In this era of high-speed Internet, easy availability of inexpensive smart-phones and making money online is fairly easy. However, not everyone who intends to make money through the World Wide Web succeeds. Here are the realistic ways to make money online.

To ensure big income, you need a clear strategy about how you will leverage your products or services and content.

Some Statistics

According to a 2016 study by Washington DC-based Pew Research Centre, about 24 percent Americans reported they were making money online. While some depend upon the Internet to earn livelihood, others used it to earn some extra cash to spend on necessities to luxuries or, invest for the future.


The report on Pew Research Center’s website states:  In the context of gig employment, nearly one-in-ten Americans (eight percent) have earned money in the last year using digital platforms to take on a job or task. Meanwhile, nearly one-in-five Americans (18 percent) have earned money in the last year by selling something online, while one percent rented out their properties on a home-sharing site.

Adding up everyone who has performed at least one of these three activities, some 24 percent of American adults have earned money in the “platform economy” over the last year.”

Whether you are professional or handyman, here are seven realistic ways to make money online.

realistic ways to make money online

1# Sell on Amazon, eBay and others

Craftsmen, small dealers in popular stuff such as mobile phones and accessories among others, jewelers and a lot of other traders are making quick money online by registering themselves as vendors on major online stores including Amazon and eBay.

Should you have such products to sell enroll as vendor with any website. For example, Amazon charges a nominal fee of US$ 39.99 per month from vendors and a reasonable fee for selling.

In return, you are assured of reaching a much broader audience and compete in the global market.

2# Make Your App

Nowadays, small apothecaries, online pharmacies, e-grocers and lots of other businesses are operating through apps. Thanks to widespread proliferation of smart-phones, apps on mobile handsets provide an excellent alternative for people to shop while commuting or at work.

They can select the time and place of delivery of their goods or allot specific times for availing a service such as beauty treatment or appointment with physicians.

Apps are fairly economical to make and can be hosted on Google Play. Using apps to popularize your service and products is an ideal way to make money online. Everything from a handyman to pet-care, babysitting to appointments at automobile service centers can now be done through apps.

3# Amazon Associates

This program was launched by the global e-retail giant in 1996.  The best description of this program is offered by Amazon: “The Amazon Associates program has a more than 12 year track record of developing solutions to help website owners, Web developers, and Amazon sellers make money by advertising millions of new and used products from and its subsidiaries, such as and

When website owners and bloggers who are Associates create links and customers click through those links and buy products from Amazon, they earn referral fees. It’s free to join and easy to use.”

4# YouTube Videos

American national Jordan Moran is a great example of having made a fortune through YouTube. He makes videos for his Youtube channel, known as Captain Sparklez. The videos Maron typically posts on YouTube are of Minecraft’s ‘Let’s Plays,’ animations, reviews of video games and how-to’s as well as block reviews. You too can make quick bucks through YouTube by launching a channel free. However, to earn money, you need to employ monetizing tools like Google AdSense, BlogAds, BlogHer and others.

For every ad they flash or show on your YouTube channel, you earn a predetermined amount of money. The payment per ad is rather small. However, the higher your traffic and subscriber base, the more ads on your channel. This adds up to considerable amounts, over a period of time.

5# Open e-store

Understandably, there is no dearth of online retailers. However, this need not be a deterrent. There are several areas of business where more e-stores are required. One among these is ethnic products. Thanks to domestic and foreign migration, people from distant lands look for products native from their native countries or areas.

If you hail from any such community or ethnicity, open a small online store offering these products. You will need some logistical support for the venture such as procuring goods for orders and doorstep delivery. Also, your e-store should have a secure payments portal to receive money from credit and debit cards.

With domain names, website design and hosting prices dropping or discounted rates available under special offer, you can create your own e-store fairly cheap. Selling homemade food products such as preservative and chemical free jams, sauces, spice powders or even herbal skincare and beauty products is an excellent way to make money online.

6# Medical Transcriptions

Medical transcriptions are in demand round the world. You will find companies or organizations that require medical transcriptionists in your area.

This online work involves listening to raw audio and video provided by a medical clinic or transcription service provider. You need to analyze the date and present it as a summary to the service provider or medical facility. Great listening skills, patience and some knowledge about medical diagnosis and treatment is desirable.

You will generally transcribe conversations between patients and physicians, surgery room chatter and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) recordings. Clinics, physicians and EMS providers use your transcriptions to maintain digitized medical records of patients and helps eliminate service delays.

7# Online Translations

Companies in the US, Europe and elsewhere are foraying into new and hitherto unexplored markets of South America, Africa and Asia. Hence, a lot of business communications and legal documents as well as video conferences need to be translated from English to a foreign language or vice versa.

In some instances you may have to provide live translations for a video conference. For those with expert level fluency in English and a foreign language, opening a home-based online translation business will prove very lucrative.

In Conclusion

There are several business ideas that allow you to make a decent income online- either for livelihood, savings or splurging. Your investment in any venture to make money online entails only a modest investment.

You require a good, reliable computer with high speed Internet connectivity. In some cases, you may have to invest in specialized software and high resolution video camera with some basic editing features. In 2018, explore these realistic ways to make money online.

You may get lucky like Jordan Maron and a few others who have struck it rich by using the Internet and online businesses.


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