How to promote fiverr gig?

You have joined fiverr and created your gig and waiting for your first order, but you are not getting any sales. Implement these 13 ways to promote your fiverr gig and get lot of sales.

What you will learn:

  1. Promotion Fiverr Gigs in Social media
  2. Create a blog related to your Fiverr Gig
  3. Optimize Gig for Fiverr search engine
  4. Fiverr On-Page optimization
  5. Create awesome cover image for your Gig
  6. Create informative fiverr explainer video
  7. PowerPoint presentation – Slideshare
  8. Fiverr gig promotion related forums
  9. Stay Online
  10. Join Fiverr forum
  11. Create YouTube channel related to Fiverr Gig
  12. Promote Fiverr gig in Quora
  13. Fiverr gig promotion in Yahoo answers

Earlier I was looking for some option to work online.

One of my friends suggested me to join Fiverr and it is very easy to work in Fiverr.

So I created my account in Fiverr and I was very excited about this.

But after logged to Fiverr in I got confused by seen all different kind of services.

Read this:

I have gone through the website and somehow I finalized area of work.

I have chosen to work in an area related to my profession.

I created my first gig put the title description, image and started waiting for my first order. I waited for a couple of days hoping to get my first order but it didn’t happen and I stopped seeing Fiverr.

I told my friend that its waste of time already there are so many sellers out there, how can someone hire a newcomer.

I asked him that did u got any order?

He told that he didn’t get but he is working on that.

I asked what are you working on you have already created your gig than what else.

He told that he promoting his gig and he told that by promoting gig we will get order fast.

I started exploring about hot to promoting my gig for some time.

After one month I got my first order.

I felt very happy to see message ‘Great news: You’ve received an order …”.

By this time I realized that how important is to promote our gig to get orders.

There is not proper step by step guide available online which will tell you how to promote your gig.

There are some powerful ways to promote the Fiverr gig. In this Article, I am sharing some of the great ways to promote your gig and increase your chance to get orders.

For those who don’t know about Fiverr just a quick introduction below.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a Marketplace for freelancer where you can buy and sell online services.

There is a huge list of services available in Fiverr. Graphics and Design, Digital marketing, Writing & Translation, Video & animation, Music & audio, programming, Advertising, business and Fun & Lifestyle are the areas in which you can work.

Fiverr is one of the best sites where you can make some extra cash.

How does fiverr work?  

It’s simple.

Suppose you are a writer then create a gig on article writing. For eg. “I will write a 500-word article in 2 days”. and explain about your writing service.

A buyer who is looking for writers will search Fiverr for a writer.

If they like your gig and interested in your service they will buy your gig. You complete your order and they will pay you.

Like this, you can create multiple gigs in your area of interest and knowledge and start making some extra cash. You can also do it full time as a work from home job.

There are thousands of potential customers are out there who are looking for great services. and you have to reach out to them and tell about your services.

If you are a writer then your target audience might be a website owner who is looking for articles and you have to connect with them and show your services.

To increase your sale you need to promote your Fiverr gig and the good thing is that you can promote your gig for free.

How to promote fiverr gigs?

Let’s go through each points on Fiverr gig promotion strategy.

1# Promotion Fiverr Gigs in Social media

Social media is an incredible source of traffic. You can get a lot of impressions and click through social media and convert to sales.

Check the perfect way to make a social media strategy here.

Promote fiverr gig in Facebook

When we think of social media Facebook comes on top of mind having millions of daily visitors.

1.82 billion people are visits facebook daily. So you have more than enough people to promote your gig. Think about reachin only 0.1% of this big list. 

There are various ways to promote your gig on Facebook. Use below mentioned ways:

  1. Join Facebook groups related to your gig and post your gig with description.
  2. Think about your potential customer and connect with them and tell about your Fiverr services.
  3. Create your own fan page and tell about your gig.
  4. Post your gig in related pages having a lot of members, once someone clicks and view your gig than your impression increase in Fiverr.
  5. Use Facebook paid advertise and promote gig to target customers.

