Technology has become an integral part of your daily life as currently, we are living in a technology-driven era in which most of our activities are technology-related. From setting alarm in mobile to checking morning new in the morning, everything is now dependent on technology and that’s why now we can’t even imagine living a single day with the modern-day technological solutions. But along with affecting and improving the lives of normal people, technology has played a big role in changing the ways businesses used to work and that’s what we are going to discuss in this blog post.

Earlier, using technology was an option for business because the technological solutions were very limited and it didn’t provide a competitive advantage in every case but things have completely changed now. It doesn’t matter whether you are in IT related business or not, you need to make technology an integrated part of your business otherwise after some time, you will find yourself lagging behind in the tough race of competition. The fast paced evolution of technology has really diversified the technological solutions and opened the doors of technological advancement for even small and medium-sized business. Those days are long gone, when technology was an impractical solution for small businesses because of its complexity and price as now, technology has become cheap and even easy to use.

Managing a small business is very difficult and that’s why small business owners need to make smart decisions in order to challenge the neck-wrenching competition of the modern day era. And one of the best ways to manage this tough competition and get expected results from your efforts in your small business is to start using the different forms of technology in your business. Currently, there is a wide variety of technological solutions available for small business and in this blog post, we are going to look at some of the most useful and popular technological solutions which small business can use and get a competitive edge through it.

Cloud Computing

One of the best ways small businesses can embrace technology is by using the various forms of cloud computing. Cloud computing was a costly solution during its initial phase as it was not possible to use the cloud based solutions without building an IT infrastructure but with the evolution of cloud computing, it became available for small businesses as well. Now third party cloud server helps small business to use cloud based business solutions without building a costly IT infrastructure. One of the best forms of cloud computing which is being used by small businesses is cloud hosting which is very much cheap like you can analyze the price of QuickBooks Enterprise hosting price and understand that shifting to cloud will not cost you more than your weekly Starbucks spending.  

But cloud hosting is not the only option for small business as along with this amazing implementation of cloud, small business can also use the very safe cloud storage solution like Google Drive. In the modern day world, keeping business data secure has become one of the biggest concerns for most of the business, regardless of their size and therefore, small business should choose the best platform for accessing, storing and sending their data. Cloud storage provides an ultra-secure platform for small business so that they can have peace of mind regarding the safety of their data.

Along with cloud hosting and cloud storage, app development and big data analytics are some of the other important implementations of cloud which can be used by small businesses.

Use of social media

In the current era of digitization, social media has become a world in itself and if you are looking for different ways to embrace technology then you should never miss to target this huge world full of potential customers and clients. Social media has now become an integral part of marketing activities for most of the business as it offers them a cost-effective, quick and easy to use marketing medium. Most of the sponsored ads you see on Facebook, most of the Instagram posts which pop in your feed are a part of social media marketing which is being used by both SMEs and giant businesses.

You can build an account of your business on different social media sites and interact with your customer like a friend, you can make a social media ad campaign and monitor its effect without burning hole in your pocket and you can even join group full of people with similar business and get innovative ideas for enhancing the growth of your business along with using the right approach. Social media acts as a magic wand for small business but only if you use the right spell. So, learn about the different social media sites, understand how to use them differently and get expected results.

Automate business processes

Business process automation is one of the most rising trends of technology in which you automate all those business processes that require manual entry and too much manual workload. BPA can be adopted in your business by using various business applications and business software as the number of such applications has increased a lot in the past two decades. You should know through BPA, you will be able to stay cost-effective, minimize error in your business processes, enhance your productivity and stay efficient.

BPA generally deals with automating the processes but it doesn’t mean complete elimination of human workforce as even after automating your businesses process, you will need human assistance in major tasks. So, learn about the different ways of automating your business and boost the growth of your business through BPA.

If you are running a small business then ignoring technology can be one your biggest mistake as a technology stubborn business doesn’t survive for long in the modern day era. In this blog post, we have mentioned some of the important uses of technology for small business and you should definitely bring these technological solutions in action for matching the pace with the current era.

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