Mobile Apps makes our life easier. Mobiles are now as much as powerful as computer and it can perform a lot of tasks similar to the computer. We can use our mobile phone at our work to complete tasks. Productivity Apps are helping everyone to increase productivity. Today we are sharing the list of best productivity apps required to grow your business.

Getting the best out of the big list is difficult. A lot of time will be wasted searching Google play store for the best app. Millions of apps are available in play store and there are apps for almost everything. Earlier I have shortlisted few best apps to track our expenses.

I have collected some of the best productivity apps which will help you to increase productivity.

1. Google Drive [Free]

Productivity Apps Google DriveOne of the best apps for productivity is Google drive. You can keep all your documents, images, videos and reports safely in Google drive and access it from anywhere. You can share these files with your colleagues or friends for review and comments.

You can use Google drive same as your file explorer. The different folder can be created and files can be moved to different files.

Documents can be scanned using the phone camera and saved in the drive.

Google Drive App is also linked to Google Docs, Google sheets, and Google Slides. To access these apps you have to install it the first time and then directly use these apps in Google drive.

So easily you can create a document, spreadsheet or presentation on the go.

2. Evernote [Free/Paid]

Productivity Apps evernoteEvernote helps to take notes. This app has the great list of functions it will make your work easier. You can create yours to-do list in Evernote. It will sync data in all platforms so you can access it from anywhere.

In the web, you can take notes and save important information’s while surfing. You can easily save online articles, images, and videos. Also, you can make a bookmark of any page.

Evernote provides a feature to take audio notes. For image screenshot annotation options are available.

All these notes can be quickly accessed through the home and can be shared with friends. You can read the detailed article related to evernote here.

3. Anydo [Free/Paid]

Productivity Apps anydoAnydo is a simple and clean app which will help you to organize notes and organize tasks. You can set reminders and add notes and also add files.

You can make of list of tasks based on timings and dates. Suppose you want to perform 10 tasks today. You can add these tasks in Anydo; you will start getting notifications and reminder before the end time. Once you complete these tasks you can strike out these tasks to mark as completed.

4. Outlook [Free]

Productivity Apps outlookCheck all your emails in mobile. You can install and configure outlook on your mobile phone and access your emails from anywhere. All the email can be accessible in a mobile inbox and you can reply and compose new emails directly through your mobile.

You can add the account of Office 365,, Exchange, yahoo mail and Gmail in outlook app. Also, you can check your calendar for all the meeting requests in outlook calendar.

5. Camscanner [Free/Paid]

Productivity Apps camscannerCamscanner is one of the best apps to scan any document. This app is user-friendly and you can just click a photo using a mobile camera and adjust the document using Camscanner.

Camscanner has great features to optimize images, extract text from an image, save a file in pdf, and print the file directly through mobile. It can be sync with almost all the platforms and also it provides advanced editing facility.

6. Feedly [Free/Paid]

Productivity Apps feedlyFeedly is an app where you can read all your feeds at one place. You can read all your subscriptions, news etc. in Feedly. Instead of going to all the websites separately; you can directly add all your feeds in Feedly and read it.

Feedly allows organizing all your blog subscriptions, YouTube channel, and publication. Also, you can discover new articles, contents and posts. Share posts on social media and save the article to read later.

7. Slack [Free]

Productivity Apps SlackSlack is an app to manage your project. All the team members can connect at one place in slack. Slack will provide the platform where team members can communicate and track the project progress. All the emails and files will be easily accessible.

Other features such as real-time messaging, individual and group conversation sync with all the devices are also available.

Overall slake is the app which will help to increase productivity and complete project fast.

8. GoToMeeting [Free]

Productivity Apps gotomeetingOne of the best meeting app. Using GoToMeeting you can attend the meeting from anywhere and also you schedules the meeting. You can chat in a group or individual. Also, you can share your video or share screen during the meeting. Overall go to the meeting is a great app for setting up meetings.

9. Productivity Challenge Timer [Free/Paid]

Productivity Apps Productivity Challenge TimerProductivity Challenge Timer app challenges you to work harder and increase your productivity. There will be always someone to motivate you and push you to complete tasks to get success. This all will help you to do that.

This app will track project timings, schedules, and statistics. So based on statistics we will track the project and identify whether a project is on time or not, whether any additional effort is required to complete a project on time etc.

10. Password Manager SafeInCloud [Free/Paid]

Productivity Apps Password Manager SafeInCloudNowadays all are having multiple email accounts, bank accounts and other so many accounts with different passwords. It is very difficult to remember all those passwords. Writing and keeping somewhere is not good practice. In this case, Password management apps play a key role to manage safely all the passwords. Passwords will be safe and can be accessed from anywhere.

It will save passwords and private information in encrypted format. It has also sync facility available with Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive and many other applications.

These are the list of great apps to increase productivity.

I suggest you to installing the 3-4 app from the above list and following the app instructions. I will assure that you will see the increase in productivity, not only in your project or work but also in your personal life-related stuff.

So what are your thoughts about above list? If you are already using any good productivity apps then let us know?


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