Fiverr gig promotion in Twitter

  1. Create a twitter account tweet your gig.
  2. Add image to tweet, it may be your gig image or any other image. For example, you can post an image with an inspirational quote to get more attention of people.
  3. Do not tweet the same thing repeatedly, people will lose interest.
  4. Post something new related to your gig.
  5. Use hashtags related to your gig in your tweet. Suppose someone looking for a freelance writer and if you have posted a tweet with a freelance writer, then your tweet will be displayed in his search result and he can go through your tweet.

Fiverr gig promotion in Pinterest

Pinterest is an image sharing website which allows the user to pin their images. Images can be an event, hobbies, and collections or related to your business.

You can create your Pinterest account and pin images of your gigs.

Some Tips & Tricks you can follow in pinterest:

  1. Create account related to your Gig if you are a writer then create a board with the title as a freelance writer.
  2. Write 200 to 300 words description.
  3. Put label related to your gig.
  4. Create an infographic of your gig and pin it.
  5. Pin your gig.
  6. Ask your friends to pin your gig on their board.

Creating a blog is a little time consuming but for the long run, it will help you to get more sales.

Use the free method to create a blog such as WordPress, Blogger.

If you are a writer then it will be more easily for you.

Write articles related to your gig and post it on your blog. Add your gig link in your blog.

And add your blog link in the Fiverr gig. Post your blog link in social media for traffic.

People come to know about your services through your blog.

To know more about how to create your blog see the below link.

3# Optimize Gig for Fiverr search engine

To get more sales you need to optimize your gig for Fiverr search.

Your gig should display on the first page of search result. This will increase your conversion rate.

There is no proper process to Optimizing fiverr gig. We need to keep on optimizing it till it starts converting to sales. You need to update description regularly whenever you find any better thing. This will increase your fiverr impressions;

Above screenshot shows that impression are very less so the probability of sales is also less.

You need to have a lot of fiverr impressions to get more sales.

Suppose you get 1000 impression per day and if conversion rate is 5% then you get 5 sales. So more impression means more sales.

Of course, you are getting impressions from social media but that will just increase your impression there is no guarantee of sales. Apart from that, you need to have quality backlinks from authority websites related to your gig.

For example, you are a writer and your gig details are provided in any authority website which talks about waiting for skills and suggesting your gig for writing services.

Buyers notice that and buy your gig as your are recommended by authority website.

Usually, most of the buyers use Fiverr search and see review comments before buying any gig.

Three things which are most important to get orders in Fiverr:

  • Gig should appear in first few pages of Fiverr search result.
  • The description should show the benefits for the buyer.
  • Bunch of positive reviews from previous buyer.

Suppose I am looking for Logo design, so I entered logo design in Fiverr search textbox. Search result show suggested keywords.

Search result displayed thousands of search result of Logo Design Gig. Top logo designers will be displayed in first page.

You can see there are 362 reviews for this gig.

Review and rating will help me to decide which logo design gig should I buy.

So, how can you optimize your fiverr gig to get orders?

Optimization is not a one-time process; you have to keep on optimizing it to see the results. You need to perform Fiver on-page search engine optimization based on the options available in the gig.

Fiverr On-Page optimization

Carefully design your fiverr gig and consider below mentioned points while writing gig Title, description and other details:

  • Title: Gig title should be attractive with buyer’s perception keywords.
  • Fiverr gig Description: Write a description which clearly explains about your service relate to the title of the gig. Relate with the buyer, talk about buyer’s problems and how you are going to solve and what are the benefits.
  • Category: Select appropriate category related to your gig.
  • Order details: It should be clear and price should be reasonable according to gig.
  • Seller Description: Write a good seller description explain about your knowledge and expertise.
  • Tag: Find keyword related to your gig and uses them as tag
  • Image: Create a professional image for your gig.
  • Video: Adding gig video increase sales so make a video explaining about your service.
  • Filters: Use filters options in your gig to come up in the search result.
  • Related keyword: Pick a related keyword and use as tags.

Other Factors which helps to get more sales. These factors cannot be optimized by the seller, these factors purely depend on the quality of work you delivered on time.

  • Response Rate: Reply ASAP for any query to maintain 100%
  • Order completion: Complete all the orders on time to keep 100%
  • Cancellation: Deliver according to buyer’s requirement to avoid order cancellation.
  • Review: This depends upon the quality work you deliver. Good work will end up getting a good review from a customer.

