Internet is no more an option for small businesses as nowadays, it has become a necessity. Earlier, internet was considered as a place for giant businesses only. But soon people realized the cost-effectiveness and impeccable results of integrating internet with a business and that’s how internet became a new normal for even small businesses. But now, using internet for business isn’t only restricted to making a website, posting blogs and articles, as social media has become an opportunistic platform for small businesses.

Social media sites have become a complete world in itself. Some of the social media sites have more users than the population of a big country while others are so engaging that people are spending daily 5-6 hours on them. Such an opportunistic platform with a huge audience base is surely a good platform for small businesses as well. The wide array of opportunities offered by various social media sites allows small businesses to use this amazing platform in various ways. Therefore, in this blog post, we will be looking at some of the most common ways of using social media sites for your small business.

Build a credible reputation

A credible reputation is the key to success of a business because, with credibility and reputation, no customer will even think of buying your product and service. Nowadays, small businesses are using social media sites to build a credible reputation and it is not as complicated as you think. Building a good reputation of your company and brand isn’t that difficult on social media sites because you don’t need to have a huge following on the online platform. As a local business, you don’t have to connect with everybody under the sun; you just have to connect with the right people.

One of the best ways to start building a strong reputation is through brand awareness. You can create brand awareness by structuring your online presence in such a way that it represents who you are both offline and online. Translate your brand through visual marketing. From logo to your website, you need to design a look and feel that matches with your persona.

Entice potential clients

You can also use different social media sites for enticing potential clients but there are various aspects of this approach that you need to keep in mind. The first thing to do is to choose the right social media platform. The theme of every social media site is different. Some social media sites on short texts while others are image based. So, you should choose the right social media site according to your business. For example, if you are running a fashion design company then using Pinterest and Intstagram will be much better for you.  Facebook fits in every type of business and every type of social media strategy.

If you are planning to entice potential clients for your local business then you will have to make sure that geotagging on your Facebook page is setup properly. You will have to allow people to check-in when they visit your business. Each time a customer will check-in, it will act as free advertising since all his friends will see the check-in. According to the data, an average Facebook user has 155 friends, so single check-in will mean advertisement to 155 potential clients. There are other many techniques you can use for enticing potential clients including managed service providers.

Connect with like-minded business professionals

On social media platforms, relationship is everything. It doesn’t matter whether you are using Linkedin for building your professional network or replying to comments on Facebook, getting in touch with like-minded business professionals is always helpful and necessary as well. But most of the small businesses are worried about spending precious time while trying to connect with peers on social media. Well, for such worries, you can dedicate one chunk of time each week on your content for the following week. This means crate the content you want and schedule it.

Now, when your social media content will already be scheduled for the whole week, you can pop onto social media 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night for replying to comments, answering questions and connecting to like-minded people. This will allow you to make those important connections without putting too much effort and time.

Social media acts as a magic wand for small businesses. It might not be a panacea but it surely allows small businesses to promote their brand, advertise their product, attract potential clients, build credibility and do a lot of other things without spending a fortune. In the modern day world, if a small business is not using social media sites, then it will be left far behind in the tough race of competition.  Using social media site is not only effective but economical as well.

Infographic created by Clover Network, a credit card processing company

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