There are several car repair task you can undertake to save money. First, you should take your time and learn about your cars. You may have herd of cases where mechanics end up overcharging you if you don’t know how your car works. A simple issue such as your car battery going down can make you tow the car to a mechanic only to have him working on the battery terminals for the car to start. If you are not careful, he can end up overcharging you. For you to enjoy your time with the car here are car repair tips you can employ:

Small car repair you can do to save money

1. Oil change

The oil change is a simple task you can perform at home rather than visiting a mechanic. First, you should let the car cool for some hours before you proceed to change the oil. There are simple steps you need to follow provided by your car manufacturer. Some of the items you need to accomplish the task include funnel, wrench, ratchet and an oil filter.

2. Jumpstart a car

If your car battery goes low, you can start it. You can save on the cost of towing your car or staying stranded by the roadside if you can find someone to help you jumpstart the car. You will need car jumpstart cables and another car with a charged battery. Connect the wires to the battery of the second vehicle and turn the ignition. Your car will start for you to drive it to a safe location.

3. Air filter replacement

When your car filter becomes clogged, they will lower your car performance. You can increase your car gas mileage and power output through changing the filters. You need to buy new filters and follow the instructions provided. It is a simple task which can save you money instead of paying the mechanic for the job.

4. Spark plugs

Spark plugs are affordable. You can change them for you to save money when it comes to fuel consumption. You should as well check the condition of the plug wires. A car with properly working spark plugs will end up saving money at the long run.

5. Windshield wipers replacement

You should change the windshield wipers for you to achieve optimum visibility when driving in rainy conditions. It is a simple process for you to undertake in your home. There are several auto detailing shops near you where you can access the windshield wipers.

6. Headlight bulbs

If your car does not have sealant beam headlights, you can easily check for burnt headlights and replace them at home. Check On the burnt bulb and know the ratings before you proceed to order. It is a simple task you can do at home for you to save money.

7. Dangling exhaust pipes

If you hear noise from under your car, then the problem can be a damaged exhaust pipe hanger. You should check the pipes below your car exhaust and replace them. The simple replacement will get rid of the noise from your car hence making you enjoy rides.

8. Brake pads

You should always ensure your car brake pads are well maintained so that you can avoid accidents. Some of the tools you should apply when replacing the brake pads include a hammer, wrenches, a jack, c-clamp and brake pads.

9. Fuel filters

You need fuel filters to keep your engine safe. Failure to carry out regular fuel filter maintenance and replacement can lead to damage to your engine which can be costly for you to repair.

10. Car radiator flush

For you to keep your car engine cool, you should clean the radiators on a regular basis. With time, the radiators will develop deposits which will clog the engine cooling system. Remove the radiator cap and flush. Always ensure the engine is cool before you start performing the operations.

11. ABS sensors

The abs sensors will show light on the dashboard if they are dirty. You should clean the sensors while changing your brake pads and safe on time.

12. Plug tires

If your car tires have been damaged, you can buy a tire pug and repair it. It will save you money which you will have used to buy new tires. You can as well compare different stores in your neighborhood for you to locate the best from where you can buy a plug.

13. Fuel gauge sender

If your car keeps on showing fuel low signal even after refilling the tank, then your files sensor may be faulty. You can locate where it is in your car and replace it with a new system.

14. Brake discs replacement

If you have warped brake disc, you can as well change it while changing the brake pads. It is necessary to change the two at a go so that you can save on tie when undertaking the process.

15. Blown fuses

Sometimes you may be driving your car and the lights go off. Upon checking the lights, you will discover they have not been blown. The problem may lie on the fuses. Check the location of fuses on the fuse boxes and replace those which have been blown. A close examination of the fuses you will know those responsible for the headlights so that you can fix them and get the light back for you to move on with the journey.

16. Tire replacement

You should always have a shape tire with you when driving. Apart from having an extra car tire, you should as well have a jack and a spanner which you can use to replace the tire. The process is very easy but if you don’t have a spare tire, you may end up sleeping on the roadside.

Final Word

The above are simple fixes you can do on your car. They may appear simple, but if you don’t know how to accomplish them, you may end up spending a lot of time stranded or even take actions which will cost you more. We have compiled the above list to make it easy for you when it comes to car repair at home or when alone by the roadside.

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