Keep on reading for more options to promote your Fiverr gig.

4# Create awesome cover image for your Gig

There are so many similar gigs in Fiverr. You need to be unique and different from others to get more sales. Most of the gig don’t have a proper cover image, these gigs are not noticed much.

“An image can speak a thousand words.”

You need to add an awesome cover image related to your gig. Your cover image should explain what you offer. In Fiverr search result, people usually click professional looking attractive images. For me it used to happens, I usually click the one which looks more attractive first.

The best way to do is; create a cover image and highlight what you are offering image itself.

Buyer comes to know about your service just by looking at the cover image.(No need to go through description)

See examples below:

What is the fiverr gig image size size 2022?

  • File type: jpeg
  • Resolution: 682 X 459 (Min)
  • File size: 2 MB max

For creating cover image use canva. Canva is a website where you can design free high-quality images.

If you are not a tech guy, and don’t know how to design image or don’t want to do it by yourself then you can hire professionals in Fiverr.

There are a lot of Fiverr gigs to create a professional high-quality image.

I highly recommend these image designers as they are having a lot of experience in designing images based on gig service.

5# Create informative fiverr explainer video

Gig video is one of the best tools to get more sales.

Video are the best way to explain about your services and it will convert more than other gigs.

Create your own video related to your gig. There are sites available where you can create your own video.

Again, if you are not a tech guy then you hire professional from Fiverr. There are a lot of professional video makers available in Fiverr. They will make awesome videos.

This will cost $5 to $20 according to your requirement. A one-time investment which helps you to get more conversions and sales.

To explain your gig through the video you make a White Board Animation or video of Animated character.

If you want to make a video by yourself then use video making software. There are many video making software’s and websites available.

Some of them are listed below You can use these sites to make awesome video for your gig:

White Board Animation tool

Animated character video tool

For more details on videos see; How to Make a Cartoon Yourself: Top 7 Animated Video Makers Compared

6# PowerPoint presentation – Slideshare

Promote your gig in Slideshare.

Create a PowerPoint presentation of your gig in Slideshare.

Slideshare allows users to upload their presentations in PowerPoint, word or pdf format.

A PowerPoint presentation very powerful way to boost sales.

Create a presentation using any presentation tool. Use 5-10 slides and explain about your gig and services.

Explain to you and why someone should buy your gig. Now upload the presentation in Slideshare. Also, you can create a presentation using Canva.

Additionally use one more way to create a slide.

Instead of promoting your gig you can create some informative presentation related to your gig and add your gig link in profile.

So if someone finds your informative presentation he may also go through your gig.

Forums are a great place to promote your gig but if you do it correctly.

You can join a forum related to your gig. For example, if you gig is related to writing then join writers forum.

Most of the people started spamming in the forum with their URL’s and finally banned from the forum. You have to learn how to use the forum. First of all your focus should be on contributing in a forum not promoting your link.

You have to be active in the forum and start participating in discussions and provide valuable comments. If someone asked any question and if you know the answer then reply to it.

Follow the steps:

  1. Search a forum related to your niche in google. For e.g. Creative Writing Forums.
  2. Select any forum and join.
  3. Create Account.
  4. Read forum rules and guidelines.
  5. Start exploring forum for any topic of your interest and knowledge where you can reply.
  6. Be active and keep on contributing. (You will also learn a lot of new stuff.)
  7. Create new posts.
  8. Add your gig URL’s in your Signature.

Bonus tips:

# Look out for forum post which is having a lot of views and reply to that.

# Select a hot or controversial topic in your niche and post it.

8# Stay Online

Sales are happening almost 24 hrs. in Fiverr. Stay online as much as possible to get more orders.

A lot of buyers used to ask clarifications to sellers before buying gig. Quick response help them to make fast decision.

Usually buyers sends messages to multiple sellers and whoever provides better solution seller will buy from him.

But to answer buyers query you have to be online all the time. In real time it is not possible to be online for 24 hrs.

Also, if you will not respond fast then your response time will go down and it will affect your order count.

So what is the best way to stay online?

