 30 words per minute for regular data entry jobs.

1. Plain Data Entry Jobs

Typing words into a MS Word file is a simple job in plain data entry. You will need to be able to type fast and have good English reading and writing skills.

You will need to take a PDF file and convert it into Word. This type of data entry job can pay you $1 to $5 per page.

Once you sign up, we will provide you with the resources and other tips you need to find these types data entry jobs.

2. Typing Jobs

Excel Spreadsheet is another option for basic typing tasks. You simply need to fill in the cells with data. There is no need to be familiar with formulas or other technical details.

It is quite simple and doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Depending on your speed and accuracy, you can earn Rs 100- Rs 150 an hour.

3. Word Typist

This is where the work gets a little more technical. You will need to create reports, letters, labels and mailing labels. Both grammar and vocabulary are important.

Also, you will need to be able to create charts, graphs, and tables. This type of data entry requires training.

4. Data Cleaning

Data cleansing is also known as data cleaning. This involves removing or correcting incorrect data from tables or databases.

It can be either a Word File, or an Excel spreadsheet. Regular data entry jobs pay according to your accuracy and experience. These types of data entry jobs can be found in this article.

These are the 2 best online data entry jobs you can do from your home. Two of the best jobs are online form filling and paid surveys. These types of jobs can be found directly through SureJob.

5. Online form filling

You will receive both an online form and large data separately. It is important that you carefully enter each value from the database in the online form.

Data entry is a delicate process. You must be careful not to fill in the wrong fields with incorrect data.

6. Online Survey Job

Fill out the survey forms and answer a few questions. A survey form can be filled in between 5 and 15 minutes, depending on how long the questionnaires are.

So that companies can get customer feedback, they will ask you to complete these forms. Register with the top 20 online survey sites.

Both online survey data entry and form filling can bring in good income. You can also check out our 14 most popular online jobs.

7. Captcha Entry Jobs

Captchas, which are images that contain text, number, or alphanumeric data to fill in the given field below, are well-known. Every day, you will need to solve hundreds upon hundreds of Captchas.

It’s very easy. This page lists the top 10 Captcha entry websites.

8. Copy & Paste Jobs

You can copy and paste data from one file to another. It will basically be an excel spreadsheet or word document.

Although you don’t need to type much, it is essential to be able to read and write well in English.

9. Captioning

Captioning is more complex because you need to create captions and headings for a news headline or image. This job is needed by news channels and media companies.

It is very rare to find a job as a captioner.

It isn’t well-paid to do micro jobs like Captcha solving. If you are serious about data entry, don’t accept it.

10. Re Formatting and Correction

Formatting jobs usually include formatting word documents, such as aligning paragraphs, indentation and fonts.

A long form must also be formatted. It should contain various fields such as Name, Email ID and Address.

Although typing is not as common here, you still need to be familiar with every rule regarding formatting.

11. Job Formatting and Editing

You will need to be able to correct grammar and spelling errors.

Editing skills are also required if you need to reformat a whole document.

Formatting jobs require more grammar and English knowledge than typing skills.

Convert files

Converting files from one format to another is similar to regular data entry, but with a few differences. This is where you need to convert an audio or image file into a Word document.

12. Image to Text Data Entry

An image will be provided that contains written paragraphs. It is your job to take a screenshot and then write down the information in a Word document.

Remember that the words you hear aren’t simple English, but complicated medical terminology you’ve never heard before.

13. Audio to Text

You will listen to an audio file and convert it into text. This job requires a lot of listening skills.

You must also be able to understand every word in English.

Image to text data entry is a good option for beginners. This work is more lucrative than regular data entry.

14. Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionist is the most popular job in transcription. You listen to audio files and then write down the words in a word document.

You will need to know advanced medical terminology. Also, you will need to be able to listen and write quickly.

15. Medical Coding

Medical coding is a bit different from transcription. Medical coding refers to the conversion of medical procedures and diagnosis into alphanumeric codes.

This job is extremely rare. The job of Medical Transcriptionist is the most lucrative among all data entry jobs. Misc Online Data Entry Jobs There are many jobs available online that require data entry.

16. Online Data Capturing Job

Data must be captured from various online publications, such as e-magazines or eBooks. Here you need good English skills.

17. Email Processing

This is a high-paying data entry job. You will be responsible for processing hundreds of emails each day to determine their content and create an Excel spreadsheet listing them.

It is essential that you can process thousands of emails and categorize them. This is much more than normal typing.

18. Updating Database

This area allows you to update your existing database or create new ones online. This database can contain various fields such as Name, Address, Email ID, and Phone number for different industries.

Part-time job opportunities in misc online data entry are available. This is where you enter data into software such as CRM. These are data entry keyer jobs.

19. Operator for Catalog Data Entry

Operator reads catalog data from database and fills into online or offline software. You can enter different fields such as product name, code number, expiry date and price.

20. Payroll Data Entry Operator

This is a common job as a data entry keyer. Enter the employee’s name, payment details, allowances, etc.

21. Entering Data into Web Based System

This data entry job requires you to enter data from various product catalogs into a web-based system.

You will need to review documents related to insurance claims or legal departments and then write them down in a word document, or excel spreadsheet.

You may also be asked for your automobile registration number, owner name, and contact details.

The job of a data entry clerk is very similar to that of a Data Entry Keyer. These are two examples of the job of a data entry clerk.

22. Healthcare data entry

You can enter information such as patient notes, hospital records, accident report, etc. into an Excel spreadsheet, or any other software on the LAN.

23. Municipal

You can enter details about municipal records such as birth records, legal documentation, and town records.

This type of data entry is done offline, and takes place from 9 to 5.

24. Content Writing

Content can be written for different sites or blogs. Write an article of different lengths and submit it to the site owner or blogger.

25. Copywriting

Copywriting also involves writing ads.

Writing is more creative than other data entry jobs, so you will need some writing experience.

Additional Customized Data Entry Jobs

There are also many custom data entry jobs that you can do according to your trainer.

You will be instructed for a specific type of work, and then asked to enter data.

For offline data entry job from home you will need to travel and work from home.

You can therefore choose from any of the data entry jobs mentioned above and become a specialist in that job.

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