Today I will be sharing passive income ideas for college students.

These passive income for college students will help you to make money while you are studying.

Lot of student wants to make money while they are studying for their pocket money, school or college fee and to support their family.

There is nothing wrong with this as long as it is not affecting the studies.

“If you do not find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

Warren Buffet

For a student education should be the priority.

Your entire life is there to earn but during college time you have to concentrate on your studies.

You can spend your free time making some money maybe 2 to 3 hours daily you can utilize.

The time which you waste in gossips, roaming with friends, or scrolling your mobile can be used for some constructive work such as for making money.

Passive income ideas for college students

Passive income is something in which you have to work for one time and you will get income multiple times.

So the sooner you build your passive income stream sooner you will get the benefits.

There is a lot of ways to start building passive income but for students, there is limitation of time and investment.

I can understand as a student it is very difficult to arrange money for investment and you have to spare some time from your studies.

I will share some of the Passive income ideas for college students which require no or minimal investment.

You can pick any of the passive income ideas from the below list and start making passive income as a college student. Go through ways to make passive income in college and start making money.

Here is the list of passive income ideas for college students

1# Make money from social media

Make money from social media

As a student, you will be spending 2 to 3 hrs. Browsing Internet and scrolling social media sites Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can utilize the same to make money. There is a lot of ways to make money using social media.

Create a community of people using the groups or pages. Then invite and add as many people as possible. Be active in the group and post engaging and informative content so that more and more people will join. Once your community has enough members then you can start promoting the products such as affiliate products, services, digital products, or graphic designs.

A lot of people are looking for cheap services and they will search for people in social media to hire. If your community is having active members and people are joining daily then you will get sponsors also. You can become a social influencer and promote the products and make money.

2# create your blog with low investment

create your blog with low investment

Now a day’s lot of students are creating their blogs or website. You can also create your blog and start making money online. You just have to spend on web hosting. Blog is the best way to share your thoughts and knowledge.

So if you are an expert in a certain topic or field. Choose a topic of your interest and create a blog. Start writing an article and publish it in your blog. Make sure to post the article sooner your blog will become famous and you will get a lot of visitors daily.

Be patient as the blog will take time to establish. Once your blog is established and famous you can monetize your blog with advertising to make money.

3# Create a YouTube channel

This is the best option to build a passive income. Create your YouTube channel on any topic of your interest. Choose a topic in which you are an expert and you have good knowledge. For example, you can create a sports channel. Music-related, academic-related, hobby or art and craft. The list of topics is endless.

Once you choose the topic then start creating videos in that particular niche. Create high-quality videos in that niche and start uploading those videos on YouTube. Add video consistently to bet search engine impressions. Promote your YouTube channel by sharing with your friends and family.

Note that you should complete the eligibility criteria of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hrs. Of view. Once your channel completes this criteria then you can apply for the YouTube partner program. After approval, you can activate ads on your videos and you will be get paid for that. So it is one-time work to set up and build your channel and you will make money multiple times.

4# Sell your pictures online

Take pictures from your mobile phone and sell them online. There is no skill required in this method. You just have to take pictures and upload in stock photo websites. You can take pictures of cats, dogs, kids, nature or your city.

Spend some time to take photos in any of the topics you selected, then go to any stock photo website and upload your pictures. On the stock photo website first, you have to register then once your account is created then upload pictures.

Now your photos will be listed on the stock photo website and once anyone buys your photo you will get commission or royalty for the photo. To more your, photos will sell the more you earn. To upload photos as many as possible to make more money.

5# Rent your stuff to juniors

Generating passive income is not easier than this. You can rent your books to your juniors. In your college or school, there are lots of students and you will know most of them. You can rent your previous class books to your juniors to make money.

Also you can meke money by renting your other stuff such as your bike, laptop, furniture or any other thing which is required in hostels.

6# Design and Sell T-shirt online

If you think that you have to invest money to start a T-shirt business then you are wrong. You can start selling T-shirts online without investing any money. There are websites where you have to create a T-shirt design.

If someone buys a website the company will deliver the T-shirt to the customer and you will get a commission. Website such as teespring and zazzle are providing a platform where you can design your T-shirts. Here you can design a T-shirt and set the price of your T-shirt.

The website will promote your designed T-shirt and if someone purchases your T-shirt you will get a commission.

7# Project Training to juniors

Every college and school at some point in time they have to submit a project. Based on the projects students will get marks. They will get projects in science, maths, social studies, etc. so they have to make a good project in that stream.

A lot of students used to struggle to get project ideas and implementation. Here you can help them to make a project for their curriculum and you can charge them some money for your time and effort.

Every class is having 50 to 100 students and everyone have to submit a project either individually or in a group. Here you can tell then them you will make a project for them and they will get good marks. This is one of the Passive income ideas for college students.

8# Advertise in your car

If you have a car then you can advertise on your car by displaying advertising on your car body. As a student, you will not be having money to invest and you have to find some innovative ideas to make money. Advertising on your car is one of the best ways.

There are companies such as Carvertise, Wrapify, and StickerRide which will provide service to advertise in car. You can register in these companies and provide your car detail and what kind of advertising you want to display in your car. You can display ads on fill car or just in small portion of car.

These companies will display ads on your car then you are good to go. You don’t have to change your regular driving route or schedule. You can continue with your regular life. The only thing is that ads will be displayed on your can. You will get monthly paid for the ads displayed on your car.

9# Food delivery services

Now a day’s people used to order food online and have it at home due to the current pandemic situation. A lot of food delivery services come into existence and they deliver food at home. They will hire a lot of people to deliver food.

You can join one of these companies and earn money. Spend a couple of hours daily to deliver food and get paid. They will pay nicely and also you will get incentives for extra deliveries. If you have a bike or bicycle then it will help but most of the companies provide their vehicle for delivery.

The most common food delivery services are McDonald, KFC, Pizza hit then you can join Uber eat, Postmates, DoorDash, Seamless, etc.

10# Make money using mobile apps

Passive income ideas for college students

Most of the time you will be spending on your mobile phone scrolling social media, chatting with friends, and browsing the internet. You can utilize that time to make some money online using your mobile phone. There are a lot of mobile apps that will pay you for completing small tasks, surveys, signups, and playing games.

Install these apps and work during your free time. You can make some money using this. Also, refer your friends to increase your earning. There is an app that will pay you to complete the survey. You just have to answer some questions and you will get your rewards.

The best part is that you will get surveys daily so you have the opportunity to make money daily and whenever you want you can withdraw. Here are some apps which you can install on your mobile to make money Swagbucks, cryptotab browser, Mcmoney, poll pay.

Final Words:

Yes it is possible to make passive income as a college student. These are lot of ways using that you can build a source of income, some of then are free some are paid. Most of the ideas require lot of time and effort but for a student it is not possible to spend more time.

I have listed out specific Passive income ideas for college students, that does not require more time and the best part is that most of the ideas does not require investment. If you do it in right way then definitely you can make money online. Pick any of the passive income idea and start working on that to start building your passive income stream.

Passive income ideas for college students

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