While working at your home you can be always online and get the notification on your laptop or desktop.

Additionally, Install Fiverr app in your mobile to stay online when you are away from your laptop. Instead, you can stay 24 hrs. online with a mobile app.

You will get all the notifications instantly in Fiverr mobile app and you can respond to them on the go which will increase your response rate.

9# Join Fiverr forum

Fiverr forum is one of the best places to learn from people who are already successful in Fiverr.

Be active and participate in conversations. Your thoughts may help others and also you will learn from others.

Write valuable comments. People used to check person profile if they feel that comment helps them and worth. This way your impression will increase.

But keep in mind that you have to follow the forum rules and guideline.

Recently I heard podcast in Fiverr:  Promoting Your Gigs Outside of Fiverr from top sellers from fiverr. This podcast is very informative and help to promote Fiverr gig.

They are talking promoting Fiverr gig in Facebook and twitter Hashtag.

Start video marketing for your Fiverr gig in YouTube.

YouTube has millions of visitors daily and you can get a lot of views for your video.

As discussed earlier videos are very powerful and conversion rate is very high.

You need to be creative while creating a YouTube video.

If you are already having video in your Fiverr gig then you can use the similar type of video and upload to YouTube.

Be creative, be funny and interesting in video content.

People like this and your video go viral. If you are a video maker in Fiverr then it will be easier for you to promote your gig in youtube.

But for other service providers, it will be a challenge to get video idea.

Some Ideas to for video

  1. Create some informative video which will help others.
  2. Create funny video.
  3. Create a video explaining about your service.

Upload the video and add your Fiverr gig link in description and external URL’s link. Use some keyword related to your Fiverr gig. More likes and views will help to get more impressions and increase sales.

Checkout Boosting Sales with YouTube

11# Promote Fiverr gig in Quora

Quora is a website where people used to post their questions and people contribute by answering questions according to their knowledge.

I have been active member of Quora for a long time to read and get quality knowledge but never thought that we can use it to promote Fiverr gig.

Now a days in google search there are lot of results are from Quora. Google is considering Quora as great source of valuable information.

Quora is getting visitors from lot of countries.

So it a good sign that we can use it to promote your gig.

There are millions of visitors from around the world using Quora daily to find out their answers. Look for questions related to your gig and answer it.

Follow below steps:

  1. Create account in Quora
  2. Enter your details in profile.
  3. Join community-related to your gig.
  4. Search for a topic related to your gig.
  5. Look for questions with more upvote and more followers.
  6. Answer questions. Make sure answer is relevant to the question asked.
  7. Be active and contribute in regularly.
  8. Create a blog and write some article related to your gig.

Your contribution to Quora helps others as well as you also.

Once you provide value and provide solutions in question, people will ask you question directly and also they visit your profile and blog.

They will be curious to know about you and visit your Fiverr gig also.

To get in-depth knowledge about getting more from Quora, read How to Attract 9872 Visitors from Quora in One Month from Neil Patel.

12# Fiverr gig promotion in Yahoo answers

Yahoo is one of the oldest website with millions of daily visitors. Yahoo has yahoo answers section which is related to questions and answers.

People post their questions and get answers from others.

This is also a great platform where you can promote your gig.

But you have to follow the same rule as above.

There is a point system in yahoo answers.

For asking the question you will loose some points whereas you will get points for  answering someones question.

It has lot of categories and you can choose category according to your gig.

Initially, you will be at level 1, once you cross 250 points you reach level 2 and goes on.

Try to provide the best answer for the question to get more points. Once you reach a certain level you can add your gig urls.


No doubt Fiverr is one of the best place to earn some extra cash, even big money.

The tough past is getting the first sale. Once you get first sales you have to keep on optimizing your gig to get more sales.

If Fiverr there are lot of people similar gig so you have to look creative and different among them.

The best way to get more sales is to write great gig title, description, cover photo with clear information about your gig and video will be added advantage.

Always deliver on time with quality product.

Respond quickly on any query from buyer.

Set prizing properly not more and not less and always think about customer benefit. Build relationship with customer so they will buy again from you.

Share your experience. What Gig you are selling in Fiverr? How are you where to promote fiverr gig?




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