5 Ways Single Mothers Can Make Money From The Comfort Of Their Own Home

Today I will be sharing a guest post from Alice Porter. She is freelance writer specializing in social affairs, politics and family issues. She regularly takes part in campaigns to encourage more people into fostering in Liverpool, Manchester and the rest of the Northwest England.

It’s all too true that the most commonplace life events that lead to becoming a single mother, such as death, divorce – or your partner simply disappearing when life gets too demanding – leaves more than just yourself or your relationship status in disarray.

What hits home after the initial heartache, is the financial strain of having to fend for yourself and your child.

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Regardless of whether you chose this situation through being a single adoptive mother, life is still tough.

This is evident when you’re thinking long-term, in regards to securing financial stability for your children in the future, or in the short-term, when you don’t have enough money to buy a birthday present, or when unexpected bills come along.

A balance certainly has to be struck between taking care of your children, (particularly if you don’t have any support from any family or friends) and finding sources of income.

Ideally, the most advantageous types of jobs or money-making opportunities are activities that you can do at home, which offer loads of flexibility so you can cater for your child, and great financial reward.

Well, we have some great news, there are loads of ways for single mothers to make money from the comfort of your home, and we’ve outlined them here.

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1# Virtual Assistant

Become a virtual assistant, which is essentially an online personal assistant.

Depending on what business your client is in, your job would be to carry out administrative related jobs for a company or individual, all tasks being based from the comfort of your own home.

The types of daily responsibilities that you might have could be social media related, responding to comments or posting for the client, sending emails, transcribing, being on call for telephone calls and scheduling meetings.

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You would have to be proficient with computers and possess a good telephone manner, but that’s it.

There are loads of opportunities out there for virtual assistant work. Initially, you’ll need to work out (based on your administrative experience) the kind of work you’d want to partake in and what type of client would give you that work.

Once you’ve found the direction you want to head in, the best method to find work would be to utilize social media channels like LinkedIn to display your skills and experience, and begin to network and spread the word.

2# Blogging and becoming a freelance writer

Maybe you’ve always loved to write and read blogs.

Becoming a blogger and freelance writer could be the perfect transition from working a 9-5 job, establishing yourself in the evening as a decent writer and building a following, to eventually working full-time online.

It gives you the opportunity to write your own articles, site content, press releases or product reviews and get paid for it.

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Indeed it certainly brings fast pay initially as a freelance writer, and you will reap greater financial benefits over time once you establish and build your own blog.

You have complete control to tailor your writing schedule – you can still do the daily domestic chores and run errands when you have to; maybe it’s best to write around your children’s sleeping habits, before they wake up and during their naps.

When they’re older and you get more reputable online, write during school hours.

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3# Direct sales

By recently becoming a single mum, you might potentially feel isolated and trapped, but you might just need a reason to get out there and renew connections with old friends and build new networks.

Vending products to acquaintances through direct sales is another great option for you to make extra money on your own schedule.

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Numerous direct-marketing companies offer these kinds of personal selling prospects, ones that are associated with the likes of beauty products, kitchen equipment, educational toys etc.

Some opportunities might be hosting sales parties being an ambassador for the types of products that you’re pitching,

which could help to build up any breaks in confidence that you may have lost from your personal situation.

4# Childminding

Given the fact that you’re at home all day looking after your own children,

it might be best just to embrace what’s currently keeping you busy,

especially if you love looking after them!

Offering childminding services for friends, family and potentially other clients if you begin advertising, is another excellent way for you to make extra money from the comfort of your own home.

If you don’t own a criminal record, you are liable to offer childcare services.

Again, you can perform the service with complete flexibility, choosing your hours when you want. You can look after a maximum of six children at a time,

however depending on where you live, you might potentially need a childcare license to accommodate a larger number of children at any one time.

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5# Renting out your spare room

If you feel you’re too busy looking after your child to accommodate any kind of additional work right now,

maybe renting your spare home could be the way to go.

As of the last tax year, you could make up to £7500 a year tax-free.

Moreover, having a lodger in your room could potentially offer another welcome presence in your home.


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