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It looks personal finance books are boring to all the young people. Apart from friction and Novels you should also take interest in personal finance books.

Managing your personal finance will be difficult it you don’t know how to manage your hard earned money. You may have done hard work to get job and earning nicely but if you don’t manage your money properly, you will be always running behind money and end up with less saving.

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Learn from the people who have spent years writing and gathering information about money, passive income and personal finance. These great writers have put their experience and efforts to write great bestseller books which help everyone in all aspects of personal finance.

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Read and learn all about personal finance and apply in your life.

Pick some of the best personal finance books and start reading today you will come to know that you know very about money.

Here’s the list of personal finance books: (Also please note that these books are not in any ranking or order it’s a just random list. All the books are one of the best.)

Rich Data Poor Dad

Rich Data Poor DadThis is one of the Bestseller book ever. By reading this book you will learn what rich people teach their kids. Things which poor and middle class doesn’t teach to their kids. Students can read this book and learn about money, financial goals and lot of different things which they are not going to learn anywhere.

Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki


Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow RichThis book will teach you to start thinking in right direction. The author if this book Napoleon Hill had interviewed 500 rich and influential people before writing this book and consolidate together all the things which make them rich. Explained rules which are common in all those rich people. By reading this book you will also learn these rules and apply in your life.

Author: Napoleon Hill

Get a Financial Life: Personal Finance In Your Twenties and Thirties

Get a Financial LifeThis is a New York Times bestseller book. For those who are in their 20s and 30s this book is recommended to learn all about personal finance. If you don’t know much about money and want to learn how to manage your finance, then read this book.

You will learn tips and tricks to finance related stuff which are not taught in schools. This book provides great financial advice for lifetime.

Author: Beth Kobliner

The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition: A Proven Plan for Financial

The Total Money MakeoverThis book will help you to plan your finance and help you to plan your investment for your future and create a huge passive income stream for your as well as your family future. Students and learn lot things and apply in their life from their early stage which will help then to get great future.

Author: Dave Ramsey


The Millionaire FastLane

The Millionaire FastLaneThis book will help you to learn fast way to become rich. Most of the get rich quick methods and books are scams but this is far different from those. Students can read this book and start applying in their life. You will learn different financial paths and a lot other things which will help you in your finance.

Author: MJ DeMarco


Thinking, Fast and Slow

Thinking, Fast and SlowThis book is written from Nobel prize winner Daniel Kahneman in Economic Sciences for his seminal work in psychology challenging the rational model of judgment and decision making. He explained fast and slow way of thinking and decision making. You can learn these ways of thinking and use of for proper decision making for success.

Author: Daniel Kahneman


Smart Money Smart Kids: Raising the Next Generation to Win with Money

Smart Money Smart KidsThis book will help to teach kids all about money. All the basic stuffs such as saving, spending, how to be debt free etc. Basically you will learn all the financial related stuffs which every kid or student should know or learn.


Author: Dave Ramsey & Rachel Cruze


The Science of Getting Rich

The Science of Getting RichThis book is for those who want to become rich and they don’t know what to do? You will learn the actual science behind getting rich. What are the steps needs to be taken to become rich etc.


Author: Wallace D. Wattles


The Automatic Millionaire

The Automatic MillionaireTitle of books says one step plan to live and finish rich. This book will teach simple way to become millionaire. This book will teach realistic method, you can follow the steps provided in book and reach your success.

Author: David Bach



I Will Teach You To Be Rich

I Will Teach You To Be RichThis book will teach you all about money. You will learn how to manage your money and invest at right place. Teach you to earn extra money. You can learn how to manage credit cards, about banks, investments, spending, managing financial accounts and a lot more about money.

Author: Ramit Sethi


The Complete Guide to Personal Finance: For Teenagers

The Complete Guide to Personal Finance: For TeenagersThis book is for teenagers and young adults who are willing to learn about money and personal finance. You will learn teach your personal finance in such a way that it will become very easy to understand all the concepts. Recommended to all teenagers to read this book.

Author: Tamsen Butler


More Personal Finance Books:

There are so many best personal finance books available. You can pick any of the book and apply and learn.

Which book you have read? Which book would recommend to everyone?

Please suggest other personal finance books which you have enjoyed reading.


  1. This is a nice looking list. I have seen Rich Dad Poor Dad on a bunch of lists recently so I will definitely look out for that one. Top of my list right now would have to be The Millionaire In The Next Cubicle by Chip Mendez
    For anyone looking to better their financial position and improve their financial decision making, this is a must-read.


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